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Aug 15, 2012 (5 years and 10 months ago)


Installing JDK

Vijayan Sugumaran

Department of DIS

Oakland University

Downloading JDK

The JDK (J2SE v5.0) installer can be downloaded from the
following url:

Click on the
button corresponding to JDK 6 Update 2.
On that page there are other options if you want the netBeans
IDE or the Enterprise Edition, etc.

Click on Accept (license agreement) and continue

Click on the link that says:

Windows Offline Installation, Multi

This is a self extracting file

Double click on the installer to start the installation of JDK

Accept all the default settings. It will create a new directory
called jdk1.6.0_02 where you specified and there will be a
subdirectory called “bin” which will contain all the jdk tools (javac,
java, etc.). There will also be another subdirectory called “lib”
which is where we will put all the .jar files

Setting Environment Variables

In order to access the java binary files
from any directory, we should set the
PATH environment variable

To access .class files from other
locations, we need to set the
CLASSPATH variable.

The CLASSPATH variable can also
indicate where to look for .jar files

Setting Path and Classpath

Right mouse click on “My Computer” and select the
“Properties” option

The system properties panel will pop up. Click on the
“Advanced” tab.

Click on the “Environment Variables” button

If the Path and Classpath variables are already
defined, then you can add values at the end by
clicking on the “Edit” button.

The directories are separated by semicolon

If the variables don’t exist, then you can create them
by clicking on the “New” button, and enter the values
for those variables (see next slide)

The first value for the classpath variable should be
“.;” that indicates current directory

System Properties Panel