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Integrate your ShoreTel phone system with, an
industry leading productivity application.

The ShoreTel Integration is a great
example of how two best-of breed products can be
made even better when they work as one. Integration
brings enhanced productivity, shorter response times,
nd greater flexibility to companies that already rely on
these important business tools. This add-on module
increases productivity, revenue, and customer satisfaction
by enabling ShoreTel telephone system users to
seamlessly share data with the
application. With this integration, users
can field calls more effectively and dial customers directly
from their web browsers by simply clicking a button.
Greater Productivity
With the customers' records at their disposal, sales
representatives can rapidly identify callers and
anticipate their needs. This information can be used to
close deals, cr oss-sell, or even up-sell as appr opriate.
Integration of the Shor eTel phone system and the business application also enables sales
representatives to handle a higher volume of inbound
and outbound calls.
When a sales r epresentative or other user receives an
incoming call, the Shor eTel softwar e pops up a window
on the user's desktop. If the calling party's
identification matches a number stored in the database, the user can then click the
popup to display the associated contact or lead scr
Or, by clicking an alternate link option, users can also
log a new call for the associated entity without
switching applications or jumping from screen to screen.
If the incoming telephone number is not in the database, the popup offers two
options: Users can create either a new contact or a new
lead with the phone number already filled in. In either
case, just one click brings up the relevant screen thus
maximizing employee pr
For outbound calls, the ShoreTel
Integration adds options to the toolbar
within Microsoft Internet Explorer. These toolbar
options let users select and call any phone number
associated with that customer when the displayed
page is a contact or lead. One-click
calling significantly enhances user productivity by
embedding telephony controls in the toolbar to create
a single, powerful interface.
Increased Return on Investment
Increased employee productivity is just one of the
benefits of the ShoreTel integration. It
also gives companies expanded leverage over their
investments in ShoreTel and
technologies, driving up the return on investment. By
making this integration readily available, without the
need for customization, Shor
eTel gives companies the
opportunity to easily realize the power of application
Seamless Integration Integration deployments are designed
to have minimal impact on ongoing business
operations. In addition, ShoreTel
Integration is tr
uly seamless. Companies do not have
to make any changes to established pr
workflows, or pr
n more
For additional information or to obtain a quote,
please contact your authorized ShoreTel Reseller.
To contact ShoreTel Professional Services directly,
call 800-425-9385, ext. 3331 or send e-mail to

• Allows sales representatives
o handle more calls, more
• Helps identify callers and
caller intent to close deals

Creates seamless transitions
between applications
without disruption to
procedures or workflow
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Part# 850-1093-01/9.06

The ShoreTel Integration provides screen
pops for inbound calls and a click-to-call features for outbound calling
from pages.
pplication Components
The application consists of two components, both of which must be
loaded onto each client machine where it is intended to run: A tray icon
"server" and an Internet Explorer toolbar. The server connects to both and ShoreTel's TAPI interface and provides the screen pop
functionality. The tool bar is optional but is required if outbound click-to-
call support is desired. The tool bar uses the services of the server to
retrieve phone number fields associated with a given web
page as well as to actually make a call when requested.
o ensure proper operation of the server screen pop and toolbar dialing
features, the user must check and configure the dialing plan features.
These features can be accessed from the log in dialog box or from the
server's menu or toolbar.
Server Option Menu

is used to display the Login dialog to allow the user to set the account and password information

logs the user out of their account and stops
watching for phone calls on the user's ShoreTel extension

Configure Dial Plan
allows the user to enter their country code and
other information needed for correct dialing and screen pop lookup

Go to
will take the user to their main page

shuts down the Server

Clear the log
using a toolbar button
Call Identification
Once the server has successfully logged into the user's account on the server and initialized the TAPI connection, it waits for
inbound calls with caller ID to present or for requests from browser
toolbars to r
etrieve phone numbers associated with a Salesfor web
page or user
-initiated call r
While the server is connecting, the tray icon will show a distinctive icon
indicating that it is logging on. If the mouse hovers over the icon then the
status of the server is shown. Typically the process of logging in takes
several seconds and the tray icon will change to reflect a successful login.
When a new call pr
esents with caller ID at the user's extension, the server
will look up the phone number in There are three
possible r
esults: No hits, one hit or multiple hits. In all thr
ee cases the user
is pr
esented with a pop-up window which appears fr
om their tray icon
ea. The options available to the user depend on the lookup r
utbound Calling
Navigating to any page containing number fields causes
the toolbar's list to be populated. The server must be running for this to
ork. Selecting items in the tool bar's list and clicking one of the two
adjacent buttons will place a call to the selected number from the user's
phone. The second button will, in addition to placing a call, navigate to a
new "Log a Call" record associated with the Lead or Contact.
Server Log View
The main window of the server is a log view which shows Make Call requests
received from the tool bar controls and the results of lookup
in response to New Offering calls. To display this log view, either double
click the tray icon or select "Restore" from the tray icon's context menu.
The context menu is accessed by right clicking the icon.