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Personalization for the


A discussion of CRM
software packages and how
to personalize a site.

Create an imaginary plan for a personalized site and customized product.

October 6th, 2004


Agenda of Today

Personalization for the E

What is CRM?

Examples of CRM software packages

What is personalization?

Why personalize?

How to personalize?

What is customization?

Create a plan for a personalized site and
customized products.

October 6th, 2004


What is CRM?

CRM is Customer Relationship Management

A customer service approach that focuses on
building long term and sustainable customer
relationships that add value both for the
customer and company.

A business strategy to select and manage
customers to optimize long term value.


October 6th, 2004


More about CRM

CRM requires a customer
business philosophy and culture to
support effective marketing, sales and
service processes.

CRM applications can enable effective
customer relationship management ,
provided that an enterprise has the
right leadership, strategy, and culture.

October 6th, 2004


CRM Types

There are 3 types:

Operational CRM: Used for typical
business functions involving customer
services, order management, invoice/billing,
or sales and marketing automation and

Analytical CRM: Involves the capture,
storage, extraction, processing,
interpretation, and reporting of customer
data to a user

Collaborative CRM: Deals with all the
necessary communication, coordination,
and collaboration between vendors and

(Electronic Commerce, A Managerial
Perspective 2004, p. 23)

October 6th, 2004


CRM software packages

Using CRM software packages can help
companies increase the level of interaction
with their existing or potential customers. They
also lead to more efficiency in operations,
lower operating costs and help in increasing
customer loyalty.

The global CRM software market is lead by
Siebel Systems, SAP, Oracle and PeopleSoft.
There are other tier
two vendors like
SalesLogix, Onyx, ACT!, GoldMine, SalesNet
and SalesPro.

October 6th, 2004


CRM software package features

Contact management solutions

Salesforce automation

Interface with inventory systems

end accounting packages: entire transaction
with suppliers, customers, staff, and
production/assembly plants

Import, export, data management

Integration with document and communications
systems such as e
mail, phone, fax, and external
calendar/scheduling systems such as Outlook

Automatic newsletters to subscribers

CRM Software packages can be customized for
different companies

October 6th, 2004


Examples of CRM software



4 October, 2004

Today at its EMEA Connect 2004 customer
conference, PeopleSoft Inc. (Nasdaq: PSFT) announced that The Randstad
Group, one of the largest temporary and contract staffing organisations in the
world, purchased PeopleSoft Enterprise Supplier Relationship Management
(SRM) in Q3 2004. With more than 1,600 branches worldwide and in
operations within 642 client companies, Randstad places an average of 206,000
employees on a daily basis. PeopleSoft SRM will provide Randstad's customers
with a single system for staffing contract and temporary labour utilising a vendor
managed services model.

PeopleSoft Enterprise SRM simplifies the management of multi
transactions. This enables customers to maintain control and reporting accuracy,
while utilising different currencies throughout various stages of the sourcing,
procurement and settlement processes.

"The growing demand for contingent labor requires a more efficient way to
manage services procurement," said Guy Dubois, executive vice president
international, PeopleSoft. "PeopleSoft Enterprise Services Procurement will allow
Randstad's customers to automate the entire services procurement cycle
sourcing to settlement.


October 6th, 2004


Examples of CRM software

2: Siebel Systems, Inc.

Increasingly, large enterprises are using Siebel CRM OnDemand to quickly
provide employees with access to market
leading CRM capabilities. Cendant is
one of the foremost providers of travel and real estate services in the world.
Using Siebel CRM OnDemand, Cendant's Travel Distribution Services division is
combining silos of information across 116 locations; unifying sales, service, and
marketing functions; improving its lead qualification process; and gaining insight
into real
time and historical business trends. As a result, Cendant expects to
improve its prospect conversion rate by 20 percent in the first 12 months after
deployment, while increasing time spent with customers by 25 percent.

With Siebel CRM OnDemand, small and medium
sized businesses are
leveraging Siebel Systems' extensive CRM expertise, gaining quick access, with
no up
front investment, to robust CRM capabilities traditionally available only to
large enterprises.

Additional enterprises using Siebel CRM OnDemand to increase their business
results include Boise Cascade, Countrywide Financial Corporation, Jones Lang
LaSalle, NASDAQ, and Peregrine Systems.


October 6th, 2004


What is personalization

Personalization is the ability to tailor a product,
service, or web content to specific user

The matching of services, products, and
advertising content to individual consumers.

It’s one
one marketing, which treats each
customer in a unique way to fit marketing and
advertising with the customer’s needs.

Customers like personalization, and are willing to
pay more for it.

October 6th, 2004


Why personalize?

User profiles include customer
preferences, behaviors and

Personalization using customers’ user
profiles increases customer loyalty.

Personalization will also increase E
loyalty which is customers’ loyalty to an

October 6th, 2004


How to personalize?

Personalization to individuals is based on what a
company knows about the user.

To generate user profiles:

Solicit information directly from the user

Observe what people are doing online

Build from previous purchase patterns

Perform marketing research

Types of collaborative filtering:

Rule based filtering

Content based filtering

Activity based filtering

With information received using the above
technologies, E
tailers can create a marketing plan
tailored to each consumer.

October 6th, 2004


Create an imaginary plan for a
personalized site and customized product

Before starting an EC, do mall surveys,
telephone surveys and find out who is the
target consumer group.

Build an EC selling products that this
group might like

From using cookies and filtering, track
customer information online

Use EC software to target each customer

October 6th, 2004


Create an imaginary plan for a
personalized site and customized
products (2)

The customers each get their personalized settings
and greetings from the website

The site automatically offers the customers the
products that interest them

Customer information is “remembered” the next time
the customer logs in, so that he/she won’t need to fill
out forms to buy again

Customers get reminded by e
mail that a new
product is on the market and he/she might be

The EC software will “remember” customer
preferences and customize products and services for

October 6th, 2004


What is Customization?

Customization is creation of a product or
service according to the buyer’s

Examples of product customization:

Nike will customize sneakers for its

Dell will customize PCs for its customers

Examples of Service customization:

FedEx will customize pick up and shipping
time for customers

Dell has 2 year, 3 year or 4 year onsite
service plans for customers to purchase

October 6th, 2004


Examples of personalization

“Welcome, Yu!”

“Thanks, Yu!”

“You might be interested in this new product..”

“Would you like to see some related products?”

“It’s just a reminder e
mail that we have more phone
cards that you might be interested in. ”

“Yu, we're delighted to have you as a new customer. ”

“Your FedEx account gives you the flexibility to take
advantage of convenient and simple FedEx services
that make shipping easier for you ”

October 6th, 2004



Personalization is a must for a
successful EC

CRM software packages will make
personalization much easier

With personalization and customization,
customer loyalty is greatly increased

The End!