Channel Salesforce Automation

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Channel Salesforce Automation
Benefits and Features:

Minimize dropped leads & reduce time
to first contact through automated,
web-based lead capture & analysis

Deliver more qualified leads to best-fit,
best trained partner reps more quickly
& increase overall partner productivity
& revenue without increases in
marketing costs

Alleviate resources previously
dedicated to manual lead qualification
& distribution

Reduce lead processing time with
automatic routing

Improve lead performance through
intelligent distribution

Minimize channel conflict by allowing
partners to directly register leads &

Manage partner access to leads

Close more deal by enabling team
selling across organizations

Reduce time to process special pricing

Increase visibility into the pipeline
Requisite Software
is the leading provider in Channel Salesforce Automation, delivering more
qualified leads into the hands of your best-fit partners and sales reps. By reducing the time to the
initial contact, our solution minimizes dropped leads resulting in improved lead-to-win ratios while
using fewer resources to manage leads. It provides the scoring, routing, notification, tracking and
reporting capabilities necessary to streamline processes and increase conversion rates for even the
most complex distribution channels.
Since successful CRM automation can make or break revenue quotas and partner relationships, it
requires an automated closed-loop system that can streamline all aspects of Salesforce automation.
Our solution enables you to closely manage the lifecycle of all business opportunities while
empowering your partners to sell more of your products with the shortest possible sales cycle. With
a central dashboard for managing all new and ongoing opportunities in the system, vendors gain
critical insight into the number of opportunities in the system and their stage in the sales funnel.
Our solution’s unparalleled features include a dynamic, profile driven security model that ensures
leads are qualified and distributed to the right partners. It guarantees that they only see the
opportunities intended for them, while allowing collaboration with vendor sales reps on the most
important deals. In addition, the Requisite Portal single sign-on (SSO) function allows you to sign in
to independent software systems by logging in once to gain access to all systems without being
prompted to log in again at each of them, saving time and frustration. These are just two of
Requisite’s Salesforce Automation tools that save time and money while converting more prospects
into customers.
Web Services Integration Experience
Our CRM Automation solution possesses the configurability and flexibility to adapt to any systems
business requirements including:


Personal Productivity, Siebel, MS Dynamics, SAP

Multiple Homegrown
Single Signon

Outlook contacts

Excel Leads & Reports


LDAP, SecureZone, Epass

Hinda, CoAMs, Gage, Netsales

Active Directory, IBM Tivoli

Passport, Netegrity



Multiple Homegrown

Multiple Homegrown

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