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Why Cast Iron?


Corporate Facts

Founded in 2001 by Integration Industry Experts

Pioneered SaaS / Cloud Integration

Unique focus on speed & simplicity

“Integration in

Thousands of customer integrations

14 consecutive quarters of growth

96% customer retention

Patented Technology

Acquired by IBM in 2010


Gartner: “… will play a critical part in the growth,
acceleration & acceptance of SaaS.”

AMR: “The two most interesting features are the
speed of integration and the ease of connectivity…”

Recent Awards

2010 CODiE Awards Finalist

Everything Channel's CRN: Cast Iron Cloud named
as one of the "100 Coolest Cloud Computing


Complete flexibility: Cast Iron Cloud2, physical
appliances, and virtual appliances

Total connectivity: basic & SaaS/midmarket
connectivity and complete enterprise connectivity

Complete reusability: Template Integration Process
(TIP) Exchange, TIP Development Kit, and TIP

For all types of projects: data migration, process
integration, and UI mashups


Premier partner for, Oracle, Google,
Dell, Cisco, Amazon, HP, Microsoft, SAP, VMware,
ADP, and many more


Thousands of deployed customer integrations across
all industries and around the world at companies such
as Allianz, British American Tobacco (BAT),
Amerisource Bergen, Emerson, Krueger International,
Peet's Coffee & Tea, PGP Corporation, and, among many others.

Four Seasons Vending, Inc.

Business Problem:

Synchronize Xora with for real
status of Jobs in progress

Competed against:
Custom Coding


time, bi
directional integration between Xora and (1) Cases into Jobs, (2), Accounts
into Locations, (3) Job updates to Case updates

Seamless integration of SFDC and Xora
product allowing better customer service and
decreased administrative costs.

Lloyd’s Construction

Business Problem:

Synchronize Xora and MAS 90

Competed against:
Custom Coding


time, bi
directional integration between Xora and
MAS 90 so that completed Job information entered in
workers’ mobile devices flows back through Xora into
MAS 90

Reduction in back office costs and
improvement in efficiency of field work force resulting
in additional business.

Qualification Questions

Business Problems Solved

National Bottler

Business Problem:

Synchronize Xora and Kronos time and attendance

Competed against:
Custom Coding / Manual Input


time, bi
directional integration between Xora and
Kronos; workers punch in and out for shifts and the
data is sent through Xora into Kronos for processing

Reduction of field overtime by 50% and
reduced administrative time spent entering time card
data into TLM system.

How many person hours per week is the customer
spending moving data between systems? (Hourly rate x
Number of hours * 4 weeks per month)

Does the customer have IT resources that are willing
and able to do custom coding? (If not, Cast Iron is a
great fit)

Does the customer have a number of IT systems to
keep in sync ( CRM, ERP, TLM, Xora)

Does the system the customer is trying to integrate
with already have another pre
built integration? (If
ADP/QuickBooks then pre
built may be cheaper, but
less flexible)

Data migration

e.g.: Xora and CRM or Xora and
ERP systems

Application integration with back
office applications
including payroll, job dispatch, mobile data collection,
and GPS/GIS systems

Data extraction to reporting systems for historical
product information

Data integration from ERP to Xora and from CRM to

And many more...

Cast Iron Systems: Sales Cheat Sheet for

Cast Iron Contact:

Philippe Turpault,

Partnership Development

Cast Iron Systems, an IBM Company

O: 650.316.6050 | E:

Cast Iron Systems: Sales Cheat Sheet for

Integration with back office systems

Eliminate duplicate data entry, speed time to billing and
eliminate data entry errors


Extract time card punches with job and task
information to time and labor and finance systems

Job Dispatch

Push job dispatch information from CRM, ERP
ticketing system out to mobile field workers

Automatically update ticket status in back office
system as work is completed on mobile device

Mobile data collection

Document parts used, payment collected and
other job information using mobile forms.

Request time off, parts information or kick off other
back office processes.

GPS/GIS System

Retain historical GPS information in existing GIS

Objection Handling


Why can’t I custom code the integration
between Xora and the applications I have?


The Cast Iron Integration Platform is
the only

solution (see “Capabilities” table
at left). Custom code does not deliver the quality,
reusability and scalability for application
integration. It is typically a people
intensive, one
effort that is performed to meet a specific business
need in a tight deadline. For example, Cast Iron’s
proven low cost platform has enabled thousands of
customer application integrations thus liberating
the IT staff to focus on more strategic projects.

Why Cast Iron over Fusion, Boomi,
Informatica, and Pervasive for integration to Xora?

On Demand Services, including Boomi
and others, don’t provide multiple deployment
models, real
time process integration, and
enterprise/midmarket connectivity, among many
other capabilities (see “Capabilities” table at left).
On Premise Tools, including Fusion, Pervasive,
Informatica, and others, don’t provide multiple
deployment models, real
time process integration,
and user
interface (UI) mashups, among many
other capabilities (see “Capabilities” table at left).


What is the cost of using Cast Iron?


Cast Iron’s complete, proven, and
trusted approach to Xora integration allow
customers to reap dramatic results. Customer
feedback indicates that Cast Iron delivers up to
50% time and cost reduction via total connectivity
and up to 80% time and cost reduction via
complete reusability. Exact pricing depends on the
number and type of systems being integrated.

Use Cases and Connectivity