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Nov 4, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


Ganesh Sundar

ITP 104x

David Tang

Interactive Scripting

JavaScript is a prototype
based scripting language that is dynamic, weakly typed, and
has exquisite functi
ons. It is a

small multi
paradigm language, supporting object
imperative, and functional programming styles.
JavaScript is

not only limited to


where it provides enhanced user interfaces and dynamic websites, but also in PDF
documents, site
specific browsers, and desktop widgets.
JavaScript uses technical syntax that
derives from C.
A little history lesso
is that Brendan Eich the owner of Netscape founded

in 1995.
However, now the trademark and iconic JavaScript language is owned by
Oracle Corporation.

Now, you may ask what is JavaScript used for? This is an extremely good question
because th
e name JavaScript throws people off as they think it is related to Java. Although
Java and JavaScript have some similarities they are in fact completely different entities.
Webpages are made using a markup language called HTML and the design and layout of
website is done using CSS. However, the webpage created with just these two languages is
static and offers minimal interaction with the user. This is where JavaScript comes into play,
it adds behavior to webpage where the webpage is capable of responding

to actions by
visitors without needing to load a new webpage in order to process the request.

also allows you to validate each field as a user enters in data and provides immediate
feedback when there is a typo.
In addition, JavaScript allows a

user to add animations,
images, objects, or scripts to the webpage or even a specific part of the page to attract

Overall, including JavaScript into a webpage enables you to improve the visitor’s
experience of the webpage by converting it from a

static page into one that you can interact
This form of technology has revolutionized how people view articles and content on
websites therefore we can safely say that JavaScript has significantly improved user
experience when it comes to web publis

Ganesh Sundar

ITP 104x

David Tang

Let us progress to some particular examples of where users have put good use to
JavaScript. One website called Aviary uses very sleek tabs with a nice fading transition to
give visitors a short introduction to the service, none of this could be don
e without the help of
Another example would be
a internet website
which uses a content
slider that scrolls the image horizontally and the text vertically as well as the main menu uses
a stylish JavaScript lava lamp feature.
An advantage of JavaScript compared to say flash is
that id does not create problems with regard to accessibility and indexation. As many people
know, flash does not work on Apple computers therefore interactivity and user
experience is


that make extensive use of JavaScipt:




Look at how the website uses a slideshow of photos in the homepage and the
interactive menu bar at the top that highlights a specific portion of the menu

bar as the user hovers over it.




This online furniture web store makes great use of JavaScript from the home
page itself!
We are able to expand and collapse certai
n segments such as
Exteriors, Interiors, Antiques, etc.




From the background image drop, to the cascading photo effect, to the small
video clip that the website uses, JavaScript is

fundamental to all these