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Nov 4, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


Javascript: the one and only
“scripting language of the Web”

make websites more dynamic
(quoted from W3Scho

Meta: coding found in the
source code of websites,
but is not visible on the
actual webpage. Meta has
multiple functions and
uses one being, to en
the user to find the
particular website in
search engines by just
typing in key words.

div id:
(division) the
on the web

<img src : the <img> is an
vacant tag and no tag at the
end to close. The “src” which
is an abbreviation for
“source”, enables images to
be displayed onto the
webpage. The worth of the
“scr” quality is the URL
of the
image you would like to

Width and Height: The mention
of Height and Width in the
source script is to specify the
exact Height and Width of an
image. This detail is
detrimental to the presentation
of the Webpage, because
without that notation the

layout will alter during loading.

<html> <title>
<head>: this is
where the title of
the document
goes. Further
down in the script
is a closing tag,
which indicates
where the end of
the title is.

MSFPHOVER: This enables to
client to use their mouse and
hover over the menu, releasing a
drop down menu.

Blockquote: This
element allows
text quoting
from a source.
Giving the Text a
positioning to
the other text.

<p align : The “<
p” signifies a
new paragraph and the “align”
defines the alignment of the
paragraph this is normally
followed with a direction in
this case “right”

Font face: This is
the chosen font in
which the text will
be displayed. It is
followed by the
name of the font
that is going

to be

H2: “H” standing
heading and
“2” defining the
size of the

Meaning this
heading is the
second biggest
size available.