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May 11, 2015 (6 years and 6 months ago)

708 views Colonial Stock Transfer is the transfer agent for hundreds of private and public companies worldwide and maintains the shareholder records for each respective company. Colonial provides shareholder services to help investors manage their ownership, complete stock transfers and restriction removals, replace lost stock certificates, and vote their proxies online. Additionally, Colonial distributes shareholder letters, dividend and merger payouts, and proxy meeting materials to shareholders.

Personalized service.

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Colonial Stock Transfer Company, Inc. is a stock transfer agent headquartered in the
historical stock exchange district in Salt Lake City. Colonial provides transfer agent and
compliance services to public companies listed on the NYSE, NASDAQ and OTC
Markets and offers a full suite of services for privately
held companies. Established in 1987,
Colonial provides issuers and shareholders the most professional, cost effective and
nnovative services in the industry by going beyond standard transfer agency agendas and
incorporating a more personal touch with competent, efficient employees and unmatched
customer service.

Colonial offers first
class services combined with cost saving e
fficiencies to help both large
and small issuers meet their compliance needs. Colonial has created synergies for its clients
through a fully integrated issuer platform that differentiates Colonial from its peers with
unparalleled product and service offeri

In 2006, Colonial launched its SEC filing services business. As an SEC registered filing
agent, Colonial helps issuers submit EDGAR and XBRL filings to the SEC.

In 2011, Colonial developed its employee plan services business by offering both web

and full service equity administration solutions to issuers.

Our proprietary computer system is maintained on a secure database with network and
firewall encryption. We maintain historical and backup data at a secure off
site data center.
Records are kep
t completely confidential, available only to those who have been properly

Colonial maintains a financial institution bond and has been registered with the Securities
and Exchange Commission in good standing since its opening in 1987. We maintai
n full
compliance with the SEC, IRS, and all applicable regulatory agencies. The firm is a DTC
FAST and DRS agent participant and is an active member of the Securities Transfer
Association (STA).

Issuer Services

Colonial is a leading stock transfer
agent that provides first class service combined with cost saving
efficiencies to public and private issuers. Our issuer services include:

Transfer agent services

SEC filing services

Proxy & annual meeting services

DTC eligibility services

Employee plan ad

Press release distribution

For Shareholders

Our shareholder services section has been provided to help shareholders manage their account and
understand our role as a stock transfer agent. Our services include:

Transferring of shareholder

Restriction removals

Lost certificates replacements

Online proxy voting

Dispersing dividends and other payments

Mailing of shareholder materials

SEC Filing Services

Colonial is an SEC filing agent that provides EDGAR and XBRL filing services to

SEC reporting
entities such as public corporations and mutual funds. Benefits include:

Expert accounting and technical team

Quick turnaround times

Seamless quality and accuracy

All inclusive, in
house services

Consistency between files

Competitive pricin


In an increasingly complex business world, Colonial Stock Transfer can save you and your
shareholders money while providing the most professional, cost effective and innovative issuer
services in the industry. Our services
span internet, telephone and paper channels that are designed
for transparency to the end investor

from initial client inquiry to fully customizable outputs. Our
issuer services include:

Transfer agency and registrar

SEC EDGAR and XBRL filings

Proxy &
annual meeting management

DTC eligibility applications

Employee plan administration and software

Press release distribution

Blue sky filing and compliance

Issuer consultation services

Client Benefits

First Class Personalized Service

Cost Saving Efficiencie

Increased Networking Opportunities

Innovative Technology

Fast Turnaround Times

One Business Day Setup

Contact Us

Hours of operation: 9:00 am

5:00 pm MST, Monday thru Friday, except stock market

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