NDSU 2010 Fall Semester Dean's List -- College of Agriculture ...


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Full Name Program
Beth K. Aakre Veterinary Technology
Brittany R. Aanerud Veterinary Technology
Angela M. Adsero Equine Studies
Derek W. Aho Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Victoria L. Albers Natural Resources Mgmt
Heather R. Anderson Veterinary Technology
Laura A. Anderson Veterinary Technology
Rachel K. Anderson Microbiology
Allyssa M. Armson Equine Studies
Jessie B. Arneson Microbiology
Sumit Asija Biotechnology
Gregory R. Axt Agricultural Education
Amber N. Bannor Veterinary Technology
Loren L. Baranko Animal Science
Alexandra L. Barber Microbiology
Nicholas P. Bartels Natural Resources Mgmt
Hilary J. Bata Biotechnology
Danielle R. Bauer Veterinary Technology
Mitchell J. Bauske Agricultural Economics
Karson L. Beckstrom Horticulture
Melissa R. Ben Animal Science
Nolan R. Berg Sports & Urban Turfgrass Mgmt
Amy G. Berman Veterinary Technology
Caitlin C. Berschneider Natural Resources Mgmt
Adam R. Bettenhausen General Agriculture
Amanda B. Bierma Animal Science
Michael J. Bjertness Crop and Weed Sciences
Zachary J. Bothun Natural Resources Mgmt
Hannah E. Bowen Microbiology
Alyssa J. Breuer Microbiology
Jon A. Brink Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Melody K. Brown Veterinary Technology
Nathan E. Brunken Microbiology
Annie J. Burthold Veterinary Technology
Ryan E. Campbell Crop and Weed Sciences
Pamela Campos Biotechnology
Alex J. Chaput Agricultural Economics
Matthew J. Chaput Crop and Weed Sciences
2010 Fall Semester Dean's List
College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources
Kenneth F. Grafton, Dean
Undergraduates with a semester average of 3.50 or above and complete at least 12 credits with honor points. Congratulations!
Full Name Program
Brandon W. Christ Crop and Weed Sciences
Erin N. Christ Animal Science
Brookelle A. Christman Microbiology
Krista M. Cosert Microbiology
Taylor M. Cymbaluk Veterinary Technology
Nicole D. Dallman Crop and Weed Sciences
Jessica J. Davis Animal Science
Catherine M. Day Veterinary Technology
Abigail R. Debner Horticulture
Cassandra Ding Veterinary Technology
Brandon J. Dingmann Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Andrew G. Dockter Microbiology
Alex J. Dowdle Sports & Urban Turfgrass Mgmt
Emily P. Driessen Microbiology
Kelsie A. Egeland Equine Studies
Callie A. Eisenbeisz Veterinary Technology
Nels A. Enerson Crop and Weed Sciences
Bruce D. Erdmann Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Alec C. Espeland Microbiology
Emily R. Feldmann Food Science
Brianna L. Fiala Crop and Weed Sciences
Douglas R. Fischer Agribusiness
Dena R. Flom Agricultural Education
Ryan J. Foster Range Science
Sabine M. Frederick Animal Science
Andrew J. Galegher Agricultural Economics
Amrita Ganatra Biotechnology
Zaira M. Garza Biotechnology
Samantha M. Giese Veterinary Technology
Daniel Giesen Natural Resources Mgmt
Janell M. Gietzen Veterinary Technology
Cole M. Gigstad Crop and Weed Sciences
Joseph M. Goeden Natural Resources Mgmt
Yoke H. Goh Food Science
Shannon L. Goldsack Microbiology
Haley S. Gonzenbach Microbiology
Stephanie J. Gosiak Horticulture
Amanda M. Grev Equine Studies
Andrew J. Grothmann Agricultural Economics
Anthony J. Haas Economics
Bradley J. Hagen Animal Science
Whitney R. Hansen Agricultural Education
Mari A. Hardel Natural Resources Mgmt
Michael L. Harden General Agriculture
Dalton E. Hassler Microbiology
Nathan H. Haugrud Crop and Weed Sciences
Full Name Program
Richard L. Heinrich Crop and Weed Sciences
Raymond D. Heinz Natural Resources Mgmt
Jayme L. Helmer Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Morgan A. Hemme Microbiology
Kyla L. Hieb Horticulture
Rebecca A. Hillman Natural Resources Mgmt
Brandon M. Hokana Animal Science
Andrew P. Hokanson Sports & Urban Turfgrass Mgmt
Ryan M. Humann Crop and Weed Sciences
Sherlynn M. Humann Animal Science
Emily V. Hunt Food Science
Amanda M. Johnson Veterinary Technology
Angela B. Johnson Agricultural Education
Kory L. Johnson Crop and Weed Sciences
Yuri S. Johnson Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Ruchi Joshi Biotechnology
LaNay M. Jung Animal Science
Joseph M. Kallenbach Food Science
Anna E. Kampa Microbiology
Reed A. Kampmeier Agricultural Economics
Jacob F. Keith Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Olivia J. Kershaw Microbiology
Benjamin D. Kettner Crop and Weed Sciences
Kayla J. Kisor Equine Studies
Aaron W. Klaustermeier Natural Resources Mgmt
Abby A. Knoll Animal Science
Andrew J. Knox Agricultural Systems Mgmt
John D. Knudson Economics
Marcie R. Kohler Veterinary Technology
Kris W. Koll Agricultural Education
Brittany J. Korynta Horticulture
Brittany J. Kranzler Animal Science
Ashlynn D. Krieger Microbiology
Tanasha T. Krull Agricultural Education
Jenny L. Kuchynski Food Science
AKA Kyaw Min Maw Economics
Rachel A. LaCount Microbiology
Rachael A. Lagein Animal Science
Blake A. Lampert Biotechnology
Joshua D. Land Agricultural Economics
Samuel C. Landman Crop and Weed Sciences
Quynn P. Larson Animal Science
Molly O. Lass Equine Studies
Lacey R. Leddige Agribusiness
Andrea D. Lee Microbiology
Da sul Lee Economics
Full Name Program
Mercedes B. Lee Crop and Weed Sciences
Amanda K. Leingang Veterinary Technology
Eric M. Lenneman Biotechnology
Ryan R. Lenz Biotechnology
Brett D. Lien Agricultural Economics
Tabetha M. Liljequist Veterinary Technology
Chase J. Loeks Crop and Weed Sciences
Josiah J. Loeks Crop and Weed Sciences
Sarah E. Loken Microbiology
Charithra R. Lokumana Natural Resources Mgmt
Ryan R. Lunser Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Justin W. Mack Agricultural Economics
Daniel K. Margarit Natural Resources Mgmt
Tyrell D. Martin Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Lindsey A. Martinsen Veterinary Technology
Derek E. Martinson Agricultural Economics
Megan N. McGauvran Veterinary Technology
Matthew S. McLaen Agricultural Economics
Jessica Meissner Natural Resources Mgmt
David C. Mettler Horticulture
Joseph E. Mettler Crop and Weed Sciences
Jacob D. Meyer Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Brian J. Mikkelson Biotechnology
Shivani Mittal Biotechnology
John A. Mueller Economics
Brandon M. Neilly Veterinary Technology
Tracy L. Nelson Crop and Weed Sciences
Ellen A. Nere Animal Science
Laura C. Nessa Microbiology
Patrick A. Neumann Agribusiness
Paul J. Nystuen Agribusiness
Andrew Oliver Animal Science
Andrea M. Olson Animal Science
Stephanie M. Olson Economics
Hye Ran Park Economics
Samuel T. Partlow Crop and Weed Sciences
Justin E. Pavek Natural Resources Mgmt
Jena L. Peine Microbiology
Jessika D. Peterson Veterinary Technology
Kelsey J. Phelps Animal Science
Samantha J. Pollestad Veterinary Technology
Kelsey T. Prellwitz Veterinary Technology
Lucas Presser Crop and Weed Sciences
Fredice O. Quenum Zangbede Microbiology
Lindsey M. Quiner Veterinary Technology
Melody K. Reich Veterinary Technology
Full Name Program
Crystal M. Renner Veterinary Technology
Renu Renu Biotechnology
Kendra S. Rodel Microbiology
Cole L. Roemmich Crop and Weed Sciences
Tanner L. Rohloff Agribusiness
Timothy J. Runke Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Quin C. Ryan Economics
Steven J. Salfer Crop and Weed Sciences
Kayse J. Salo Microbiology
Elizabeth M. Sauer Veterinary Technology
Peggy A. Sauvageau Veterinary Technology
Erin E. Schill Veterinary Technology
Michael V. Schmaltz Agricultural Economics
Samuel B. Schneider Agricultural Economics
Amanda S. Schoch Crop and Weed Sciences
Sarah M. Schock Microbiology
Kirsten R. Schrader Microbiology
Elizabeth A. Schultz Microbiology
Garrett W. Schultz Sports & Urban Turfgrass Mgmt
Jamie L. Schultz Sports & Urban Turfgrass Mgmt
Elizabeth A. Seamands Animal Science
Chulaka B. Senanayake Economics
Akshat Sharma Biotechnology
Fangliang Shi Food Science
Clayton D. Shockman Crop and Weed Sciences
Lenci T. Sickler Agricultural Economics
Kristopher D. Skadberg Agricultural Economics
Jessica A. Skow Veterinary Technology
Courtney E. Sletten Microbiology
Katherine L. Sorensen Animal Science
Scott J. Sova Crop and Weed Sciences
Darin L. Spelhaug Agricultural Education
Breanne N. Steffan Microbiology
Philip L. Steichen Animal Science
Amanda R. Stenstrom Veterinary Technology
Jessie H. Steward Animal Science
Jessica M. Stober Animal Science
Tiffany D. Stoppler Crop and Weed Sciences
Natalie A. Sturlaugson Veterinary Technology
Eve J. Suchy Veterinary Technology
Angela M. Suda Veterinary Technology
Ryan D. Sullivan Natural Resources Mgmt
Amanda R. Tauer Veterinary Technology
Carlene J. Ternes Veterinary Technology
Kacey L. Thielbar Equine Studies
Bryce W. Thingelstad Economics
Full Name Program
Janessa R. Thompson Animal Science
Jordaan C. Thompson Soil Science
Kelsi M. Thunshelle Microbiology
Nicholas A. Tollefson Crop and Weed Sciences
Takashi Tsuda Natural Resources Mgmt
Cody T. Turner Food Science
Michelle L. Vetter Crop and Weed Sciences
Christine R. Wanner Animal Science
Heather M. Warmbold Veterinary Technology
Erika M. Wehmhoff Microbiology
Justin C. Wehri Biotechnology
Shane B. Weller Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Erin Wenzel Microbiology
Rebecca J. Wetzel Animal Science
Shane P. White Sports & Urban Turfgrass Mgmt
Jared M. Wiegandt Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Camille M. Wienhold Animal Science
Alyssa M. Windey Veterinary Technology
Preston Wise Economics
Lexine L. Wolfswinkle Veterinary Technology
Aaron J. Young Crop and Weed Sciences
Vance C. Zacharias Agricultural Economics
Alexis R. Zachmeier Veterinary Technolog
Katie M. Zirbes Microbiolog
Students receiving Dean's List honors but not appearing on this list may be due to FERPA restrictions as requested by the student.