By Rahad Miah


Feb 23, 2014 (7 years and 8 months ago)




Table Of Contents

Brief Definition

Iris identification

is a method of biometric
authentication that uses pattern
techniques based on high
resolution images of the

of an individual's eyes

Pictures of the Iris

How it Works(general overview)

Iris identification technology uses a digital camera in
combination with software that performs the following

a) Acquires an image of the eye, which includes the iris

b) Defines the boundaries of the iris

c) Analyzes image data

d) Generates pattern data

e) Stores the pattern data

f) When recognition is desired, another image is taken, and
pattern data from that image is matched to the stored data.

Iris Identification Process (in detail)

iris recognition uses camera technology, with subtle infrared illumination to
create images of the detail
rich, intricate structures of the iris.

images are converted into digital templates

these images provide mathematical representations of the iris that yield
unambiguous positive identification of an individual.

An iris
identification algorithm first has to identify the approximately
concentric circular outer boundaries of the iris and the pupil in a photo of an

The set of pixels covering only the iris is then transformed into a bit pattern
that preserves the information that is essential for a statistically meaningful
comparison between two iris images.

These mathematical methods closely resemble those of modern

compression algorithms for photographic images.

These templates are then stored as a unique value in the database.

When recognition is desired, another image is taken, and pattern data from
that image is matched to the stored
value template in the database.


Iris identification is almost impossible to fake since the
iris is a physical attribute unlike ID cards

Stronger form of security than passwords because you
can guess a password and access data, but data using
iris identification is impossible to access.

Iris patterns possess a high degree of randomness

One of the best forms of biometric since direct contact
of equipment is not needed which prevents spread of


the identification can used for a lifetime.


Very costly equipment (camera systems are expensive)

Some believe it’s invasive

Data can be hacked by hackers

Obscured by eyelashes, lenses, reflections

* mainly not in use due to high cost.