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MIS 650





Knowledge management has been rapidly growing in
the last few years, gaining interest from a lot of
different organizations.


from 1997, a

huge selection

of books,
magazines, articles

and websites have come onto the

Now, most of the


companies and

have some form of knowledge
management initiative

There are even some

companies that


knowledge teams and appointed CKOs (Chief
Knowledge Officers).

About Knowledge Management

Knowledge management can be distinct as the
accurate, sharply comprehensive and a
patterned management of critical knowledge
and it generally focus on creating, gathering,
organizing, and exploiting that knowledge.

Knowledge management requires the
individual to have enough skills in order to arc
his personal knowledge into a corporate one so
it can be shared and applied.

Building Successful KMS

For knowledge management to be successful you have to look at different
aspects of the business, including key needs and issues that effect the

By doing so you

will be able to

develop a good knowledge
management strategy

The study done has acknowledged some repeated success factors, which

A knowledge leader

or champion, which is recognized as a person who
vigorously encourage for taking the knowledge plan forward with much of
commitment and anxiousness.


valuable opinion and structure, which is a plan that drives the plan

The higher managerial personnel’s support, and that is when the CEO spot
the benefit or grade of knowledge and who also back up the knowledge team in
its work.

Overall, knowledge agendas are developed through a process of appraisal
and evaluation that are depleted into building projection and build up learning
for following applications

Examples of Successful KM

To sustain the information of organizational
accomplishment of substantial benefits through
Knowledge Management We have to look at some of
the numerous examples of organizations who proved

Some examples :

Similar to Texas Instruments, they used its best practice
between its semiconductor fabrications plants, which made
it save enough money that can be used as an investment in
a new plant.

And also BP; a company that introduced virtual team
working using videoconferencing, which have accelerated
the solution of critical operation problem.

KM Technology

Magic Knowledge Services

Magic Knowledge Services provides you with a complete
knowledge management IT solution

It gives you the opportunity to build, sustain, and appraise the
accomplishment of your knowledge base.

This system will improve your customer satisfaction.

It also scales automatically with demand.

This service contains a Self
Service Answer Center it offers
you a live help which will allows your users to get immediate
help from agents through real
time chat or by callback

KM Technology


When companies want to develop and execute knowledge
management, they usually go for books and courses about
knowledge management which will give them a jump start to
the knowledge management road.

Your company will need more than that, what you need is
hand on project before starting execution.

CIBIT is giving this chance to practice KM in a safe
environment without hurting your organization.

It let you play a game on the web using KM quest, this well
help you improve your KM skills by playing .

KM Software

Zavanta Software

It is a software that is used in organization in order to capture working and
communicate this knowledge to s diverse spectators.

Zavanta resolves the troubles that we face in knowledge management
transfer by unlocking knowledge that is generally exist in the heads of
business and technical experts

It transforms knowledge in usable, shareable information via the web, and
intranet or centralized server.

Benefits from Zavanta

This software helps standardize operations,

improve productivity

reduce costs, and achieve goals.

KM Software



Software instigates new indexation and search engine

Different than the search technologies that we use now which
read and count words without knowing what they really mean.

Influo’s technology extracts knowledge from information
base without any thesaurus and in real time.

It is capable of extracting Knowledge out of an information
base, in real
time and without a thesaurus. It does that by
forming a set of principles of human memory.

Influo goes off the typical course of statistical principles that s
why it reaches high levels of significance and speed.

KM Software

Agorum Software

One of the best Knowledge Management Software is agorum Software
GmbH this software is designed specifically for the development and
implementation of knowledge management systems.

The application agorum mc/1 is an intellectual internet KM
tool; it helps by
transforming the flood of individual information into useful, venture
incorporated knowledge and accompanies the dynamic structures and
always adjusting procedures with highest flexibility.

agorum mc/1 is based on the Internet File System Oracle iFS, this file
unites the advantages of the relational database and the file system world.

The powerful search possibilities are recognized by the functions of

The solution is browser
dependent and can be accessed world
wide from
every computer with an Internet connection, protected by the username and
a password.

KMS challenges

Knowledge management systems face a lot of

One of the most important challenges that face in a
knowledge management system is changing the
cultural from” knowledge is power" to "knowledge
sharing is power“

Other frequent complication are

Finding time

frightened to learn from outsiders

focusing in details process rather than the big picture

individuals are scared from competitions and not welling to
chare knowledge .