Paul Beinat, Director, NeuronWorks International Pty Ltd

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Oct 15, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


Paul Beinat, Director, NeuronWorks International Pty Ltd

Paul Beinat
BSc Mathematics
University of New South Wales)
founded NeuronWorks
in 1997. Paul designed and developed Thalamus

(now referred to as InSight)
, a new
machine learning technology

lly for insurance applications
In the insurance
claims arena h
e developed the concept of Precedent and Claims Outcome Advisor
(COA), designed and co
ordinated the development of both products.

These claims
solutions are used by some of the world’s largest

insurers, on two continents.

Previously he had designed and developed Colossus
regarded as one of the largest
knowledge based systems in the world. A
t one stage this software assessed approximately
half of all bodily injury claims in the United States. H
e has also

implemented analytics
based systems at a number of Australian, US and UK insurers.

Past experience:



thesis on machine learning submitted, University of Technology,

titled “
Applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) Techniques to Ins
Regression Problems”


keynote speaker Australian Data Mining 06


Honorary Associate

Deakin University

Associate Supervisor

University of New England

1996 through 1997

Industrial Supervisor MSc

University of Technology,


Honorary Fellow

Deakin University


Key note speaker at Artificial Intelligence 99

Panel member at ICJAI 1991 session on knowledge based systems


Lecturer, University of New South Wales (delivering the Knowledge
Based Systems course fo
r the Master of Information Science programme.
Developed the Data Mining lectures of the Knowledge Management course for
the Master of Applied Science at the University of Technology, Sydney)

Over 35 years experience in building and implementing computing

solutions fo
r the
insurance industry. Over 25
years experience in developing and implementing artificial
intelligence based systems for insurance applications.