Jeopardy questions for Biotechnology


Oct 23, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


Jeopardy questions for Biotechnology

Making Copies

What does PCR stand for?

What is accomplished in the process of PCR?

Why is DNA heated in PCR?

What is accomplished by cooling the DNA in PCR?

What must be done to the DNA aft
er the primes attach in order to
make the nucleotides build a strand?

If you start a PCR cycle with 3 strands of DNA, How many strand will
you have at the end of that one cycle?


Where are restriction enzymes naturally occur

What do restric enz do?

What type of general sequence do restric enz cut?

How would you describe the ends of a DNA fragment cut by
restriction enzymes?

DNA Prints

What property of DNA allows the process of electrophores
is to “pull”
aNA fragments acr潳s the gel?

that ma步s aNA⁦潲m 摩fferent 扡n摳 in the 灲潣ess 潦

that 灯pti潮s 潦 ⁄NA is use搠in aNA⁦inger灲i湴i湧?

Genetic Engineering

Where is a plasmid found naturally?

at do plasmids do in bacteria?

Why would you put human genes in bacteria?

What is recombinant DNA?

What two things must be added to two pieces of DNA to created
recombinant DNA?

What is gene therapy?

What are GMO’s ?

that are
摥signer 扡扩es?

that is cl潮i湧?