EIGRP Emulation Software

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EIGRP Emulation Software
26601 W. Agoura Road • Calabasas, CA 91302 USA • Tel + 1-818-871-1800 • Fax + 1-818-871-1805 • www.ixiacom.com

Document No.: 915-1814-01 Rev A – July 2006
p. 1
Ixia’s IxNetwork EIGRP (Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol) Emulation
Software allows users to test EIGRP routers and networks quickly and efficiently.
The EIGRP Emulation is a licensed protocol from Cisco Systems. Ixia’s IxNetwork
Graphical User Interface (GUI) makes configuration simple. Routes are advertised
by simply entering the IP addresses of the emulated routers and the desired route ranges. In addition, advertised routes can be flapped
on demand, and emulated routers can be removed or added as required. Each Ixia test port can support multiple routing protocols
simultaneously while also generating wire-speed data traffic.

By using multiple Ixia ports, large network configurations can be emulated with a single Ixia chassis. By emulating realistic configurations,
Ixia can perform real-world stress testing of routers and networks. In addition, IP traffic can be generated to validate route updates, as
well as to capture metrics such as packet loss and forwarding rates of the router or network under test.

Each port can emulate numbers of EIGRP routers. Each emulated EIGRP router can advertise numbers of
route ranges. Each route range contains numbers of consecutive routes with user defined starting address and
Emulated EIGRP
Configuration available for Router ID, AS Number, Active Timer, K1, K2, K3, K4, K5, EIGRP Major Version,
EIGRP Minor Version, IOS Major Version, IOS Major Version
EIGRP Interfaces
Configuration available for Hello Interval, Hold Time, Poisoned Reverse (enable/disable), Bandwidth, Delay,
Load, Reliability, Max TLV/Update
EIGRP Emulation Software
EIGRP Emulation Software
26601 W. Agoura Road • Calabasas, CA 91302 USA • Tel + 1-818-871-1800 • Fax + 1-818-871-1805 • www.ixiacom.com

Document No.: 915-1814-01 Rev A – July 2006
p. 2
Emulated Route
Configuration available for First Route, Mask Width, Number of Routes, Next Hop, Hop Count, Internal/
External Type, Bandwidth, Delay, Load, Reliability, MTU size, Packing (enable/disable), Destination Count
Learned Routes
Each emulated EIGRP router can learn and store routes with information: Destination, Prefix Length, Type, FD,
RD, Neighbor, Hop Count, Next Hop
Routers Configured, Routers Running, Neighbors Learned, Hello TX/RX, Updates TX/RX, Queries TX/RX,
Replies TX/RX, ACKs TX/RX, Packets TX/RX, Routes TX/RX, Routes Withdrawn TX/RX, Retransmission Count,
Routes Learned
Individual routers and routes can be flapped
Emulation Flexibility
Each Ixia test port is capable of emulating multiple EIGRP routers at distinct addresses. Routing tables for the emulated routers are
configured by the user and sent out at regular intervals, with a configurable randomizing factor. Configurations can be edited on the fly
while the protocol is running, providing a high level of testing flexibility.

Thousands of EIGRP sessions and millions of routes can be supported on a single IXIA chassis populated with CPU per port Load
Modules. Multiple protocols can be run simultaneously in conjunction with line-rate traffic. In addition, links and routes can be flapped
to dynamically assess how a router will behave under adverse network conditions. When a route range is flapped, the respective routes
are withdrawn from the router. When interfaces or routers are disabled, the respective interface(s) will not generate or respond to EIGRP
control plane messages.
Tcl Support
Automated scripts can be quickly created using the Tcl scripting environment. Alternatively, the IxNetwork GUI can be used to set up a
test configuration, then Ixia’s ScriptGen utility can be used to translate the GUI settings to Tcl code with minimal commands. Tcl support is
available on Windows and UNIX platforms.

IXIA 250, IXIA 400T, IXIA 1600T, Optixia X16, or Optixia XL10 chassis
At least one Ixia Load Module: Gigabit TXS, LSM10GE, OC-3/12 POS/ATM, MSM 2.5G (OC-48c), MSM 10G (10GE, OC-192c
IxNetwork client application
IxNetwork licensed software
Supported Standards
Product Ordering Information

Aptixia IxNetwork, Optional Software, EIGRP Emulation; REQUIRES 930-1999; Includes Media Kit
Note: EIGRP is a licensed protocol from Cisco Systems. Only selected customers are legible to purchase this optional software. Please
contact Ixia for details