'Attitudes' Tag Search Results

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Nov 15, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


An introduction to Orlando…

date collaboratively authored biographical and critical material on over
800 British women writers

Covers a wide
ranging time span, from early medieval to the present

Includes related material on literary, social and historical events, male writers
and non
British women writers

Extensive pathways available: simple queries by author, occupation, genre or
place; or more powerfully focused search options exploiting the rich tagging
underlying the site

Thousands of cross
linked references between entries

Regularly updated at six month intervals with new or revised entries, along with
information relating to living writers

Orlando Home Page

From the homepage…

Access individual author entries or
search on names

Construct bespoke timelines

Pursue detailed lines of enquiry via
complex tag searches

Left hand navigation
provides a selection
of entry points into
the textbase

Full help options,
plus quick tips for
new users, available
on every page

People: Search by Name

Search for entries by
name alphabetically, or
list chronologically

Search options
allow the user to
modify the lists by
date or scope

Mary Wollstonecraft Overview

Each author overview
screen offers the various
ways in which material is
organised in Life and
Writing entries and other

Tabs to related screens
with further detailed links

Links to related entries

Muriel Spark Life Screen

Full citation details for
use in coursework and

Detailed author life
highlights page split
into relevant
categories for ease of

Mary Shelley Chronology Search

Excerpt from timeline on
Mary Shelley (reached via
her author overview page or
chronology search

Each result is coded according to a set of
criteria for easy reference:

Quill pen

events relating to British women


national/international events


general writing


social climate

Chronology Search by Date

Bespoke chronology creation by
date: limit by date and event
type and choose preferred type
of results (full or short entries)

Chronology Search

Excerpt from results on
comprehensive chronological
search on dates 1 June

August 1975

Full search criteria as
selected by the user is
displayed at the top of the

Links to scholarly notes
available at the end of each
timeline entry; again, all entries
are coded according to scope

Refined Chronology Search

Excerpt from results from the
same search query, but with
other categories toggled off
and only British women
writers queried

Highlighted text links to
relevant author overview
page, with links allowing user
to drill further down

Tag Diagrams

Tag diagram displaying one
section (Production) from
the three
part Writing tagset

Tag diagram showing all the
content or semantic tags
from the Life tagset

Diagrams illustrating how the
tagging system functions are
provided throughout the Tag
Search screens…

Tag Search Options

Full range of tags cover every
aspect of the writer’s life and
work, from health to marital

Full range of tags within
Life subset cover every
aspect of a writer’s life,
from health to marital

‘Class Issues’ Tag Search Results

Excerpts from tag search (in
Lives) on tag <class issue>,
part of the highly complex
<cultural formations> tag

Text relating to tags is
highlighted for easy reference

‘Violence’ Tag Search Results

Excerpts from tag search (in
Lives) on tag <violence>,
bringing together both the
personal and political

Again, text relating to the
selected tag is highlighted for
easy reference

‘Motif’ Tag Search Results

Excerpts from a more
complex tag search (in
Writings) on tag <motif>, with
attribute value “violence”

‘Attitudes’ Tag Search Results

Excerpts from tag search (in
Writings) on tag <attitudes>
This tag is designed to
capture authors’ attitudes
specifically to writing and to
writing as a woman

Further Results from ‘Attitudes’ Tag Search

‘Penalties’ Tag Search Results

Excerpts from tag search (in
Writings) on tag <penalties>

‘Intertexuality’ Tag Search Results

Excerpts from a more
complicated tag search (in
Writings) on tag
<intertextuality> containing
“Jane Austen”