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Mind Field Software Solution




“Research and Development”


Mind Field Portal

Mind Field Software Solution


Mind Field Software Solution



As technology adv
ances, the way people work advances as well. Moving beyond the
point where paper documents can serve as the “document of record,” the digital work
style requires smarter applications capable of producing self
aware electronic masters
that survive over exte
nded periods of time, can be shared among many people using
diverse computing platforms and know what they are and where they need to go. The
digital work style also demands smarter documents that go beyond simple fixed files and
can enable advanced produc
tivity scenarios.

This Project Involves “Research And Development of Help tools” and design and
implementation of “Mind Field Portal” in Model View Controller. Basically these Help
tools like “Fast Help”,”Sandcastle” and “Video Help” etc. are used for Do
cumentation of
any project and this Documentation are merged with that project.

Help is used to make the things easier or better, to make more

Effective, to give assistance, be cooperative, useful and to act as a waiter, servent or

Mind Field
Portal is a tool that is used to keep track of data about a particular page,

user ,site like page id, user id,page description

Etc. and Technologies used by this portal are
ASP .NET 3.5 MVC,ADO .NET Entity

and LINQ

It integrates the various qua
lit y management tools like code review tool,
testing tool, and Desiging tool. Trough these tools, status of the various
versions is maintained automaticall y. This tool comprises of GUI based
screens through which data about site is entered and maintained b
authorized user.

Mind Field Software Solution


Overview of the Organization

Mind Field Software Solution


MindField Software Solutions, A company born out of a collective vision of individuals
who enjoy working on the

technology bleeding edge
A gath
ering place for keen minds
working in

unchartered waters of technology

under the gentle guidance and assistance of
other experienced minds.

MSS stands committed to creative work and ideas


Innovation, inventions, research, thinking out of the box are a f
ew terms which describe
each mind at MSS. Mind fielder’s strive for an experience which

changes the ways

is thought of and engineered.

Currently engaged in

development tools and products


near future plans
Robotics arena


an emphasis on

Home Automation, Wireless and Apple
iPhone technology.

Vision of the Company


We at Mind Field along with our partners
envision change

Change in the way software’s are thought of and written. According to us, our industry

today lacks the skill of

. We have been lucky enough of having
worked with professionals who are proficient in this

of software engineering
. Our
vision is to enable as many people as possible to learn this art.


the development side, we have a vision of entering the robotics arena in the coming
year. We aim to provide
home automation products

wireless and Apple iPhone
. Our in depth understanding of
Microsoft's Visual Studio technology

us a
platform for providing tools that would enable everybody to
program and use our
home automation products

Mind Field Software Solution


Projects Undertaken

1. Office Open XML SDK( .NET)

2. Office Open XML SDK(Java)

3. Questionnaire (.NET)

4. Technosauss Resource Tracker

5. TM&S’s Checkout Boxes(.NET)



Mind Field Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Bathinda [Punjab] ,[India]



Mind Field Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

SCF, 83 Phase
I Model Town


mail(For queries):

Corporate Websi

Operating Since


In India, since



Mr. Ravinder Singh

No. of Employees


Around 20

Mind Field Software Solution


Partners of MindField

MindField is a merger of two compan
ies DrDev, US and Technossus LLC, US.

About Technossus

Technossus is a full service IT consultancy leveraging technical efficiency and resource
productivity to effectively deliver low
cost, high
quality enterprise solutions. Through
proven and reli
able methods, Technossus helps enterprises increase revenue, reduce
costs, and gain competitive advantage.

Technossus will ensure that your business technical needs are met, complete and
delivered, within your budget guidelines without compromising qualit

We will ensure that the features and functions, of any given project, are in full
compliance with your requirements and meet or exceed your expectations; that proper
and adequate testing have been performed to increase reliability and dependability of
end results.

We have analysts, architects, designers, developers, testers and technical writers (a broad
list of skilled developers) to serve you and we have contacts in our industry all over the
world to assist you.

We at Technossus are committed to

excellence and strive for continuous customer
satisfaction. We can provide the research relevant to and required by your project to
ensure a successful delivery.

In short, we will see that your project reaches completion without affecting or
your return on investment in a technical software solution.

Mind Field Software Solution


What We Do

Technossus is committed
to meeting your unique
business and technology
objectives by delivering
competively low
quality, enterprise
solutions, on time and on
dget. Technossus
consulting services brings
you value every step of the
way from possibility to

We offer our clients a wide
range of solutions and
services that demonstrate
industry experience and best practices in the areas of analysis, design
, development, and
maintenance of various IT systems. Our services are designed to help contribute to our
clients return on investment.

: Technossus LLC

16815 Von Karman Avenue, Suite 100

Irvine, CA 92626, USA

phone: (949) 878


Mind Field Software Solution


About DrDev

DrDev provides a browser component framework and professional services for
developing web
based applications. We aim to provide an infrastructure of browser
components for rapid web application development.

Our mission is to build the most
comprehensive set of high quality software components,
covering all platforms and delight customers with our world
class support and services.

With DevRx, we pioneer a complete new genre of products that are the result of our years
of experience in buildi
ng visual controls for Web Applications. This control harnesses the
power of the browser and takes it to a level never achieved before.

DrDev Products

Our products automate all your web application development with the ease of use which
comes with using

JavaScript Application Framework. They harness the power of the
browser and take it to a level never achieved before. Our products work on the client side
with no installation required by the end user. They take all the load off your server and
maximize t
he efficiency of your site or application.

Mind Field Software Solution




DevTree, modeled as an IE Behavior, is a feature rich JavaScript tree. With
DevTree you can show any kind of hierarchical data very easily with everything
being driven by XML. It has a rich API

consisting of more than 100 properties,
methods and events.


DevGrid 5.0

DevGrid, modeled as an IE Behavior, is a JavaScript grid. With DevGrid you can display
and edit any kind of tabular data very easily with everything being driven by XML. It
a rich API consisting of more than 150 properties, methods and events.

Mind Field Software Solution


DrDev Services

DrDev's Consulting Group

Being an effective player in this
era depends not just on playing fast, but playing smart,
and playing to stay ahead of rather than in step with the market. Whether you are in a
manufacturing or service industry, information technology is at the heart of making your
presence felt in the ne
w economy.

So, how do you stay ahead of your competitors and keep pace with new technologies.
The solution is to have a partner who specializes in providing cutting edge solutions and
training your organization to embrace the next wave of technology. DrDe
v Consulting
Group is just what the doctor ordered for you.

Our product design services aim at helping customers bring feature
rich products into the
market within budget constraints and on schedule. We accomplish this by providing our
skilled team of eng
ineers with world class infrastructure, cutting edge technologies and
robust methodology. DrDev Consulting Group is at your disposal to help you manage
your technological efforts better. Also with out optional offshore development model in
India, you can s
ave huge amounts of costs without compromising anything on quality.
For more information, contact us at


DrDev Corp. Headquarters

5531 Serene Drive,

Huntington Beach, CA 92649, USA

Ph: (714) 768 4794

Mind Field Software Solution


Mind Field Software Solution



The existing system comprises of
all the manual work the resource has to make entry into
a Excel sheet that is mail after weak to the reporting person. Then they have to perform
all the operations manually like making all reviews of the Time sheet. There are no
details maintained for the
customer, vendor, partner and resource. The resource has to
make entries manually into the excel sheet.

All the web applications require security feature. Building security in every application
demands time, cost and efforts everything. Earlier, every
web application had security
framework within it that validate the user. There was no such system that provides
common authentication for multiple applications. So building security framework for
every application separately was time consuming process and
requires efforts as well as
high cost.


The main drawbacks of the existing system are:



All the work concerned is done manually. All the information is stored in registers
or files. A lot of time is consume
d in referencing the files.



Maintaining record in files and registers is not so easy.



It is difficult to change or update the records.



Complexity of information handling and the gathering and determination of
tion is usually the most difficult problem faced



Maintaining separate files for each department can lead to duplication of data
present in files. This can lead to:




Update anomalies


Decentralization problems

Mind Field Software Solution




Human kind of errors may be generated in typing errors and slow arithmetic
calculations, fatigue and boredom



In case of manual work, security of data cannot be maintained.



The present system maintains all the info
rmation manually. This in turn leads to
numerous errors and if any of the files get lost, then it would be quite difficult to
obtain that information.



There is no report generation. This can lead to difficulties in the later stage.
If the
executive wants information regarding anything, he has to search whole database
which leads to a lot of time wastage.



The existing system is less efficient.



The existing system is less reliable.



The existi
ng system is less acurate.



The existing system is difficult to implement.



The existing system is not user friendly.



The existing system is less flexible.

Mind Field Software Solution



The proposed system is software, which is expected to remove the problems of the
existing system and provide value added solutions to the problems faced by the currebt
manual system.

It will provide the following advantages:


It will help the
firm to conduct its dealings online.


It will increase the efficiency of the organization.


It will make the work easier as well as productive.


Less maintenance required.


Changes and updates can be done easily.


It will provide reliability, efficient and easy



It is much faster than the present existing manual system.


Cost of manual labor is reduced.


Tampering of data by unauthorized people would not be there.


Figures will be available for forecasting.


It is highly interactive.


It is entirely menu dri


No data redundancy.


It is fast and accurate in executing queries.


It generates efficient and quick reports.

Mind Field Software Solution


Mind Field Software Solution


Project Description

Research And Development is very huge ar
Research and development (R & D) is a
process intended to create new or improved technology that can provide a competitive
advantage at the business, industry, or national level. While the rewards can be very high,
the process of technological innovati
on (of which R & D is the first phase) is complex
. The majority of R & D projects fail to provide the expected financial results,
and the successful projects (25 to 50 percent) must also pay for
the projects that are
unsuccessful or terminated early by management. In addition, the originator of R & D
cannot appropriate all the benefits of its innovations and must share them with customers,
the public, and even competitors. For these reasons, a com
pany's R & D efforts must be
carefully organized, controlled, evaluated, and managed.

A company’s activities to discover new products and improve current products. These
efforts also may focus on providing new services or marketing techniques. Many
es have R&D departments. In prosperous times, companies increase their R&D
spending and often reduce their spending when economic conditions turn poor. R&D
efforts usually are listed as a separate expense item on a company’s income statement.
Some companie
s, such as those in the pharmaceutical industry, spend a large amount of
money on R&D in order to always have new, leading
edge products and drugs coming to
market. Other companies, such as technology companies, may spend a minimum amount
on R&D efforts an
d instead focus on acquiring start
up companies that have new,
innovative technology applications.

In mind field there are number of tools has been used, and our work is to explore
those tools.

I worked

on R & D of HELP TOOLS.

Mind Field Software Solution























Help or Documentation is essential part of any product. To understand product clearly
help plays a vital role. It can consist snapshots, Demos, images to demonstra
te how our
product works. Like in Ms
office or in windows Microsoft provides us help which tells
us how to use them. If user faces any problem for example user does not know how to
use spell check feature in MS
Word then user can
press f1

or go to
help men

and can
search for this feature and OFFICE inbuilt help satisfies user query if it contains.

Help systems are often called

because they display different informati
depending on the

position (context) in the

Refers to a


that changes depending on what you are doing in the
program. For example,

for the particular
feature that you are in the process of using.



Adobe Robohelp


Javahelp 1.1.3




HTML Help Workshop


HTML Help Generator


Fast Help


ment To Help


Video help tools


Screen Video Recorder


HyperSnap 6 Help



Mind Field Software Solution



What tool are you using for
creating helpfiles
? Many peoples using
. Nobody
argue, it's a really good tool. It has a lot of features and a
llow to create a good
But ask yourself are you using all its features? I am almost sure that you are not using
even a half of its features.

cost a lot of money and you must pay money every
year and pay for new versions of

even t
hough you are using less than half of
RoboHelp features.

The most peoples are using

for creating

. What
must have a good
? It must have a good structured table of contents, a keywords
list for quick jump and fu
ll text search. It's enough in the most cases. The more important
is a usability and easiness of program. Do you want to spend a lot of time for finding out
how to make something? In a very complex program like

you are often
couldn't quickly find
what you must to do because it has so many windows, buttons,
captions, etc. and you can lose easily there. Our program is extremely easy in use and you
can learn how to use it in few minutes.


is a complex program with a lot of features. But wha
t you will do when the
feature which you need very much is absent in
? May be you will ask it in
RoboHelp support team? But they are always very busy because they must fix the bugs
and create new version of program. I suppose your small feature wil
l be forgotten at the
next day after you will ask it. We often help our customers and always add small features
when it is not difficult and there is no need to completely rebuild program sake this
feature. Our customers are very happy when we help them to

solve the problems:

RoboHelp's own Help system, which was heavily criticized in version 7.0 has been
updated and improved, though still lacks some of the clarity and rigor of the Help for
RoboHelp X5 and earlier versions. In common with other current Adob
e products, it is
now displayed within the Adobe Help Viewer 2, which is based on Adobe AIR
technology. This means that it is possible to search for and view a combination of content
both from the Help system and from the web
based Community within a singl
e interface.
It also enables users who have registered an Adobe ID to provide feedback on the Help.

Mind Field Software Solution


Figure 1: RoboHelp's Help in Adobe Help Viewer 2

However, the layout of the Help is rather different to the tri
pane format that RoboHelp
users have be
come accustomed to. The Adobe Help Viewer uses a single pane to display
either the table of contents (TOC) and topic content side
side, or the search results.
This means that the TOC disappears out of view as you scroll down long topics, and the
results list cannot be viewed alongside topic content. It is not possible to replicate
this layout from RoboHelp itself, which prevents authors from being able to use
RoboHelp's own Help as a model for their own development.

Styles and Formatting

A critically important aspect of RoboHelp is its support for Cascading Style Sheets
(CSS), the

technology used for all topic formatting. In RoboHelp 8, the user interface for
editing style sheets has been completely revamped with a radical overhaul of the Style
dialog (effectively RoboHelp's CSS editor) and the introduction of a Styles and
ng pod (see
Figure 2
). This new pod makes it quicker and easier to add new
styles and to edit existing styles, and it is displayed by clicking


used to display the Styles dialog in previous versions of RoboHelp).

Mind Field Software Solution


Figure 2: Styles and Formatting pod

The Styles and Formatting pod takes a bit of getting used to when you are accustomed to
the old Styles dialog, particularly as

it has no obvious controls and relies on right
the required style to display a context menu of options. However, after using it for a
while I have now found that it gives me access to almost everything I could possibly want
to do, and I regard it

an improved and more streamlined way of working with styles.

I think Adobe have done a great job in this area, and I have only a couple of small gripes:
the first is that the UI does not encourage you to use the all
powerful "Background + Text
(BODY)" sty
le, which is not listed within the Styles and Formatting pod. To edit this
special style, I have to open the full Styles dialog (by double
clicking the style sheet in
the Project Manager pod) and look for it in the "Other" styles group.

Mind Field Software Solution




interactive applications require online help

Java applications are no exception.
The JavaHelp system is specifically tailored to the Java

platform. The JavaHelp system
provides developers and authors a standard, fully
featured, easy
use system for

presenting online information to Java application users. Providing a help system standard
that is part of the Java platform (standard extension to the JDK
) relieves developers and
authors of the task of inventing their own proprietary help systems.


JavaHelp system consists of a fully featured, highly extensible specification and an
implementation of that specification written entirely in the Java language. The
implementation, based on the Java Foundation Classes (JFC), provides a very simple
ce that allows application developers and authors to quickly and easily add online
help to their applications. The specification enables developers to optionally customize
and extend the help system to fit the style and requirements of their applications.

In addition, the JavaHelp system has been designed to work especially well in a variety of
network environments. The JavaHelp system is platform independent and works in all
browsers that support the Java platform.

The JavaHelp system enables Java develo
pers to provide online help for:

Applications (both applet and standalone)



Applets in HTML pages

Authoring support for the JavaHelp system will be available through the major online
help authoring tool vendors. Tool vendors, incl
uding Blue Sky Software, ForeFront,
Quadralay, CreativeSoft, Hyperact, and Virtual Media, have publically announced that
their products will provide authoring support for the JavaHelp system.

JavaHelp System Features

The following is an overview of the ma
in features of the JavaHelp system.

Help Viewer

The standard JavaHelp system viewer consists of a toolbar and two panes:

Content pane

Displays help topics formatted using HTML 3.2, plus embedded
lightweight Java components


A tabbed interface that allows users to switch between the table of
contents, index, and full text search displays.

Mind Field Software Solution


Table of Contents

Collapsible/expandable display of topics in the help system. Supports unlimited levels
and merging of multiple TOCs. The underlying

file format follows World Wide Web
Consortium (W3C) standards. The TOC display is synchronized with the content viewer
the topic being displayed is highlighted in the TOC.


Supports merging of multiple indexes. The underlying file format follows Wo
rld Wide
Web Consortium (W3C) standards. The index display is synchronized with the content
the topic being displayed is highlighted in the index.

Text Search

The flexible full
text search engine can be used in a variety of network environmen
Matches returned from searches are ranked for relevancy using "relaxation rules."

Compression and Encapsulation

The standard JAR format is used to encapsulate the help information into a single,
compressed file. The JavaHelp system works equally well
with help information that is
not compressed into JAR files
this flexibility allows authors to view files during
development without taking the time to compress them.

Embeddable Help Windows

Help windows (individually or in combination) can be embedded d
irectly into application

Mind Field Software Solution


Sensitive Help

Help can be activated from within programs using a number of different mechanisms.

Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging of help information for product delivery makes it easy to
incrementally u
pdate help information in the field.


The JavaHelp system is designed to permit great flexibility in customizing both the user
interface and functionality.


Help information from different sources can be combined and presented to the
end user.

JavaBeans Support

The JavaHelp API permits a JavaBeans component to specify help information that can
be presented to the end user (perhaps merged with additional information).

Mind Field Software Solution


Sandcastle Help File Builder

Sandcastle, cr
eated by Microsoft, is a tool used for creating MSDN
style documentation
from .NET assemblies and their associated XML comments files. The current version is
the May 2008 release. It is command line based and has no GUI front
end, project
management featur
es, or an automated build process like those that you can find in
NDoc. The
Sandcastle Help File Builder

was created to fill in the gaps, provide the
missing NDoc
like features that are used most often, and provide graphical and command
line based tools to

build a help file in an automated fashion.

Benefits and Features

Using the help file builder provides the following advantages:

The GUI interface provides an NDoc
like properties window so anyone familiar
with NDoc should be quite comfortable using it.
In addition, it provides a Visual
like project explorer that lets you manage and edit the files associated with
the project.

The builder can produce an HTML Help 1.x (.CHM) file, an HTML Help 2.x
(.HxS) file, and/or a website.

The HTML Help 2.x outp
ut includes a valid set of collection files and an

configuration file to simplify deployment and integration of the help
file into existing collections such as those used by Visual Studio.

The website output contains an HTML and an ASP.NET index
page with tree
view that can be used to navigate the table of contents and a full
text index search

The settings are saved in a standard MSBuild
format project file and can be built
from within the standalone GUI, from the command line using MSBui
ld, or in a
build step to a Visual Studio project that runs MSBuild. Support for full
Visual Studio integration is planned for a future release.

A project file conversion option is provided to convert projects from other third
party tools such as NDoc
, DocProject, SandcastleGUI, and the example GUI
provided with Sandcastle to the help file builder's MSBuild project format.

Visual Studio 2005/2008 solution and project files are supported directly as
documentation sources. When the help project is built,

the assembly, XML
comments file, and reference information is imported from them and used

Mind Field Software Solution


In addition, both executable (.EXE) and library (.DLL) assemblies can be added
individually as documentation sources along with any related XML commen

Dependency references can also be specified individually. File, GAC, project, and
COM references are supported (COM references are supported in the project file
but currently cannot be added via the standalone GUI).

The builder will automatically

locate both Sandcastle and the HTML help
compilers by looking at the common environment variables, in the system path,
and in the Program Files special folder on all fixed hard drives. Properties are also
supplied for you to specify the paths in the off
hance that it cannot locate them

The build process provides full logging and error handling. All output from the
build is stored in a log file in the output folder. The log is in XML format and can
be ran through an XSL transformation to mak
e it more readable, to highlight
warnings and errors, etc.

The intermediate files used to create the help file are placed in a working folder
beneath an output folder of your choosing. They can be automatically removed
after a successful build or kept arou
nd for further modifications.

Most of the NDoc features have been built into the Sandcastle help file builder


Definition of project summary and namespace summary comments that
will appear in the help file. You can also easily indicate which nam
to include or exclude from the help file. Support is also included for
specifying namespace comments via a

class within each


The ability to turn off documentation of attributes and various other
unwanted API elements.


tic determination of the default topic for the help file.


You have control over the help file name, title, header text, and footer
information such as the e
mail address, copyright text, and copyright

Support for conceptual content is fully integrated
. This allows you to define
additional content that appears in the table of contents such as usage notes,
tutorials, etc. Conceptual content is created using Microsoft Assistance Markup
Language (MAML).

Standard HTML files can also be included and merged w
ith the table of contents.
A site map file can be used to define the layout.

Language selection and localization support is built in. Translations are provided
for the help file builder resource files in several languages and information is
provided on how

to localize the Sandcastle content files.

Steps have been taken to make the build process more open so that you have a
chance to customize it without having to modify the code for the builder
application itself. Custom build process plug
ins are supported

that can be used to
extend or alter the build process in various ways. Plug
ins supplied with the help
file builder include:

Mind Field Software Solution



Additional Content Only

Build help files based on nothing but the
conceptual and/or additional content items (no API content).


Additional Reference Links

Add additional sources of reference links for
party libraries or MSDN content that does not appear in your help


AjaxDoc Builder

Build help files for Atlas script libraries in conjunction


Completion Notification

mail the build results to someone optionally
attaching the log file (raw or transformed via XSL).


DBCS Fix for CHM Builds

Fixes the HTML content and runs the Help 1
compiler in the proper lo
cale to overcome its encoding issues.


Hierarchical Table of Contents

Used to rearrange the table of contents
such that namespaces are nested within their parent namespaces.


Output Deployment

Copy the resulting help file to a file share, web
server, FTP

site, etc.


Script# Reflection File Fixer

Fixes up the reflection information file so
that Script# assemblies are documented correctly.


Table of Contents Exclusion

Used to exclude API members from the
table of contents (the members still appear in the
help file).


Version Builder

Generate version information for the current project and
others related to the same product and merge that information into a single
help file for all of them.

The plug
in interface is public and is documented in this help fil
e allowing you to
create your own custom plug

Support is included for the
<inheritdoc />

tag which allows you to inherit
documentation from base types/members. This is implemented via a standalone
tool so it can also be used by other third
party tools

and build scripts. This tool
provides features beyond those found in the build component supplied with

In addition to the help file builder, the following custom build components are supplied:

A code block component that extends the

L comment tag with file
inclusion, syntax highlighting, line numbering, collapsible


sections, and a copy to clipboard option. This is useable in both
reference and conceptual content.

A post
transform component that can be used

to add a logo image to the header of
each page, make some minor adjustments to the syntax section, and add basic
version information to the help topics. This is useable in both reference and
conceptual content.

A "show missing" component that adds "missin
g" notes for missing summary,
returns, param, value, and remarks documentation tags and that can also auto
document constructors.

The custom build components can also be used outside of the help file builder in other
custom build scripts and third
party to
ols as well.

Mind Field Software Solution


HTML Help Overview

Microsoft HTML Help is a browser
specific Help solution optimized for delivering
online Help for applications running on Windows 95, 98, NT, or 2000. When M
released HTML Help in 1997, the plan was for HTML Help to replace WinHelp.
Although Microsoft quickly adopted HTML Help for most of its own products, the rest of
the industry was slower to adopt the new technology. Now, however, HTML Help is
y used for locally installed online Help for applications that run under Microsoft

To create HTML Help, authors create topic files in HTML format. The topic files,
together with a few project files and ActiveX controls, are compiled using Microso
HTML Help compiler. The compiler produces a .chm file, which is then distributed to
users of the Help system. Help authors can use a variety of tools to produce Microsoft
HTML Help, including RoboHelp, Doc
Help, ForeHelp, HDK, and WebWorks

In order to view the .chm file, users must have installed both Internet Explorer (version
3.02 minimum, 4.0 or later for full functionality) and the HTML Help system
components. chm files cannot be viewed in any version of Netscape Navigator.

Mind Field Software Solution


t HTML Help Screenshot

If you have Internet Explorer installed on your computer, you'll see HTML Help when
you choose Contents & Index from the Help menu. Here's a snapshot of one Help topic
included in the HTML Help for IE


Microsoft HTML Help
, by Microsoft Corporation, it's offered to users for
creating help files for Windows applica
tions and web pages. It includes advanced text
search capabilities and a 'favorites' tab to save the more often searched topics, themes
and/or terms.

The created help files (*.HLP) can be included to distribution packages and complete
instalable Windows
based applications. They can be compiled with the supported
application or added to the distribution package.

The application itself includes an image editor and a project manager, to help user on
including the help file to the developed and compiled pro

The generated Help file can include index and a table of elements to consult. Also

Mind Field Software Solution


keywords and direct hyperlinks to the corresponding contents.

The output help file will include and ActiveX control and a single Java applet that will be
used by a
ny Internet Browser supporting Java and ActiveX controls.

The HTML Help Workshop has a built
in compiler that will compress HTML code
pages, images, graphics and different files into a small CHM format file, to be included in
the application compilation,

added to the application files into the installation package or
downloaded directly from Internet.

Mind Field Software Solution



Time and again we've been chosen over our competitors because Fast
Help saves you

and money by being incredibly intuitive and productive. Why spend your valuable
time on steep learning curves with other products when you can create a fully functional
help file in under One Minute with Fast
Help. Then all you have to do is type in the h
text. We have a loyal customer base that range from independant developers to
companies like, NASA, General Motors, 3M and Motorla. Download a fully functional
trial version now and see why we have turned the help authoring industry on its head.

elp International is a help authoring tool that is based on its own proprietary
database and integrated editor. Its user interface, although fairly extensive and complex,
is well organized and clearly presented. As a result, I have found it to be an extrem
easy product to learn.

Help International's single
sourcing credentials are quite impressive. The product is
able to compile to a variety of output formats including HTML Help (.chm), RTF
document, PDF, and Pocket PC, and there is a rich set of op
tions for customizing each of
these outputs. Figure 2 shows the options that are available for configuring the
documentation outputs, including the ability to add custom headers and footers. Fast
Help International also provides effective support for condi
tions at the page and character

It is Fast
Help International's support for multiple languages and translation,
however, that is its key strength. In addition to providing full Unicode support , it
provides a set of tools for translating and managin
g all the different language versions of
a help system within its own interface. It displays the original text in the base language
(for example English) alongside the translated version (see figure 3). Furthermore, it only
allows translatable text to be c
hanged, and protects elements such as hyperlinks from
being accidentally deleted or corrupted.

After translating from a base language into a target language (e.g. from English into
French), any subsequent changes to the base language version can be easily
isolated for
translation into the target language. This reduces translation costs by ensuring that only
new or changed content is translated.

Help International also provides the option of exporting all the base language text
for translation by an ext
ernal translator using a freely downloadable tool called the
Translation Assistant. This tool presents exactly the same side
side interface for
translating as Fast
Help International itself. After translation, the text can then be
exported from the Tran
slation Assistant and imported back into Fast
Help International to
create a new version of the translation into the target language.

Other interesting features of this product include:

Restore points, which enable you automatically to store up to 999 prev
versions of each topic and restore back to a previous version at any time

Licensing for multiple users, which enables concurrent editing of projects, and
automatically handles the locking of topics to prevent two authors from making
conflicting change
s to the same content

Mind Field Software Solution


Support for non
scrolling regions (usually found only in WinHelp files) for
HTML Help topics

Ability to merge HTML Help (.chm) files, though the procedure for setting up the
merging is a little complex and technical

Support for the c
reation of "expandable paragraphs" (more commonly known in
other helps tools as "DHTML drop
downs") for HTML
based outputs

My main concern with this tool is its approach to text formatting. Fast
International's integrated editor provides most of the u
sual character and paragraph
formatting options, but has a rather unconventional way of saving combinations of
formatting options as named styles. Its Style Gallery includes two distinct sets of styles:

character styles

(which can only be used to apply cha
based formatting
such as font size, color, and weight)

paragraph styles

(which are restricted to applying block
level formatting such as
alignment, line
spacing, and indent)

Thus, if you want to fully define the formatting for an element such as a w
arning, you
have to create two styles, one containing its character formatting and the other containing
its paragraph formatting. When you subsequently format an element as a warning, you
will need to apply both of these styles.

Strangely, the formatting p
roperties of a style are stored within the topic itself. This
means that if you change the properties of a style within one topic, Fast
Help has to open
every other topic and make the corresponding change if you wish your formatting to
remain consistent ac
ross all topics (it calls this "cascading the style changes"). Because
this may take some time for large projects, Fast
Help gives you the option of cascading
the style changes or not .

Mind Field Software Solution


Help is a single
source Help authoring tool that

empowers authors to create
HTML or Microsoft Word content and convert it to virtually every popular Help file
format (including browser
based, platform independent Help) or printed documentation

Creating and Importing Content is Easy

Help gives y
ou true choice of editing environments. You can work in Doc
Help or directly in Microsoft Word, FrontPage, or Abode Dreamweaver without ever
needing to convert to a Doc
Help format.

Help's XML
based editor:

This WYSIWYG editor comes complete with visual tools such as style editors and
toolbars to easily write your content while Doc
Help automatically creates
standards compliant XHTML. Th
is editor is designed to look and act like Microsoft
Word for an author friendly editing environment.

Microsoft Word or HTML:

Use the toolbars instal
led in Word, FrontPage, and Dreamweaver if you would prefer
using tools you already have or are familiar with.

Help enables you to write your materials once, where you want to write them,
and publish any of its outputs with just a click. You also

get to keep your source content
in one format for easy editing and reuse.

Highlights include:

Conditional Tags: Tag any content to map it to specific outputs.

Conditional Links: Links become cross
references in print.

Custom Outputs: Configure and save
multiple themes.

Variables: Create chunks of content for reuse.

ups and Margin Notes: Margin notes in print automatically become pop
for online use.

Mind Field Software Solution


Help’s Web
based output (NetHelp) allows you to create a self
contained, fully customizabl
e Website. You can use NetHelp as Web
based Help,
alone sites, intranet sites, or blend it into your existing site. Doc
based output is very modern, feature rich, and easy to navigate out of the

Check out Doc
Help's online docu
. It uses NetHelp.

Help ensures that your source content stays clean and standards compliant. When
using Doc
Help’s editor, it creates compliant XML

content while you write.
With this type of source content, you will be able to enforce consistent formatting across
your project, comply with the latest Web and compliance standards, accessibility
requirements, and reuse the source elsewhere. In fact, Doc
Help is the only tool of its
kind that gives you source that conforms to the strict W3C standards.

Additionally, all the information Doc
Help needs to process outputs is stored in a
special set of styles called Doc
Help Markup Language (D2HML).
provides these styles in Word templates and CSS style sheets and provides toolbars that
apply the appropriate styles for you. Since D2HML is only a set of styles, the use of the
content is not restricted to any one environment.

Introduced in 1
991, Doc
Help was the first solution of its kind in the market and has
since benefitted from a close relationship with Microsoft and the user community. You
will always enjoy support of Microsoft’s latest technologies from their standard Help
platform t
o .NET developer technologies such as Help 2.0/3.0, Sandcastle, and
.NET/XML transforms. Doc
Help will also always serve the community’s needs by
addressing the latest emerging technologies, techniques, and trends. Included yearly
maintenance and afford
able renewals will help you ensure that you always have the latest

Mind Field Software Solution


Screen Video Recorder 1.5.14

A software application that
records screen activities, audio and mouse cursor movement to AVI
or WMV

Screen Video Recor
der is an easy
use, fast, and powerful video
recording software.
You can use this screen capture software to record full screen or any area of the desktop
screen, and you can record audio and mouse cursor's movement.

Screen Video Recorder can be used
to record webcams from AIM, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo
Messenger or capture movies from TV card and theater online, or record DVD, VCD,
RM, MPEG, or make slide
show training documents.

Screen Video Recorder is an easy
use, fast, and video
recording software. You

can use
this screen capture software to record full screen or any area of the desktop screen, and
you can record audio and mouse cursor's movement. It can be used to record web cams
from AIM, ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, or capture movies from TV
DVD, RM, VCD, and MPEG. It also facilitates making slide show training documents.

Version 1.5 build 1.5.33 added profile that can output WMV with same size to the
original screen.

Mind Field Software Solution




is the quickest and easiest way to take screen captivates from Windows
screen, and text captivate (TextSnap™) from places where convention text replicate is
not possible. oem Hyperionics Hypersnap 6.21. HyperSnap combines the power of a
number 1
course of

instruction screen captivate covering with an modern visualise
redaction utility

wrapped into one comfortable
use tool! Its perfect for capturing
visualises that you want to admit in your Help system, online tutorials, manuals, training
ts, presentations, selling materials, Web pages, emails and thomas more.
Use HyperSnap to quickly share a picture
perfect representation of whateverthing on
your screen. buy Hyperionics Hypersnap 6.21. HyperSnap is versatile and super
use. Y
ou bum quickly custom
make menus and toolbars to burst your
demands. oem Hyperionics Hypersnap 6.21. Assign your own keyboard shortcuts, make
crying toolbars, and eventide hold in HyperSnap with voice commands! *** Top

New in ver. 6 TextSnap™ f
eature of speech to captivate editable text from
nearly whateverplace on the screen, when running under Windows 2000, XP or newlyer.
download Hyperionics Hypersnap 6.21. Starting from ver. 6. Hyperionics Hypersnap
6.21.10 bum besides captivate tab
information for comfortable paste into MS

New & powerful visualise captivate, redaction, annotating and handling tools.
Hyperionics Hypersnap 6.21.

Snags besides those unmanageable
catch screens from
DirectX™ and Glide™ games.

Image stamps,

frames, degenerate shadow, give up
handwriting captivate, FTP server uploads, thomas more!

Automatic gloss substitution!

rectangular window captivate!

Button Capture

perfect for professional technical
writers who demand to snap and papers lash
ings of pushs!

scrolls and at the same
time captivates prospicient web pages and other. buy Hyperionics Hypersnap 6.21.
paperss, enabling it to catch thomas more than is visible on the screen.

integrates with the MS Windows clipboard to ma
chinematise repetitive tasks

eventide machinematoncareally PASTE captivate visualises where demanded!

Automatically saves your captivates to art files.

Mind Field Software Solution


HyperSnap is the fastest and easiest way to take screen captures as images and c
editable text (TextSnap) from any part of Windows screen. Combines the power of a
class screen capture application with an advanced image editing utility

into one easy
use tool! It's perfect for capturing images that you want to i
nclude in
your Help system, online tutorials, manuals, training handouts, presentations, marketing
materials, Web pages, emails and more. Use HyperSnap to quickly share a picture
representation of anything on your screen, or copy text from error me
ssages, program
screens, system folders etc. HyperSnap is versatile and extremely easy
use. You can
quickly customize menus and toolbars to fit your needs. Assign your own keyboard
shortcuts, create instant toolbars, and even control HyperSnap with voic
e commands!

New in ver. 6.31: A new "Full Screen Presentation Mode" added

Mind Field Software Solution


Fast video indexer

Capture video frames from all your movie files with ease.

Fast video indexer grabs screenshots from a list of video files. The cap
tured screenshots
can be saved as several jpeg images or be combined into one large jpeg collection image.
Fast video indexer can also generate html pages presenting your videos with the captured
screens giving you a quick preview of an entire video in an
instant. XML files with info
about the captured videos and the video frames can be saved and used as image playlists
in the Inzomia image viewer or by any program that can handle xml. You can organize
your video collection in projects and go back later to
add more videos to the collection.
From the project you can generate an brief html summary report of all captured videos in
the collection.

The Fast video indexer program uses the same video decoder as windows media player, if
you can view the video in wi
ndows media player Fast video indexer supports the format.
All output generated by Fast video indexer can be customized by editing xslt templates.

Fast Video Indexer application was designed to bring order to your digital video

With index pict
ures it is easy to browse your video collection and you get good overview
of what a video is about without watching it. Index pictures are a great way to present
downloadable videos on the web.

Visitors can get a quick overview before they take the time
to download the actual video
file saving them time and you money. With Fast Video Indexer it is easy to index your
entire video collection without manual steps creating index pictures, web indexes or a
simple folder with images.

Here are some key feature
s of "Fast Video Indexer":

∙ Manage video clips

∙ Manage large video clip collections and jpeg and html indexes fast and easy.

∙ Save time

∙ Capture frames automatically from all your video clips.

∙ Find that video

∙ Create index pictures and find the sce
ne you are looking for.

∙ Publish video web pages

∙ Html video index pages let your web site visitors get a quick glance of video content
before they download it.

∙ Organize your videos with index pictures

∙ Index picture gives quick overview of a complete


Mind Field Software Solution


∙ Extract jpeg shots from videos

∙ Fast video indexer creates a playlist with standard jpeg screen captures, ready to be
viewed in the free inzomia image viewer.

Capture video frames from all your movie files with ease and browse your video
ection as contact sheets and html pages. Create html and jpeg contact sheet indexes
for your entire digital video collection. Fast video indexer creates indexes by
automatically capturing video screenshots. Generate jpeg och html collection indexes or
ly extract jpegs from the video. Batch all your videos and wait for fast video indexer
to do its work.

Merge Documentation in Our Project:

After creating Documentation next step is to merge that documentation with our
project..This can be donewith the he
lp of Showhelp() method..


Displays a Help file. This method can be used with Microsoft HTML Help.







that specifies the URL of the file to be displayed as help.



that specifies a string or integer that indicates a context
identifier in a Help file.

Return Value

No return value.


Only files of types .chm and .htm are supported as help files.

When implementing this method, a second

Help dialog box appears when the user
presses F1 or clicks Help on the menu bar. You can prevent the default Help dialog box
from appearing by setting


Mind Field Software Solution


his method must use a user
initiated action, such as clicking on a link or tabbing to a
link and pressing enter, to open a pop
up window. The Pop
up Blocker feature in
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 blocks windows that are opened without being initiated by
the user.

Standards Information

There is no public standard that applies to this method.

When pressing the F1 key with the focus in an address field, the

Help file
is displayed because the

property has been set to
. The

method is called for each address c
ontrol to identify that it
has Help content available.

Mind Field Software Solution



What is the difference between a Portal and a


A portal finds the information for the user whereas on a website the user has to search for
t. A portal displays all the content in one place while information is usually dispersed
across a website. A portal uses a consistent framework for presenting the information in a
standard way. The services available through the portal are all designed to
fit within a
standard portal framework. This consistency makes it easier to learn and use these
services. On the other hand, there is a learning curve for users of typical website to get
familiar with all the browsing capabilities. The information presente
d in a typical web
site is usually general and intended for a wider audience.

A web site is a destination in its own right. It is an end point for
the visitor
. The creators
have built the
site to keep you there.

A portal on the other hand is not a destination as such. Rather it is more like a bus
terminus, signposting users onwards to other places. A portal differs from a web site in
that it can be regarded more as a meeting place or gathe
ring point for visitors to
commence surfing to a set of pre
determined locations.

This portal is a gateway to the information and services of NOAA’s National Ocean
Service, National Weather Service, and other partners. It allows information retrieval and
ata dissemination from multiple, divergent sources.

A Website is all the pages, images and files contained under a domain name

such as

A Web Portal is a type of Website. A Web Portal acts as a gateway to the internet. (A
dictionary definition of the word portal would be

a doorway or a grand

Portals and

websites are


entities, often overlapping and complementing each
other. They need to be strongly linked together, but they should not replace each other

Website presents an organization to the outside world, while a portal provides multiple
user roles with a common access point to broad resources.

Mind Field Software Solution


Typical Website Attributes

Public Interface.

Target one user type / audience.

Support users in

specific tasks (marketing or e

Provides targeted

content from specfic resources / authors.

Generally content focused.

May or may not have authentication.

Typical Portal Attributes

Public and private interface (extranet, intranet, etc..).

mon access point for multiple user roles.

Personalization / Role
specific functionality and content.

Versatile / Enhanced functionality and flexibility.

Provide users with access to broad resources.

Support users in multiple tasks (discovery, learning, res
earch, purchasing, etc..).

Provides content from diverse distributed resources.

Generally spans content, collaboration and e

Authentication process to "know" a user.


In order to develop a system, we first need to state the pr
oblem, which the system is
going to solve. The existing
system had not robust & reusable security framework. Each
application requires separate security framework. S
o it

time consuming
, cost
effective system.

The objective of the project is to provide


robust and reusable security framework that
can be integrated with other applications. Mind Field Portal provides authentication and
access control for their web applications. Any number of applications can be integrated
with this application.

Mind Field Software Solution


Hardware Requirements


IV 2.66 Ghz

Minimum 20 GB free Hard Disk Space


Software Requirements

.Net (Framework 3.5)

Visual Studio 2008 SP1

Technology Used


ADO .NET Entity Framework


Database Used

QL Server 2008

Mind Field Software Solution


Mind Field Software Solution



Feasibility is the determination of whether or not a project is worth doing

process followed making this determination is called feasibility study. This deter
mines if
a project can and should be taken. Once it has been determined that a project is feasible,
the analyst can go ahead and prepare the project specification which finalizes project
requirements. Generally, feasibility studies are undertaken within ri
ght time constraints
and normally culminate in a written and oral feasibility report. The contents and
recommendations of such a study will be used as a sound basis for deciding whether to
proceed, postpone or cancel the project. Thus, since the feasibilit
y study may lead to the
commitment of large resources, it becomes necessary that it should be conducted
competently and that no fundamental and that no fundamental errors of judgment are

There are following types of inter
related feasibility

cal feasibility

Operational feasibility

Economic feasibility

Social feasibility

Management feasibility

Legal feasibility

Time feasibility

Technical Feasibility:

Technical feasibility centers around the existing computer systems (hardware, softwar
etc.) and

to what extent it can support the proposed addition. For example, if the current computer
is operating at 80 percent capacity then running another application could overload the
system or require additional hardware. This involves financial co
nsiderations to
accommodate technical enhancements. If budget is a serious constraint, then the project is
judged not feasible.

In examining technical feasibility, configuration of the system is given more importance
than the actual make of hardware. The
configuration should give the complete picture

Mind Field Software Solution


about the system requirements. What speeds of input and output should be achieved at
particular quality of printing.

The team for developing Resource Tracker System is equipped with all the modern

and the latest software. Therefore as far as the equipment and the software was
concerned there was no problem. Moreover the technical skills required to complete the
project were also present in the form of competent software professionals. Thus the
ect was considered technically feasible.

Economic Feasibility:

Economic analysis is the most frequently used technique for evaluating the
effectiveness of a proposed system. More commonly

known as cost/benefit analysis,

procedure is to determine the b
enefits and saving that are expected from a proposed
system and compare them with cost. If benefits outweigh cost, a decision is taken to
design and implement the system. Otherwise, further justification or alternative in the
proposed system will have to b
e made if it is to have a chance of being approved. This is
an ongoing effort that improves in accuracy at each phase of the system life cycle.

The benefits and savings expected from Resource Tracker System are compared with the

The costs include

development costs, equipment costs, personal costs like team members
salaries, operating costs like power used etc. Since, the benefits and savings overweigh
costs, a decision is made to design and implement the system.

Operation Feasibility:

It is main
ly related to human orga
nizational aspects
. The points to be considered are:

What changes will be brought with the system?

What organization structures are disturbed?

What new skills will be required?

Do the existing staff members have these skills? If

not, can they be trained in due course
of time?

Proposed system is beneficial only if they can be turned into information system that will
meet the organization operat
ing requirements and efficiency. As the system is user
friendly for those who have to
maintain the records of work done on each project by

Mind Field Software Solution


various resources and also to resources that have to make their day to day time entries.
the user

wants more facilities that can also be provided.

The proposed system will cause no harm to the organiz
ation but instead it will enhance
the result in better respect. The new system will avoid the confusion and resistance as it is
more presentable.

Steps in Feasibility analysis


Feasibility analysis involves eight steps:

1. Form a project team and ap
point a project leader.

2. Prepare system flowcharts.

3. Enumerate potential candidate systems.

4. Describe and identify characteristics of candidate systems.

5. Determine and evaluate performance and cost effectiveness of each candidate system.

6. Weight
system performance and cost data.

7. Select the best candidate system.

8. Prepare and report final project directive to management.

Mind Field Software Solution




As this project is a live project and they have given me th
e opportunity to work with this
project. In this project there is one Program Manager, one Project Manager, one
Technical Leader and two Senior Engineers. One trainee allotted for this project and
project is progressed under the supervision of all the team


Program Manager


Project Manage

Technical Lead



Mind Field Software Solution


Mind Field Software Solution



MVC is a design pattern that describes a recurring problem and its solution where the
solution is never exactly the same for every recurrence.

MVC is a framewor
k methodology that divides an

application's implementation into three
component roles: models, views, and controllers.

"Models" in a MVC based application are the

components of the application that

responsible for maintaining state.

Often this state i
s persisted inside a
database (for example: we might have a Product class that is used to represent
order data from the Products table inside SQL).

"Views" in a MVC based application are the components responsible for


application's user inte

Typically this UI is

created off of the
model data (for example: we might create an Product "Edit" view that surfaces
textboxes, dropdowns and checkboxes based on the current state of a Product

"Controllers" in a MVC based application

the components responsible for
handling end user interaction, manipulating the model, and ultimately choosing a
view to render to display UI.

In a MVC application the view is only about
displaying information

it is the controller that handles and respon
ds to user input
and interaction.

One of the benefits of using a MVC methodology is that it

helps enforce a clean
separation of concerns between the models, views and controllers within an application.

Maintaining a clean separation of concerns makes the
testing of applications much easier,
since the contract between different application components

are more clearly defined and

Creating a View

The easiest way to create a new view is to create the view from an existing controller
action. You c
an right
click any controller action within the Visual Studio Code Editor
window and select the menu option
Add View

to create a new view automatically (see
Figure 1).

Mind Field Software Solution


Figure 1

䅤A楮朠愠gew⁶楥 fr潭⁡⁣潮tr潬oer⁡ 瑩潮

When you select the
Add View

menu option, the
Add View

dialog opens (see Figure 2).
This dialog enables you to set various view options. For example, you can specify
whether a view uses a view master page.

gure 2

啳楮朠瑨攠gdd⁖楥w d楡i潧

For example, if you open a controller named Customer controller and right
click the
Index() action to add a view, and you leave the default options selected in the
Add View

dialog, then you

ll get the view in Listing 1.

Mind Field Software Solution


Listing 1


<%@ Page Title="" Language="C#"
Inherits="System.Web.Mvc.ViewPage" %>

<asp:Content ID="Content1" ContentPlaceHolderID="head" runat="server">



<asp:Content ID="Content2" ContentPlaceHolderID="MainContent"



The file in Listing 1 looks

like a standard HTML document. This view contains
two <asp:Content> tags. Any content that yo
u place within the first <asp:Content> tag
appears in the <head> tag of the resulting HTML document. Any content that you place
within the second <asp:Content> tag appears in the <body> tag of the resulting HTML