Professor, Department of Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics Courtesy Appointment, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science Northwestern University Evanston, IL 60208 Phone 847-491-7221 Fax 847-491-2178


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Professor,Department of Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics
Courtesy Appointment,Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science
Northwestern University
Evanston,IL 60208
Phone 847-491-7221
Fax 847-491-2178
Numerical methods for partial dierential equations,spectral methods,combustion, uid
dynamics,wave propagation.
Ph.D.Mathematics,New York University,1975
M.S.Mathematics,New York University,1973
1999{2004 Chairman,Northwestern University
Department of Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics
1990{ Professor,Northwestern University
Department of Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics
1990{1999 Professor,Northwestern University
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
1986{1990 Associate Professor,Northwestern University
Department of Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics
1986{1990 Associate Professor,Northwestern University
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
1982{1986 Senior Sta Scientist,Exxon Corporate Research
1980{1982 Research Associate Professor,New York University
1976{1980 Research Scientist,ICASE,NASA Langley Research Center
1975{1976 Mathematician,Goddard Institute for Space Studies
Department of Mathematics
1.David J.Lin (Physics);Ph.D.awarded June,2006
2.Jang H.Park;Ph.D.awarded December,2006
3.Chris Wahle;Ph.D.awarded December,2004
4.James Demetriou (EE);Ph.D.awarded December,2001
5.Chris Raymond;Ph.D.awarded December,1999
6.Deborah Stevens;Ph.D.awarded December,1999
7.Tsung-Kuang E.Ma;Ph.D.awarded December,1997
8.Dan Schult;Ph.D.awarded June 1996
9.Dawn Crumpler;Ph.D.awarded June 1994
10.David Hansen;MS awarded 1990
11.Klaus Deller;MS awarded 1990
12.Timothy Lorello;MS awarded 1989
July,2006 Member,NSF-DMS CSUMS panel
June,2005 Clarence ver Steeg Graduate Faculty Award
February,2001 Member,NSF-DMS Applied Partial Dierential Equations Panel
May,2000 Member,NSF-DMS SCREMS Panel
1997{ Associate Editor,Journal of Computational Physics
January,1997 Member,NSF-DMS Fluids Panel
September,1995 Charles Deering McCormick Professor of Teaching Excellence
September,1994 Invited Lectures,Tutorial on Computational Wave Propagation,Institute
for Mathematics and Its Applications University of Minnesota
June,1993 Teaching Award - McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science
July,1992 Exhibitor,Siggraph'92 conference
May,1992 Invited Lecture,workshop on Scientic Computing for the 90's,Tel Aviv
April,1992 Invited Lecture,workshop on Computational Aeroacoustics,ICASE,Hamp-
January,1992 UNM - CNLS distinguished lecturer,Los Alamos
National Laboratory and The University of New Mexico
February,1990 Invited Lecture,Workshop on Asymptotic
Analysis and Numerical Solution of PDEs,Argonne National Laboratory,
March,1988 NSF panel member to review Science and Technology Proposals
1986{ Associate Editor,Applied Numerical Mathematics
1986{ Consultant ICASE,ICOMP
1982 Invited Lecture,Workshop on Aeroacoustics,ICASE,Hampton,VA
1981 Invited Lecture,Symposiumon Numerical Boundary Condition Procedures,
NASA Ames Research Center
1980 NASA Certicate of Recognition for Inventive Contribution (joint award
with L.Maestrello)
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