VISTA 6.0 Install / Upgrade Introduction


Dec 4, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)



.0 Install / Upgrade Introduction

Venue Name:

Hello and thank you for choosing VISTA
.0! This comprehensive checklist will guide you through the
necessary steps for installing or upgrading

your VISTA system.

If you have also chosen to go with our MuseumTix

solution you will also need the Web Services

Requirements document.

Take advantage of the NEW Support Tools now available to you and your staff after you

. We highly recommend you read through the release notes,

watch our Combo video
demonstration and signup for one of the many Webinars. Most

importantly, make sure you talk with your
Account Services Manager before you upgrade to

discuss t
he best options for you.

The upgrade checklist on page 2 refers to a “responsible party”. This individual should be the person at your
venue who is responsible for your VISTA upgrade or installation project. In many cases this will be the venue’s
IT Sta
ff or VISTA Administrator. This individual will be responsible for making sure that the necessary
requirements are met for your organization’s install of the latest VISTA software as well as coordinating
technical staff to be made available during the upg

If you have any technical questions about the installation or operation of the VISTA software, the requirements
listed in this document or questions about the use of VISTA please reach out to the Ticketmaster Product
Support Help Desk and they can a
ssist in answering your questions.

VISTA Support Contact Information:

8464 Option 2

Ticketmaster Product Support Help Desk

8464 Option 3

VISTA Account Services

Prior to upgrading to

.0 it is important that you ensure you can c
omplete this checklist in
its entirety. Before your upgrade can be scheduled, the responsible party at your venue must initial
each step and sign off that all required steps have been completed.

If you sell tickets on MuseumTix

your upgrade will need to
be schedule
d with the help desk so they
can assist you

Please sign, scan this form and email it to
. Once
we receive

your information
and it has been
validated you will be contacted by a VISTA
Help Desk Supervisor
to schedule your upgrade.

he responsible party at your venue must sign off on each of the below areas before your

upgrade can
be scheduled. As the responsible party you may need to work with your venue’s IT staff to obtain
information depending on your level of technical knowledge

server is not
properly configured or we do not have a necessary piece of information at your scheduled upgrade
time your upg
rade may need to be rescheduled.

VISTA 6.0 Install / Upgrade Checklist

Responsible Party:


Is th

upgrade for your
test or
production environment?

Contact name and number for Upgrade

(if different than above):


If you use VISTA to manage your membership data consult with your Account Services
Manager prior to p
erforming this upgrade as structural changes have been made to the
Membership module. You should refer to the VISTA Membership Configuration document.

PRE UPGRADE (Please initial confirming your completion of the following)

I have
read through the

.0 Release Notes

I have downloaded the necessary upgrade files from and transferred them to my
VISTA server.

What date did you download the files?

I unders
tand it is recommended that I create a test system using a backup of my production

I have performed a successful upgrade of the test system.

If this upgrade is for your test
environment type in TEST. Still submit this for assi
stance with your test upgrade.

I tested all custom reports after the upgrade.

If this is a test upgrade type in TEST.

If I interface to the VISTA database from any other 3

party application VISTA and that

plication still work as they did before the upgrade.

I have verified that my data remains intact.

I understand it is recommended that I use the test system to train my
staff on new features of
.0 and that t
here are Video Demos and Webinars available on

I verify that our

SQL database version and Operating System are compatible with


listed on page 3 of this document. Please provide this information below:

SQL Version:

installed in mixed mode

Operating System:

I verify that my VISTA Server meets the Minimum Server Configuration as outlined on page 3 of
this document.

For Museumtix clients only

I verify

that I have completed the Web Services ecommerce Requirements and returned the
Setup Sheet on


I verify that we have installed Microsoft IIS 5.0+ and .NET
3.5 SP1

Information Requi
red for Day of Upgrade:

I verify that I have the SQL System Administrator (SA) password and will have it at the time of

I understand that it is my responsibility to create a backup of our production database

as well
our VISTA Program Directory immediately prior to our scheduled upgrade time slot.

I verify that the Help Desk will have direct access to the SQL server at the time of the upgrade.

If you are using ICVerify y
ou will need to download
and upgrade
concurrently with VISTA 6.0
the latest 4.0.4

ICVerify version to enable credit card encryption with VISTA 6.0. Is this
applicable to you?

Type YES if your database is hosted offsite by a 3

party company?

* For hosting your data with Thinology, a 3

party software hosting company, contact your Account Services

Post Upgrade:

I understand that we will need to perform any workstation upgrades following

the database
upgrade ourselves.

VISTA Version 6.0 Requirements


ALL SQL versions should be installed in “Mixed Mode”

Backup your VISTA database nightly and perform incremental backups as needed.

Your VISTA file share should be backed up nightly. Th
e two unique pieces to VISTA are the database, and the “Reports” folder
located within the VISTA file share.

For installing .NET 3.5 SP1 visit:
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1

5. H
igh availability clustering is recommended but not required. For more information visit:

Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Books Online

Configuring High Availability

Recommended Client Configuration

1 GHz 32
bit (x86)

1 GB of system memory

20 GB hard drive

Color VGA monitor with touch screen support

1024 x 768 Screen Resolution (Front Desk)

20 GB hard drive or higher


Serial or USB ports

1 Parallel port

1 additional USB port

PS/2 keyboard port

PS/2 mouse port

10/100 network card

Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista®, or Windows 7

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP 1

Recommended Server Configuration

2 GHz 32
bit (x86)

2 GB of sy
stem memory

60 GB hard drive or higher

Fault tolerant drive array

Tape backup unit

PS/2 keyboard port

PS/2 mouse port

10/100 network card

Microsoft Windows® 2003 or 2008 Server 32bit

Microsoft SQL Server® 2008 Standard Edition SP2 (32bit)

Microsoft .NET Fr
amework 3.5 SP 1

Required Client Configuration

800 MHz processor

Color VGA monitor

1024 x 768 Screen Resolution (Front Desk)

1 GB RAM or higher

2 serial ports

1 parallel port

10/100 network card

100 MB of available hard drive space

Keyboard port

Mouse po

Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista®, or Windows 7

1 USB port per device can be used if the appropriate
USB peripherals are purchased.

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP 1

Required Server Configuration

800 MHz processor

1 GB RAM or higher (dependent on server OS

Color VGA monitor

30 GB hard drive or higher

Tape backup unit

PS/2 keyboard port

PS/2 mouse port

10/100 network card

Microsoft Windows® 2003 or 2008 Server 32bit

Microsoft Windows SQL Server® 2005 Standard Edition
SP3 32bit or Microsoft Windows SQL Serve
r® 2008
Standard Edition SP2 32bit

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP 1

Supported Network Operating System


Microsoft® Windows® 2003 Server 32bit

Microsoft® Windows Server 2008 32bit

Microsoft® SQL Server 2005 SP3 Standard Edition

soft® SQL Server 2008 SP2 Standard Edition

Version Compatibility Quick Reference

VISTA client version 6.0 is compatible with:

Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista®, or Windows 7

VISTA server components are compatible with:

Windows Server 2003
Microsoft® SQL Serv
er 2005 32bit
Microsoft® SQL Server 2008 32bit


Party Credit Card Processing Software


First Data Payment Software v.4.0.4 (a.k.a. ICVerify)


Tender Retail Payment Software v.3.3.9

TM Charge (Ticketmaster Payment Software)

* Refer to 3

party tech
nical requirements for
software and hardware requirements.