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Program Overview

Coral Reef Conservation Fund

Program Overview

year partnership with NOAA

113 projects funded to date

Over $9 million committed between
2001and 2004

$3.6 million in NFWF
federal funds and $5.6 million in matching

Projects funded in 20 countries, including
four U.S. states, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto
Rico and other U.S. trusts, territories, and
freely associated states

Coral Reef Conservation Fund

Program Overview

60% of funds invested in U.S. states,
territories and freely associated states (FAS)

Of $3.6 million of NFWF federal funds
awarded 2001
2004, $1 million was
invested in Hawaii, Florida or nationwide;
$1 million in U.S. territories & FAS; and
$1.5 million internationally

Demand for funding exceeds supply by a
factor of 3 or 4

Coral Reef Conservation Fund

Program Overview

Build public
private partnerships to
reduce and prevent degradation of coral
reefs and reef habitats:

Reduce impacts from pollution & sedimentation

Reduce impacts from over
harvesting and other fishing

Reduce impacts of recreational uses, tourism and boating

Restore damaged reefs or associated reef habitats

Increase community awareness through education and
stewardship activities

Coral Reef Conservation Fund

Program Overview

Special Priorities for 2004

on, measurable watershed approaches to
reduce land
based pollution and

to adjacent coral reefs

Efforts to measure and improve the management
effectiveness of
coral reef protected areas

Establishment of
mooring buoys

Coral Reef Conservation Fund

Program Overview

Funding Preferences:

based partnerships

on, solution
oriented, targeted approach

Coordinated with state, federal and/or
international coral reef conservation initiatives

U.S. domestic or insular (territory,
commonwealth), Freely Associated States,
Caribbean, or Mesoamerican reef ecosystems

Appropriate budget and matching funds

Coral Reef Conservation Fund

2004 Proposal & Award Overview

88 pre
proposals received
(requesting over

26 grants awarded with total value of $2.4M
(range = $15K
$75K; avg. = $38K)

NOAA funding $1.0M

Grantee matching funds $1.4M

15 grants to Gulf of Mexico/Caribbean

9 grants to North Pacific (includes Hawaii)

1 grant each to South Pacific and South

Coral Reef Conservation Fund

2005 Proposal Overview (prior to award)

116 pre
proposals received

48 full proposals invited (
requesting $1.7M)

Approx. $1.3M available in funding (new
partners in 2005: Natural Resources
Conservation Service & U.S. Fish &
Wildlife Service)

Federal/Foundation review committee

Approx. 30 projects to be selected (awards
to be announced in mid

Coral Reef Conservation Fund

2006 Request for Proposals

2006 RFP will be announced at November
2005 U.S. Coral Reef Task Force meeting
in Palau

Check NFWF website for updates:

Anticipated pre
proposal due date: January
31, 2006

Coral Reef Conservation Fund

Applicant Eligibility

Local Government Agencies (U.S. or

Profit Organizations (U.S. 501(c)(3) or

Academic Institutions

U.S. federal government agencies are


Coral Reef Conservation Fund

Eligible Projects

Projects that address programmatic and
geographic priorities of Coral Fund

No lobbying, litigation, political advocacy,
land acquisition, or indirect/overhead costs

Minimum matching fund ratio of 1:1; 2:1 or
more is preferable

Project period of approximately 1 year

Coral Reef Conservation Fund

Additional Preferences

New projects/New organizations

Demonstrate measurable ecological or
environmental benefits

Strong evaluation plan

Repeat grantees must close out previous
funded projects before starting new

Other NFWF Grantmaking Programs that
Support Coral Conservation

NFWF/NOAA General Matching Grants

Natural Resources Conservation Service
(NRCS) Conservation on Private Lands

*Note that proposals to both of these are
accepted through NFWF’s General Call for
proposals and that
the majority of coral
projects are funded through the Coral Fund

NFWF/NOAA General Matching Grants

Support diverse array of marine and
freshwater projects in Great Lakes Region,
Western Pacific Basin (US & International)
and Caribbean

2005 priorities include demonstration
projects and projects that engage resource
users or managers, improve economic
sustainability, and remove and/or prevent
marine debris

Next pre
proposal deadline

January 2006

NFWF/NRCS Conservation on Private
Lands General Matching Grants Program

Support projects that engage private
landowners, primarily farmers and ranchers,
in conservation & enhancement of fish and
wildlife and natural resources on their lands

2006 priorities include projects that
improve water quality, particularly in
watersheds upstream from or adjacent to
coral reef habitats

Next pre
proposal deadline

January 2006

Additional NFWF Grant Programs that
Support Coastal/Marine Conservation

(other than coral reefs)


full list of NFWF General Call and Special
Matching Grants Programs

Examples include Five
Star Restoration Program,
International Sea Turtle Conservation Fund,
National Whale Conservation Fund, Shell Marine
Habitat Program

Proposal deadlines vary