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Group Leader: Tam Ka Ho 4D 37

Group members: Ko Tsz Hang 4D 31

Kwok Chun Hei 4D 32

Lam Wai Yip 4D 33

Tang Yin Hang 4D 39

Wong On Chi 4D 40

Yuen Ming Yu 4D 41



2.Chang Jiang (brief intro)

3.Location of Chang Jiang

4.Why flooding occurs??

5.Human Factors

6.What can we do??

7.Other feasible solutions



The topic of this project that we are doing is
about flooding and our focus is mainly on Chang
Jiang. Nowadays , flooding happens in many
countries and causes many effects on them . For
example , People who are living there may die ,
buildings are destroyed and living conditions
become poor , etc .Therefore , we will let more
people know more about flooding and how to
prevent it in this project .

Chang Jiang

Chang Jiang starts in Qing
Tibet Plateau. It is 6300km long,
the third longest river in the world.
As we all know, there is always
flooding in Chang Jiang. The
serious floods there affect the
local people. It causes losses of
life and property. The economy is
also greatly affected, as it needs
a lot of money to reconstruct the
area. In order to reduce the
number of casualties because of
the floods, the government takes
a lot of measures such as
building dams to drain the water
faster, etc.

Location of Chang Jiang

Why do flooding occur?

Natural factors

1. There are heavy monsoon rains in summer.

2. Typhoons bring heavy rain in summer.

3. Melting snow in spring in the upper course adds water.

4. There is gentle relief in the lower course of the Chang Jiang.

5. There is a rapid progress of sedimentation in Lake Dongting
which serves as a great retention basin for the Chang Jiang
(Yangtse River), from which flood water pours into the lake in

6. The rapid progress of sedimentation lowers the capacity of
Lake Dongting

The upper course of Chang Jiang

Human factors

1. Deforestation in the upper and middle courses leads to soil
erosion and river silting.

2. Lakes become smaller because they have been reclaimed for

3. Cities with more tarmac* means water flows into rivers more

4. Some dams and embankments are not strong enough and
they may collapse.

5. The land reclamation projects in Lake Dongting also reduce
the size of Dongting.

6. Deforestations are found in the upper course of Chang Jiang
which greatly reduce the infiltration. Floods occur easier.

People who were affected by

Vegetables were destroyed

What can we do?

In order to solve the problem of
flooding in The Chang Jiang
River, the Ministry of Water
Resources of the PRC carried
out the Three Gorges
Project(TGP). TGP is the most
important project functioning

As a backbone in the flood
control system to protect the
area in the middle and lower
reaches of the Yangtze River.

The Three Gorges Project

The introduction of the
Three Gorges Project can
basically solve the
problem of flooding, as its
favorable geographical
location makes it possible
effectively control the
huge flood water from the
upstream of the Yangtze.

Other feasible solutions

‘We should introduce environmental
protection, so that trees are saved to
reduce the rate of soil erosion. Also, the
sediment on the river bed should be
cleaned to increase the capacity of the
river. The dams should be built soundly,
so that the risk of erosion is lowered. ‘

The Beijing Government should pay much
effort in improving the Three Gorges Project



We will try our best
to finish this project.


As the Three Gorges Project is beginning to
succeed, other less developed countries can take
this measure as reference and prevent from flooding
effectively. Besides, the more developed countries
should help them too. We all hope that people can
enjoy better lives with limited natural disasters.