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5. Gram Swaraj
Expeller with complete
steel frame,Billenjore,
3.Concrete base
with steel frame
Jaybharati expeller,
Billenjore, Nuapara
4. Another model :
Concrete base with
steel frame,
Bilenjore, Nuapara
2.Jaybharati Oil
Expeller with wood
frame and iron
Nuapara (1995-96)
1.OX driven
traditional oil
e xpel l e r,vi l l:
Semel munda,
Evolution of Gram Swaraj
Oil Expeller
The time is approaching for
harvest of Sunflower, Mustard and
Groundnut. Also this is the season
for plant Oil seeds like Mohul,
Karanja, Neem, Kusum. How nice
would be to have a Gram Swaraj
Oil Expeller at this hour ?
Get Pure edible Oil and Create Self Employment
Gram Swaraj
Oil Expeller
Plot no: 3816.P.O: Ghatikia, Bhubaneswar-751003
Ph: 0674-2384257, 2384258
The Change Makers....
Gram Swaraj Oil Expeller
For toxin free life:
Edible Oil and Unavoidable Uses: Edible oil
is an integral part of human life. It is used as a
cooking medium to make food tasty. On festive
occasions, no delicacies can be thought of without
premium oil like sunflower, refined ground nut,
Vanaspati etal.As culture has changed with
times;steamed,roasted and boiled culinary have
made way for oil based foods. That apart, oils
are used for ayurvedic healing, medium for
indigenous medicines. In Orissa particularly,
mustard oil, ground nut oil and sunflower oil are
prominently used.
Why are we concerned?
Though, OTM (Oil Technology Mission) has
improved oil crops production, India still imports
edible oils. Where demand, that too of an essential
commodity like oil outstrips supply; breeds
grounds for unfair practices. Cheap oil like castor,
argemone is mixed with premium oils. Since
village people buy oil in small quantity from bulk
drum, they become easy prey to all means of
getting adulterated products. Even pouched oil
market, touching crores of commercial
transaction, is not free from adulteration.
Irresponsible refining process leaves deadly heavy
metals like arsenic and lead etc .Food, for that
matter oil becomes an easy route to human
system. This can cause dropsy, neural palsy,
kidney and visual impairment and heart problems
and so on. So called topnotch Branded oils are
not free from adulteration by traders. The eye can
not differentiate between the good and bad. We
have seen dropsy epidemic caused by adulteration
of mustard oil with argemone oil.Ridiculously, a
person can not afford to have a chemical
laboratory to detect adulterants at home.
Is there any way out to get pure oil?
One of the possible means to get rid of this
situation is:
If you are a farmer, then cultivate sunflower, Til,
Mustard on own land. Get it processed in a local
oil expeller for self consumption.
Otherwise, if not a farmer, just buy oilseeds from
local market and Get it processed in a local oil
expeller for self consumption.
If both the options are not feasible, then buy oil
from reliable farmers or trusted institutions.
How to extract more oil from oilseeds:
For ages, people extracted oil through indigenous
wooden oil expeller or boiling practices. Wooden
expeller do not drip good amount of oil ,while
boiling practice is hasslesome.So,technologists
came out with iron expellers or mechanized
ones.Mechanised ones attract large investment
and consume fossil fuel or electricity. That too,
this option is not viable for processing small
amount of oilseeds.
Keeping this in view, SVA developed a manual
oil expeller in 1995-96.The technology is
consistent with sound scientific principles. This one
uses strong iron drum, piston and base, and yields
even more oil compared to the mechanized one.
Some Salient Features of: “Gram Swaraj Oil

It does not need energy from fossil oil or

It is suitable for both crop oil seeds and plant
oil seeds:Mahul,Til,Mustard,Neem,Castor,
groundnut,Sunflower etc.

Its oil yield is equivalent or even more when
compared to mechanized ones.

The expeller is installed on a 6/6 feet Varenda.
The Varenda ought to have a roof at a height
of 7 feet. Two persons are required to operate
the expeller.

It can process 350 kg seeds in a day(8 hours)

The oil is pure and wholesome compared to
that of mechanized expeller.

One Gram Swaraj oil expeller offers
employment to at least three persons.
This manual oil expeller is available at a cost of
Rs 10000/-. Around Rs 3000 is needed for setting
up and other expenses. The investment can be
recovered within three months. So it is a boon
for the unemployed youths beyond doubt.
The demonstration effects of this expeller by
successful entrepreneurs have spread to near by
villages, thus creating more demands for the
products. Many individuals and institutions from
MP, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Chhatishgarh,Bihar
and Jharkhand are using these expellers.
Villagers using these appropriate technologies
have not heard of any case of adulteration or
ensuing diseases. Some health conscious persons
have adopted this for personal use. This small
technological initiative can free us from adulteration
and biting teeth of globalization.
Cost of One Steel frame Expeller:
Rs 10000/- ,Please contact at the
following for more information: