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New Items List

September 23
, 2010

Main Collection

Talking About Feelings and Values with Children

Michael Schleifer

BF 721 S287 2006

Embroidered Garments: Priests and Gender in Biblical Israel

Deborah W. Rooke

BS 1199 P7 E43 2009

Commentary on the New

Testament: Verse
Verse Explanations with a Literal Translation

Robert H. Gundry

BS 2341.52 G86 2010

The Origin of Paul’s Religion

J. Gresham Machen

BS 2651 M3

The Forgotten Gospels: Life and Teachings of Jesus Supplementary to the New Testament

Tim N

BS 2851 F67 2009

Living in the Presence: Spiritual Exercises to Open Our Lives to the Awareness of God

Tilden Edwards

BV 4501.2 E3173 1994

Group Spiritual Direction: Community for Discernment

Rose Mary Dougherty

BV 5053 D68 1995

The Way of a Pilgr
im: Complete Text and Reader’s Guide

Dennis J. Billy

BX 382 O853 B55 2000

The Cloister Walk

Kathleen Norris

BX 2435 N57 1997

The Gaza Strip: Its History and Politics from the Pharaohs to the Israeli Invasion of 2009

Nathan Shachar

DS 110 G3 S49 2010

ews and Judaism in World History

Howard N. Lupovitch

DS 117 L87 2010

The Afghanistan Challenge: Hard Realities and Strategic Choices

Georg Ehrhart

DS 371.412 A44 2009

Ancient African Civilizations: Kush and Axum

Stanley Burstein

DT 159.6 N83 A53 200

Militia Myths: Ideas of the Canadian Citizen Soldier, 1896

James Wood

F 1028 W66 2010

Death on the Barrens: A True Story of Courage and Tragedy in the Canadian Arctic

George James Grinnell

F 1090.5 G77 2010

Race & Well
Being: The Lives, Hopes, an
d Activism of African Canadians

Carl James

FC 106 B6 R33 2010

One of the Family: Metis Culture in Nineteenth
Century Northwestern Saskatchewan

Brenda Macdougall

FC 113 M33 2009

Canada and Israel: Building Apartheid

Yves Engler

FC 251 I75 E55 2010

ty Crisis

& the Rise of Quebec: Canada in the 20


Link Byfield

FC 600 B94 2009

The Canadian Revolution, 1985
1995: From Deference to Defiance

Peter C. Newman

FC 630 N58 1995

Merchant Princes: Company of Adventurers

Volume III

Peter C. Newman

C 3207 N492 1991

The R.C.M.P. During the Centennial Year of the Force, 1873
1973: 100 Historical Accounts

Pete Russell

FC 3216.2 R96 1973

The African Transformation of Western Medicine and the Dynamics of Global Cultural Exchange

David Baronov

GN 645 B37


The White Man’s Burden: Why the West’s Efforts to Aid the Rest Have Done So Much Ill and So Little

William Easterly

HC 59.7 E135 2006

Just Give Money to the Poor: The Development Revolution from the Global South

Joseph Hanlon

HC 59.72 P63 H36

The Business of Women: Marriage, Family, and Entrepreneurship in British Columbia, 1901

Melanie Buddle

HD 6054.4 C3 B83 2010

The World Bank and the Gods of Lending

Steve Berkman

HG 3881.5 W57 B47 2008

Freedom from Want: The Remarkable Success St
ory of BRAC, the Global Grassroots Organization
That’s Winning the Fight Against Poverty

Ian Smilie

HN 690.6 Z9 C66453 2009

Engaging Equity: New Perspectives on Anti
Racist Education

Leeno Karumanchery

HT 1521 E64 2005

For the Love of God: NGOs and Relig
ious Identity in a Violent World

Shawn Teresa Flanigan

HV 530 F548 2010

Canadian Immigration: Economic Evidence for a Dynamic Policy Environment

Ted McDonald

JV 7220 C34 2010

Aboriginal Title and Indigenous Peoples: Canada, Australia, and New Zealand

is A. Knafla

KE 7739 L3 A26 2010

Alberta Ombudsman: Focused on Fairness


Annual Report: April 1, 2008 through March 31, 2009

KEA 488.6 A55 2008

Annual Review of Family Law


James G. McLeod

KEO 213 M24 2009

Reading Strategies for the Cont
ent Areas

Volume 2

Sue Beers

LB 1050.455 B44 2003

Rehearsing the Band

John E. Williamson

MT 85 W5938 2008

Communication between Cultures



Larry A. Samovar

P 94.6 S26 1997

Between Religion and Rationality: Essays in Russian Literature and Cult

Joseph Frank

PG 3012 F73 2010


Fred Stenson

PS 8587 T45 L53 2003

Ecology & Wonder in the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks: World Heritage Site

Robert William Sandford

QH 106.2 R6 S26 2010

Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics

Volume 40, 2009

Douglas J. Futuyma

QH 540 A53 v.40 2009

Annual Review of Plant Biology

Volume 61, 2010

Sabeeha Merchant

QK 1 A57 v.61 2010

Childhood Disorders



Philip C. Kendall

RJ 499 K393 2010

City Farmer: Adventures in Urban Food Growing

orraine Johnson

S 494.5 U72 J65 2010

Build Websites with Drupal: 100 Most Asked Questions on Drupal

The Free and Open Source
modular framework and Content Management System (CMS)

Andrew Haney

TK 5105.8885 D78 H36 2008

Beginning Drupal

Jacob Redding

5105.8885 D78 R43 2010

Scholarly Communication for Librarians

Heather Morrison

Z 286 S37 M678 2009


The Adventists

MEDIA BX 6115.2 D62 2010

Adventist Mission

Quarter 3, 2010: Trans
European Division

MEDIA BX 6127 A49 2010 v.3

Mexico Antiguo

IA F 1219.7 M49 2002

Ciudades Mayas

MEDIA F 1435.3 C57 2003

Bailes Folkloricos de Mexico

MEDIA GV 1627 S64 2002

Interviewing for Solutions



Peter de Jong

MEDIA HV 43 I58 2008

Monarchy with David Starkey

Volume 2

MEDIA JC 375 M66 2006 set 1 v

At Work in the Differentiated Classroom

Programs 1

MEDIA LB 1031 A8 2001

At Work in the Differentiated Classroom

Facilitator’s Guide

MEDIA LB 1031 A8 2001 gd.

The Art and Science of Teaching

Part One: Effective Instructional Strategies

A LB 3013 M379 2008 pt.1


Art and Science of Teaching

Part Two: Effective Classroom Management Strategies

MEDIA LB 3013 M379 2008 pt.2

Global Voices: Make Global Music Come to Life with Global Voices

Grade 4

Mary Goetze

MEDIA M 1993 G6 2005 gr.4

The Musical Brain: A Journey of Discovery into the Mystery of Music

MEDIA ML 3830 M87 2009

The Regency (1790

MEDIA N 8217 F33 R44 2004

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

MEDIA PN 1995.9 C55 M577 2008

A Room with a View

MEDIA PN 1997 R666 2004



MEDIA PN 1997.2 L58 2009

Brief Therapy Inside Out: Cognitive Therapy for Depression

MEDIA RC 489 C6 C64 2000

The Future of Food

Deborah Koons Garcia

MEDIA TP 248.65 F66 F88 2007


2009 Annual Council of the General Conference Committee:

General Actions

October 9
14, 2009

HER BX 6131 A35 2009

2009 Year
end Meeting of the North American Division Committee: General Actions

November 5

HER BX 6137 A35 2009

Canadian Adventist Messenger

2009 (Volume LXXVIII)

HER BX 6137 C3 A3 v.
78 2009

Canadian Union College 1986
1987 Bulletin Supplement

HER LE 3 C322 1986
1987 suppl.