Programming ASP.NET, 3rd Edition by Jesse Liberty; Dan Hurwitz


Nov 4, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


Programming ASP.NET, 3rd Edition
by Jesse Liberty; Dan Hurwitz

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Suitable for most any programmer who wants to master ASP.NET with an
eye toward real
world development, Programming ASP.NET is an
excellent resource that mixes good coverage of APIs with actual
amming techniques and advice using Visual Basic .NET and C. The
combination places it in the forefront of currently available titles on
ASP.NET.Written in part by veteran computer author Jesse Liberty, this
book offers an excellent mix of coverage of impor
tant ASP.NET features
that you will absolutely need to use for real
world programming. Readers
with previous ASP experience will appreciate early sections that compare
an older ASP sample with the new ASP.NET to highlight whats new and
improved, with good
explanation of the ASP.NET event model. The pace
of this book is just excellent. The authors first move through the essentials,
like basic ASP Web controls and data binding, before delving into data
driven applications using the (slightly complicated) ASP.
NET database
APIs. It also helps that the authors let you use Notepad (or another text
editor) to create your ASP.NET programs first. (Later, they cover the
details of Visual Studio .NET, pointing out how this tool can sometimes
make it difficult to see wh
ere your code is generated.) Theres also
coverage of debugging and tracing techniques.Standout sections on the
calendar, Repeater, DataList, and DataGrid controls (all presented in good
detail) will help you master these important controls. Coverage of
hniques and support for validating user input in Web pages will also
help you use these essential features.The authors well
measured tutorial
on Web services (much touted by Microsoft) is as good as any. Their
demos (using a well
traveled example of a stoc
k ticker server) will show
you what all the fuss is about. They cut through the hype here and manage
to show why Web services are a potentially better way toward distributed
computing. Later sections look at deployment, configuration, and
performance (as w
ell as caching) options that youll need to deploy and run
your ASP.NET programs successfully. Coverage of security options in
.NET rounds out the tour of what youll need to create real
applications.Illustrated throughout with samples from VB .NET and C,
ogramming ASP.NET is a worthy addition to the OReilly lineup and one
of the best available titles for learning ASP.NET. The authors have
achieved an excellent balance of practical, hands
on examples and
essential programming techniques with the most import
ant APIs and
features, all without getting bogged down in the richness and complexity of
.NET itself.
Richard Dragan Topics covered: Introduction to the .NET
platform and ASP.NET; basic programs in HTML; ASP and ASP.NET
compared; events in ASP.NET (ap
plication, session, page, and control
events); HTML and ASP controls compared; basic ASP controls APIs
(including in
depth coverage of calendar support); code behind forms;
using the Visual Studio .NET IDE; tracing, debugging, and error handling;
n controls in ASP.NET (including built
in and custom validators,
plus regular expression support); basic data
binding techniques; list and
DataGrid controls; ADO.NET tutorial (basic APIs and programming
techniques); calling stored procedures; updating data
base records;
Repeater and DataList controls used with ADO.NET; custom ASP.NET
controls (including derived, composite, and full custom controls); overview
of Web services (including SOAP, WSDL, and other standards); creating
and consuming a sample Web serv
ice for a stock ticker; ASP.NET caching
techniques explained (including fragment and object caching); security
options in ASP.NET for authentication, authorization, and impersonation;
configuration and deployment options in ASP.NET (including XCOPY
ent); and an appendix with a quick tutorial on database design.


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This book is a C book. The reviews here, along with Amazon's own
review, are referring to one of the previous editions where VB.NET code
samples were included.

When deciding to buy this book, or not, be wary of the reviews that were
posted before the pub
lication date. I can see that this situation has already
caused others some grief.

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