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Sniffer Basic
Network Analyzer
Real-Time Network Analysis and Monitoring
In today’s Internet age, the network is the lifeblood of your business. Keeping the network
operating at peak performance directly affects your company’s bottom line. Whether
you’re managing high-speed switched backbones, guaranteeing quick response for critical
applications, integrating voice and video with data traffic, or supporting e-commerce,
Sniffer Basic, part of the Sniffer Total Network Visibility Suite, delivers industry-leading
tools to get maximum performance, reliability, and uptime from your network.
Sniffer Basic—Advanced Tools for the Internet Age
The Sniffer Basic analyzer is the software-based fault and performance management
tool for the Internet Age. It captures data, monitors network traffic, and collects key
network statistics, allowing network managers to extract and review vital information
to effectively troubleshoot, manage, and migrate today’s complex network
environments. Tailored for MIS staff supporting small businesses, remote offices, and
departmental networks, Sniffer Basic is the ideal tool for front-line IS personnel to
cost-effectively monitor and troubleshoot common network problems.
Windows-Based Analysis and Monitoring
Developed specifically for the Windows 95/98 and NT operating environment, Sniffer
Basic runs on standard Intel-based desktop and notebook computers. As a standard
32-bit Windows application with a state-of-the-art graphical user interface, Sniffer
Basic does not require dedicated hardware. You simply use it alongside your other
windows applications. Sniffer Basic can simultaneously:
• Capture data from one or more network
• Display previously captured data
• Generate traffic
Wh o ’ s w a t c h i n g y o u r n e t w o r k
Sniffer Basic Helps Maximize
Network Performance
Fast Troubleshooting
• Intuitive, consistent user interface for
quick capture and display of data
• Supports all major LAN topologies and
decodes over 240 protocols from
major protocol suites
Real-Time Analysis
• Traffic map and traffic matrix show
who is talking to whom
• Host tables immediately identify
bandwidth hogs
• Protocol distribution information
shows you protocols in use, IP
applications running, and IPX
transport processes utilized
Accurate Network Planning
• Demonstrate network usage over time
• Track day-to-day utilization to
effectively plan for change and growth
T o t a l
N e t w o r k
V i s i b i l i t y
T o t a l
N e t w o r k
V i s i b i l i t y
Sniffer Basic utilizes the familiar
Sniffer 3-pane decode window to
troubleshoot the network.
Sniffer Pro
Sniffer Pro
Sniffer Pro
• Monitor key network statistics
• Generate alarms as traffic thresholds are
• Automatically discover network hosts
Fast, Real-Time Packet Capture
Sniffer Basic captures all packets at near-wire speed. To help
focus troubleshooting, you can quickly develop filters using
standard Windows drag and drop functionality. Once captured,
protocols are decoded and displayed in color-coded summary,
detail, and hex windows.
Monitoring Network Statistics
Sniffer Basic provides real-time traffic analysis in tabular and
graphical format, including pie and bar charts, traffic maps, plots,
and matrixes. Sniffer Basic can monitor multiple network statistics
concurrently, including utilization, packet rates, and error rates.
The host table provides statistics for each network node including
MAC, IP network, IP application, IPX network, and IPX transport
information. The traffic matrix provides a view of the traffic
volume generated between pairs of nodes. The Traffic Map
provides the user with a birds-eye view of network traffic patterns
in real time. In addition to providing protocol distribution
information for the major protocol suites, Sniffer Basic’s TCP/IP
and IPX Protocol Distribution function provides a detailed
breakdown of protocol usage within these suites.
History and Alarms
Sniffer Basic provides long-term traffic analysis in graphical
format. It can monitor multiple network activities concurrently,
allowing you to predict network needs and plan accordingly.
Statistical data can be exported in CSV file format for further
analysis in a database or spreadsheet.
Alarms are generated and recorded when preset threshold
parameters are exceeded. Information regarding network exception
conditions requiring immediate attention can be forwarded to
beepers or pagers, or via e-mail messages or SNMP traps.
Traffic Generation
Sniffer Basic’s traffic generator is perfect for application
developers needing to test network hardware and software
components. Sniffer Basic can play back captured packets one at a
time or in a batch, and can vary the time between packets to
control the load placed on the network. Individual packets may be
edited before transmission. Sniffer Basic also supports
simultaneous traffic generation and packet capture.
Address Book and Auto Discovery
Auto Discovery automatically “learns” IP domain names, IPX Login
names, and NetBIOS names, and maps each to the proper MAC
address. In addition, separate address books may be maintained for
different network segments.
Supported Protocols Families
Ethernet, Token Ring, VLAN, Microsoft NT, Novell NetWare 5, IP
(TCP/UDP), PPP, AppleTalk, IBM and SMB, SNA, Banyan VINES, XNS,
DECnet and more.
System Requirements
• Pentium 133 MHz
• 64 MB RAM
• 30 MB Hard Drive
• Windows Operating System (95, 98 or NT)
• Color Graphics Display
• Pointing Device
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T o t a l N e t w o r k V i s i b i l i t y
T o t a l N e t w o r k V i s i b i l i t y
Protocol distribution provides real-time analysis
of protocols present on the network.
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