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Aug 13, 2018 (1 month and 8 days ago)


https://www.chemistryacademy.com.sg/a-level-chemistry-tuition/ | We are the Best A Level Chemistry Tutor in Singapore.Our goal is to provide a one stop solution for students facing challenges via A Level Chemistry Tuition

A Level Chemistry Tuition Singapore
Chemistry Academy Singapore offers
A level chemistry tuition in Singapore
. Our chemistry
specialist, Dr. AwJunxin isan ex-ASTAR Scientist, NTU President Scholar. Parents in Singapore
know him as the best Chemistry Whiz who has transformed students from literally a U to A in a
year or less time period with his awesome teaching methods. Chemistry Academy experienced
staff have a set of proved tactics and tricks to teach chemistry concept in a too much
impressive manner. All student joined so far
has always found a new love toward this
subject with the help of Mr Aw’s teaching
skills. A level chemistry tuition in Singapore
with Mr. Aw would be a sure win for students
who are still finding it difficult to understand A
level chemistry concept.
Chemistry Academy tutors possess with a
minimum of 10 years of teaching experience
and with distinction obtained in the subjects
that they are teaching. In addition, our contents
are consistently revised in ensuring the
contents that are taught in class and keywords
as per required by the board of Cambridge
examinations remains relevant and updated. So
here we are working very dedicatedly to help
Parents in Singapore to worry less about their
children study and grade. Our students result shows all our work and our staff commitment
toward the job.
We here in Chemistry Academy ensure you about the Grade improvement of your children in
this subject under our supervision. Our classes include the usual weekly group tuition classes,
Holiday class, Crash Courses, Speed Learning & Year-end Head Start Programs. Students who
are not performing well in A level chemistry should definitely join his class programs.
Chemistry Academy is one among the top rated tuition agency for
A level chemistry tuition in
We Chemistry Academy in Singapore have two major locations to run our class programs is
one on Changi Road and other one is in Bukit Batok.

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