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Knowledge, Information and
Intellectual Property Management
Knowledge in Business
Internet, Social Media and eCommerce
Information, Design and Technology
Decision Sciences
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Knowledge in Business

A Handbook of Practical Wisdom
Leadership, Organization and Integral

Business Practice
Edited by Wendelin Küpers and David Pauleen
The chapters in this handbook, by well-known
academic researchers and practitioners, delve
deeply and broadly into the potential for wisdom
in organisational and managerial life in a way that
management students, academics and practitioners
will find is both practical and theoretically sound.
The content is in three parts. The first part serves to
explain and define integral practical wisdom in detail.
The second describes the application of practical
wisdom in organisational and managerial contexts.
The third is more about exploration, experimentation
and innovation.
March 2013

200 pages


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Managing Value in Organisations
New Learning, Management, and Business Models
Donal Carroll
‘Managing Value in Organisations is a terrific read.
Donal Carroll offers a fresh perspective on organisation
change, combining his experience as a consultant
with a deep knowledge of theory and an irreverent
and iconoclastic style. In Donal’s world, there are
no simple recipes – change is a journey, it requires
experimentation, learning and self-reflection, and it
happens most effectively when we are mindful of the
tensions and trade-offs we are grappling with. If you are
looking to shake up your workplace, this book provides
a wealth of ideas and tools to help you.’
Julian Birkinshaw, London Business School, UK
Managing Value in Organisations offers new ideas,
starting by acknowledging that old thinking is now
the first barrier to progress. It experiments with value
creation to build a climate where new ideas have a
chance to live. Those succeeding have the right mind-
set: using new ways to organise effort, thinking and
value, to produce independent self-managing staff,
commitment, growth and agility.

The author, Donal Carroll, worked with five
organizations to create new management, business
and learning models that multiply trust, ensure
significant collective learning and deeper customer
insight. He provides evidence that, together, these
models get organisations to their next stage of
development faster.
October 2012

302 pages


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Understanding Information

and Computation
From Einstein to Web Science
Philip Tetlow
‘Phil Tetlow was not only one of the world’s first Web
Scientists, but he takes great pleasure in pushing hard
on just about every boundary within reach. His ideas
are both fresh and profound and I am really pleased

to see a work from him that will keep us all thinking.

It is bound to be controversial, but then what is science
without controversy?’
Dame Wendy Hall DBE FRS FREng
The World Wide Web is the largest sociotechnical
system humankind has ever seen; it has changed the
way we interact, learn and innovate. Almost daily it
appears to change, improve and increase its hold on
us. We are, though, seeing underlying stability emerge.
The way Web sites rank in popularity, for example,
appears to follow familiar laws. These are not laws
solely constrained to computer science or information
technology, however, but are also seen in fundamental
disciplines like biology, physics and mathematics.
The Web, synthetic at its surface, seems to be quite
‘natural’ deeper down, and one of the driving aims
of Web Science is to discover how far down such
‘naturalness’ goes. If the central properties of the Web
are more elemental than first thought, we might have
to question things like the very nature of information.
Understanding Information and Computation is about
such questions and some mind-blowing answers.
July 2012

408 pages


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Knowledge, Information and Intellectual Property Management
Knowledge in Business
Participative Transformation
Learning and Development in Practising Change
Roger Klev and Morten Levin
‘Charting a course between sound scientific insight
and the recipe style of popular management texts is

not easy. The authors have succeeded in doing that

and blend practical examples with valuable insights.
This is a book for those who are serious about achieving
meaningful change in the workplace.’
Tim May, University of Salford, UK
In Participative Transformation Roger Klev and Morten
Levin insist that essential in organizational change is
the leader’s ability to orchestrate participative learning
and developmental processes. Drawing on pragmatic
philosophy, the authors’ experience of organizational
development initiatives and on action research, this
book connects practical change-related activity with

a broader critical and theoretical perspective.
July 2012

220 pages


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Knowledge Sharing in Professions
Roles and Identity in Expert Communities
Alexander Styhre
Knowledge Sharing in Professions looks at
professionalism as a form of systematic and
institutionalized knowledge sharing. It analyses
professionalism through the everyday practices in
professional communities and the organizations where
they work. Three empirical studies, of pharmaceutical
clinical trials researchers, management consultants,
and architects, are presented, serving to illustrate
the relational nature of these and other professions,
and how members of professional communities are
constantly exchanging data, information, and know-
how in their everyday work.
August 2011

208 pages


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Harvesting External Innovation
Managing External Relationships and

Intellectual Property
Donal O’Connell
Harvesting External Innovation addresses the
growing phenomenon of companies cooperating
and collaborating with a variety of external parties.
Intellectual property, especially patents, plays a
fundamental role promoting and protecting innovation,
regardless of whether that innovation comes from
internal employees or persons external to the company.
Donal O’Connell discusses in depth how best to handle
intellectual property matters, how to actually work with
external inventors and how to handle their inventions.
June 2011

208 pages


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Personal Knowledge Management
Individual, Organizational and Social Perspectives
Edited by David Pauleen and Gary Gorman
‘This very interesting book provides a wealth

of applicable ideas and practices that will benefit
organizations in many and varied ways, from increasing
effectively knowledge management and knowledge
worker competences to raising productivity and
performance levels… What is most impressive about this
book is the numerous illustrations in terms of tables and
figures which the authors use to illustrate concepts and
processes…This is a well written book...’
Donavan A. McFarlane, Jrnl of Business Studies Quarterly
February 2011

292 pages


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Investigation and Prevention

of Financial Crime
Knowledge Management, Intelligence Strategy and
Executive Leadership
Petter Gottschalk
Petter Gottschalk provides expert advice about
strategies for the use of intelligence to combat financial
crime. The uniqueness of his approach to the subject
lies in the way he is able to explain intelligence and
intelligence processes in the wider context of knowledge
and knowledge management. The numerous case
studies throughout the book illustrate the ‘policing’
of financial crime from an intelligence, knowledge
management and systems perspective.
October 2010

268 pages


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Internet, Social Media and eCommerce
Interactive Business
Accelerating Corporate Innovation through
Boundary Networks
Mitsuru Kodama
‘Using detailed case studies, Interactive Business
Communities discusses the theory of, and demonstrates
various real applications of knowledge creating
activities in the interactive business, communities that
characterize modern corporate innovation management.
The book presents new and creative business model
concepts called Hybrid Innovation, Boundary Vision
and Boundary Networks, and provides both business
practitioners and academics with valuable new insights.’
Tomoatsu Shibata, Professor Graduate School of
Economics and Management, Tohoku University
In Interactive Business Communities, Kodama shows
how a new business approach can enable managers
to access, share and integrate diverse knowledge
both inside and outside the corporation using
Boundary Networks to operate across more formal
organizational and knowledge boundaries at all levels.
Business educators, researchers and senior executives
responsible for strategy, particularly in high-tech
industries, will find insights and ideas to tackle market
and business discontinuities of the 21st century.
December 2011

232 pages


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Shopping 3.0
Shopping, the Internet or Both?
Cor Molenaar
Drawing on extensive research, Cor Molenaar, one
of Europe’s leading authors on the intersection of
marketing and technology, explores what modern
shopping customers are looking for and what retailers
(online, bricks and mortar or hybrid) can do to attract
them. It is a must-have guide for retailers, IT and
marketing professionals, and advertising agencies.
November 2010

226 pages


ebook PDF

ebook ePUB

Available from 2013, Cor Molenaar’s
new book

The End of Shops
Social Buying and the Battle for the Customer
Cor Molenaar
May 2013

161 pages


ebook PDF

ebook ePUB

Disruptive Business
Desire, Innovation and the Re-design of Business
Alexander Manu
The book provides a timely new perspective of

current behavioural disruptions which are relevant to
the continuity of business, as well as a set of practical
methodologies for business design, aimed at creating
innovation outcomes of value to users.
August 2010

202 pages


ebook PDF

ebook ePUB

Also available, Alexander Manu’s
new book

Behavior Space
Play, Pleasure and Discovery as a Model for
Business Value
Alexander Manu
December 2012

250 pages


ebook PDF

ebook ePUB

Networking and Cross-Cultural Business Transactions
Nicholas Harkiolakis with Daphne Halkias and Sam Abadir
Dr Harkiolakis and his colleagues compare and
contrast e-negotiation as it is in the 21st century with
traditional face-to-face negotiation. Informative case
studies illustrate how cross-cultural negotiations can be
managed through modern channels of social influence
and information-sharing and shed light on the critical
social, cognitive and behavioural role of the negotiator in
resolving on line, cross-cultural, conflicts and disputes,
and generally in bargaining and negotiation.
October 2012

244 pages


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Knowledge, Information and Intellectual Property Management
Internet, Social Media and eCommerce
An Introduction to Internet-Based
Financial Investigations
Structuring and Resourcing the Search for

Hidden Assets and Informationy
Kimberly Goetz
Increasingly, employees of regulatory bodies, law
enforcement agencies and others who are not trained
forensic accountants or experienced investigators find
themselves responsible for conducting what amount
to financial investigations. An engineer who oversees
the cleanup of a toxic waste site might need to track
down the former owners of the site to find the polluter.
Perhaps the applicable licensing agency receives
a complaint that an attorney mishandled a client’s
money. Maybe it’s the attorney who needs help finding
the assets with which a client’s former spouse has
Training in investigation techniques tends to be very
limited for many employees. Training on how to find
information without incurring significant expense is
virtually nonexistent. This book helps fill the void. An
Introduction to Internet-Based Financial Investigations
will help anyone who conducts financial investigations
as part of their job to reduce their dependence on trial
and error by showing them where and how to look.
Using clear sections describing how to approach
an investigation, including the ethical perspective;
what to look for and what you find; what free and
low cost internet resources are available to support
investigations; and how to assemble and present
the results of investigations, Kimberly Goetz guides
students and beginning investigators through the
complex world of financial investigations.
March 2011

246 pages


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Blogging and Other Social Media
Exploiting the Technology and Protecting

the Enterprise
Alex Newson, with Deryck Houghton and Justin Patten
Blogging and Other Social Media is an excellent
and highly practical guide to the opportunities and
threats the emerging social media present for any
organization. The authors provide background on
what blogging is and how it has evolved along with
practical advice for setting up a blog and how to
make it effective as a communication tool. The book
also covers the legal issues associated with social
media, including areas such as defamation, copyright
and trade mark infringement, interference with the
administration of justice and employment law.
December 2008

202 pages


Enterprise 2.0
How Social Software Will Change the Future

of Work
Niall Cook
‘This is a truly inspirational book which should be
required reading for managers, IT leaders, systems
analysts, developers, and business strategists in

any enterprise, small, medium, and especially large.’
Roy Johnson, Mantex
This book helps you navigate the social software
landscape and introduces you to the key concepts that
make up Enterprise 2.0. Using practical examples from
companies in a range of industry sectors it illustrates
how to apply these techniques to your organization and
create an environment for social software to flourish.
July 2008

180 pages


Digital Identity Management
Technological, Business and Social Implications
Edited by David Birch
‘I would recommend Digital Identity Management as
a high level primer for senior managers who, without
necessarily a background in IT, need to acquire an
understanding of just how broad this topic is – and
therefore that it does indeed have serious implications
for almost all enterprises that deal with people and
information about them.’
Online Information Review
Digital Identity Management, based on the work of
the annual Digital Identity Forum in London, provides
a wide perspective on the subject and explores the
current technology available for identity management,
its applications within business, and its significance in
wider debates about identity, society and the law. This
is an essential introduction for organizations seeking
to use identity to get closer to customers; for those in
government at all levels wrestling with online delivery
of targeted services; as well as those concerned with
the wider issues of identity, rights, the law, and the
potential risks.
May 2007

280 pages



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Film and Television Distribution
and the Internet
A Legal Guide for the Media Industry
Andrew Sparrow
‘The minefield of rights clearances, new rights
definitions and global distribution possibilities comes
with a price. And that price is knowledge...This book is
both an examination of the legal issues and a handbook
in actually launching a film or TV programme into the
new digital world. It could not be more timely.’
Peter Buckingham, Head of Distribution and
Exhibition, UK Film Council
The opportunities for companies operating in this area
are extraordinary (as are the legal implications) and
Andrew Sparrow’s highly practical guide provides an
excellent starting point for navigating through what is
a complex area of regulation, contract, copyright and
consumer law.
June 2007

230 pages


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Music Distribution and the Internet
A Legal Guide for the Music Business
Andrew Sparrow
‘Sparrow attemps to offer insights into the legal aspects
of conducting music-related business online...Few other
books about online music offer any analysis of matters
such as advertising regulations, electronic payment
systems or internatinal conflicts of laws’
Jeremy de Beer Law, University of Ottawa
Andrew Sparrow provides a highly practical guide to
understanding the law in this area designed to help
anyone in the music industry exploit and protect their
rights, and those of their artists, as well as providing
intermediaries and resellers with an understanding

of how the law applies, and how to frame, price

and deliver their services in a way that ensures

their protection under the law.
August 2006

222 pages



Internet, Social Media and eCommerce
The Law of Virtual Worlds and
Internet Social Networks
Andrew Sparrow
‘As a national award-winning solicitor and founder of
Lecote Solicitors, Andrew Sparrow is well qualified to
author a book on raising awareness and explaining the
complexity of laws in the sophisticated virtual and internet
social network sphere. Considering the long-term future
of these in civic, educational and health contexts (to
name but a few), The Law of Virtual Worlds and Internet
Social Networks is a timely publication...recommended for
researchers in the field as well as practitioners wishing to
take their services to the next level.’
Ina Fourie, University of Pretoria,

Online Information Review
The Law of Virtual Worlds and Internet Social Networks
is an essential reference for advertising and media
agencies; television broadcast producers; academic
institutions including university law, knowledge and
information departments. In fact, it has been written for
anyone interested in virtual worlds and social networks
whether commercially, because you want to explore
the possibilities such environments present, or for
academic curiosity.
January 2010

256 pages


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Knowledge, Information and Intellectual Property Management
Information Design and Technology

Knowledge Management

in Health Care
Edited by Lorri Zipperer
No one in health care today can keep up with the
new knowledge on their own. Even with the variety
of tools at their disposal, many practitioners and the
organizations within which they work do not effectively
utilize the tools and information they need to remain
current. Modes of communication are becoming more
diverse and ubiquitous, whether it is the published
literature in PubMed and other free databases on the
Internet, through web sites, intranets, discussion lists,
blogs, communities of practice, social media, and
conversations over coffee or during rounds.
This publication will explore partnerships required to
facilitate effective knowledge development, sharing
and management in medicine. KM principles will be
applied to a variety of health care situations and, more
broadly, will be used to illustrate how accessing and
sharing of knowledge can improve health care quality.
April 2013

180 pages


ebook PDF

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Smart Working
Creating the Next Wave
Anne Marie McEwan
It is more possible than ever to influence and shape
our working environments, our experience of work and
each other. Business leaders who set the conditions
and create engaging, meaningful work through
organisational design and use of the knowledge and
creative potential of their workforces are engaging in
smart working.

This book explains that smart working is more
than flexible and mobile working. It is flexibility
and autonomy – how people work, not just where
and when. It discusses stimulating and harnessing
collective intelligence within and beyond organisational
boundaries, and shows that smart working is an
outcome of designing organisational systems, working
environments and governance principles that are good
for business and for people.

Drawing on years of academic research, and experience
of process innovation methodology, Smart Working
reviews what is known about effective management

and high performance work methods and shows how
these insights can be used to advantage.
January 2013

282 pages


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Lean and Digitize
An Integrated Approach to Process Improvement
Bernardo Nicoletti
‘At last a book that correctly positions technology not

as an end but as a means to achieve business benefits.’
Enrico Camerinelli, Senior Industry Analyst
Lean and Six Sigma initiatives are designed to
enable sustained improvements in your company or
organization’s efficiency and competitiveness. As with
other improvement strategies they are dependent on
two things, effective management and your ability to
automate or digitize elements of your business process.

Lean and Digitize provides you with a convincing picture
of each of these elements (process improvement,
digitization and the management of both) to help you
eliminate waste, improve process and service, and
better align your information and communications
technology with your strategic objectives.

Without a holistic approach to technology and quality
improvement, your initiatives run the risk of being
misdirected or simply running out of steam. Changes
of this kind will never be easy but at least if you follow
the advice in Lean and Digitize you will significantly
increase your chances of success.
November 2012

266 pages


ebook PDF

ebook ePUB

Making the Connections
Using Internal Communication to Turn

Strategy into Action
Second Edition
Bill Quirke
Bill Quirke demonstrates practically how

businesses can use internal communication to

achieve differentiation, to improve their quality,
customer service, and innovation, and to manage
change more effectively. He describes the why, the
what and the how of internal communication – why
business needs better communication to achieve its
objectives, what internal communication needs to
deliver to add value, and how organizations need to
manage their communication for best results.
June 2008

384 pages


ebook PDF

ebook ePUB


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Information Design and Technology
Effective Document

and Data Management
Unlocking Corporate Content
Third Edition
Bob Wiggins
‘That Bob Wiggins’s excellent text is now in its third
edition is testimony to its value for organizations of all
kinds. The management of information generally and
the control of organizational documentation in particular
has been faced by new technological challenges in the
decade since the previous edition. The author manages
to ride the waves of all the changes that have taken
place and brings a calm and considered approach to
management problems. This is a book not only for
the professional information manager, but also for
the general manager who needs a guide through the
potential jungle of document management.’
Tom Wilson, University of Sheffield, UK
Effective Document and Data Management illustrates
the operational and strategic significance of how
documents and data are captured, managed and
utilized. Without a coherent and consistent approach
the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization
may be undermined by less poor management and

use of its information.

This third edition of the book is restructured to take
this broader view and to establish an organizational
context in which information is management. Along
the way Bob Wiggins clarifies the distinction between
information management, data management and
knowledge management; helps make sense of the
concept of an information life cycle to present and
describe the processes and techniques of information
and data management, storage and retrieval; uses
worked examples to illustrate the coordinated
application of data and process analysis; and provides
guidance on the application of appropriate project
management techniques for document and records
management projects.
July 2012

266 pages


ebook PDF

ebook ePUB


Successful OSS Project

Design and Implementation
Requirements, Tools, Social Designs

and Reward Structures
Edited by Hind Benbya and Nassim Belbaly
Today, it has become clear that Open Source

Software represents a significant portion of the
software industry. Thus the purpose of this book is to
provide an overall understanding of the OSS approach
by explaining the features common to the products
and processes of open source development projects.
Decision makers at different levels and in a variety
of fields will be able to understand the factors that
contribute to the OSS adoption and use effectiveness.
March 2011

216 pages


ebook PDF

ebook ePUB

Mobile Telecommunications

in a High-Speed World
Industry Structure, Strategic Behaviour

and Socio-Economic Impact
Peter Curwen and Jason Whalley
Following on from the rolling out of the 4G network

in the UK what lessons could’ve been learnt from

the 3G auction?
Written by two of the world’s foremost researchers
on this industry, Mobile Telecommunications in a
High-Speed World not only provides the outcomes of
research detailing every licence and launch worldwide
involving 3G, but discusses the structure of the
industry and the strategic behaviour of operators, as
well as the social consequences of the spread of 3G
and higher speed technologies. The authors examine
the role of new entry upon competition, and present
analysis of the main operators involved, and the
development of handsets, especially smartphones.
December 2010

274 pages


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ebook ePUB

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Knowledge, Information and Intellectual Property Management
Decision Sciences
Business Problem Solving
Edited by Eric Bolland and Frank Fletcher

‘These faculty authors have created a very useful guide to
organizational decision making. Starting with commonly
asked questions, they introduce and plainly explain tools
that private and public sector managers and supervisors
can use to make better business decisions.’
John Baldacci, former Governor of Maine
Solutions is a practical guide that will help managers
and professionals solve the most common organizational
problems they face. It is the result of a major
collaborative effort by members of the same business
faculty, to identify and define solutions for the most
frequently occurring issues and problems for small,
medium and large businesses as well as for non-profit
organizations. Readers will be able to quickly locate,
understand and use a specific tool or technique to solve
a problem, rather than having to uncover a decision
making tool buried within a textbook.
June 2012

406 pages


ebook PDF

ebook ePUB

Game Theory in Management
Modelling Business Decisions and their
Michael Hatfield
Architects and engineers can build models to test
their ideas – why not managers? Game theory can
be used to evaluate rival technical approaches to
solving managerial problems in order to discover the
most effective solutions. While the topic may seem
complex, Game Theory in Management is a readable
and fast-paced book; readers will come away with an
entirely new perspective on the objectives, tactics,
even purpose of management, and ways of evaluating
the selected strategies and decisions of those within
the team, inside the macro organization, and among
competitors. Easily-employed tests for the validity and
efficacy of management information systems are also
addressed, as are those environments where cartage
schemes can be most effective, and where they
are not. In the areas of asset, project, and strategic
management, Game Theory in Management

certain to become a game-changer.
May 2012

214 pages


ebook PDF

ebook ePUB


Strategy Mapping for Learning
Building Agility into Your Balanced Scorecard
Phil Jones
For anyone involved in strategy and performance,
Strategy Mapping for Learning Organizations is a
detailed guide to developing, rolling out and managing
strategy. It incorporates the latest strategic thinking
on strategy maps and modern balanced scorecards.
Illustrated by examples from both commercial and
not for profit organizations, it explains the underlying
thinking and techniques that help organizations to
manage with greater flexibility and agility. Applying
even the basic techniques in this book will move your
balanced scorecard from an operational tool, to one
of strategy and change. More advanced organizations
can use this book to learn from their strategy, become
more agile, and so succeed, even amidst uncertainty
and change.
December 2011

338 pages


ebook PDF

ebook ePUB

Escalation in Decision-Making
Behavioural Economics in Business
Helga Drummond and Julia Hodgson
When a venture seems to be faltering, do you persist
and hope that things will get better or do you cut
your losses? Rich in case studies involving real
business decisions and dilemmas, Escalation in
Decision-Making reveals why social scientists believe
that owners may not respond rationally to such
predicaments. Instead of exiting when the odds are
clearly stacked against them, they re-invest and end
up compounding their losses – a phenomenon known
as escalation of commitment. Escalation in Decision
Making is widely relevant to practitioners such as
project managers in large organizations and to those
responsible for managing risk in many situations.
May 2011

180 pages


ebook PDF

ebook ePUB


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Prevalence, Causes and Consequences
John Rayment and Jonathan Smith
From Rayment and Smith’s passionately argued
but well reasoned perspective, leaders, the led,
and those responsible for leadership development,
will gain an insight into the prevalence and causes
of misleadership and into ways in which it can be
identified and overcome. A range of examples and
case studies is provided to enable the concepts
presented here to be related to practice. As well as
illustrating instances of ‘misleadership’ these also
demonstrate that emphasis on the decision making
models currently available to leaders may mean we

are not focusing on the most important stages of

the processes involved.
December 2010

240 pages


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Business Wargaming
Securing Corporate Value
Daniel F. Oriesek and Jan Oliver Schwarz
Business Wargaming explores the anatomy and success
factors of a typical business wargame. The authors
explain how and when wargaming can be used to test
strategies, how to plan and prepare for crises, manage
change or increase your organization’s ability to
anticipate and adapt for the future. It explains the area
of strategic planning from the conventional approach
to incorporating scenario planning, and proves, by way
of several detailed case studies, how successful the
application of wargaming in business planning can be.
August 2008

152 pages


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Decision Sciences
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Knowledge, Information and Intellectual Property Management
Intellectual Property
Proactive Law for Managers
A Hidden Source of Competitive Advantage
George Siedel and Helena Haapio
Proactive Law for Managers deals with contracts
and contracting, showing their profound impact on
business strategy and how you, as a manager, can
design your contracts and contracting processes to
promote business success, prevent problems and
create value for customers that is superior to the value
offered by your competitors. Given the importance of
the law to the success of your company shouldn’t you
be reading Proactive Law for Managers?
December 2010

192 pages


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Value in Due Diligence
Contemporary Strategies for Merger and
Acquisition Success
Edited by Ronald Gleich, Gordana Kierans

and Thomas Hasselbach
Value in Due Diligence explores new applications
for due diligence including areas such as corporate
culture, social responsibility, and innovation. It also
examines the due diligence process itself to draw
out those elements that provide effective risk and
opportunity management as opposed to simple
October 2010

242 pages


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ebook ePUB

Business Contracts Handbook
Charles Boundy
Anyone in business is liable to need an understanding
of the contract process so they can comprehend the
background, anticipate the issues, plan the structure
and identify the key points. Rather than teach the
law to managers, Charles Boundy provides you with
advice, explanation and guidance to make sure the
contracts you negotiate for your organization are
an effective representation, properly negotiated
and recorded, so that they can be confidently relied
on. After all, having gone to the trouble of making
the business case for a project, building a strong
relationship and laying the foundations, it is in your
interest, as the manager responsible, to make sure
the deal enables you to realise the benefit of the
January 2010

442 pages


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ebook ePUB

Money Laundering
A Concise Guide for All Business
Second Edition
Doug Hopton
The Money Laundering Regulations 2007 have
extended the range of businesses covered by
the Proceeds of Crime Act to include solicitors,
lawyers, estate agents and, in effect, all companies
involved in consultancy or business services. Doug
Hopton’s highly practical guide explains the basis of
international law, regulations and standards in this
area and how they affect businesses; and provides
down to earth advice on the basic rules of good
business management: know your client, know your
business (and your client’s business), which will help
companies understand what procedures to establish,
and how and when to report suspicious activity.
August 2009

232 pages


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The Employer Brand
Keeping Faith with the Deal
Helen Rosethorn
Employer branding is a complex process that involves
internal and external customers, marketing and
human resource professionals. The Employer Brand
puts the whole topic into context, explores some of the
shortcomings of employer branding initiatives to date
and provides a practical guide to the kind of strategy
and technique organisations need to embrace to make
the most of their employer brand. At the heart of the
book is the concept of the strategic employee lifecycle
and ways in which an organisation should engage with
potential, current and past employees.
July 2009

248 pages


ebook PDF

ebook ePUB

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Intellectual Property
Enforcing Intellectual Property
A Concise Guide for Businesses, Innovative

and Creative Individuals
Jane Lambert
The development of a global ‘knowledge economy’ has
encouraged organizations of all types to focus on the
opportunities for, and the threats to, the intellectual
property that they hold. The variety of intellectual
assets (designs, databases, patents, brands and trade
marks), the growth of new technology capable of
exploiting and protecting these assets, and the nature
of the law mean that intellectual property enforcement
is a hugely complex area. Jane Lambert’s Enforcing
Intellectual Property Rights explains the threats and
the remedies (criminal and civil, as well as alternatives
to litigation), and provides a readable guide to the
processes and the systems available.
This is a must-have guide for all managers responsible
for acquiring, managing and protecting intellectual
assets and for students working in the area.
March 2009

192 pages


ebook PDF

ebook ePUB

Hacking the Human
Social Engineering Techniques and Security
Ian Mann
Ian Mann’s Hacking the Human highlights the main
sources of risk from social engineering and draws on
psychological models to explain the basis for human
vulnerabilities. Offering more than a simple checklist
to follow, the book provides a rich mix of examples,
applied research and practical solutions for security
and IT professionals that enable you to create and
develop a security solution that is most appropriate

for your organization.
November 2008

266 pages


ebook PDF

ebook ePUB

New Business Models for

the Knowledge Economy
Wendy Jansen, Wilchard Steenbakkers

and Hans Jägers
This book features a business model framework that
presents three new types of business model, in which
‘customization’, ‘innovation’, and ‘authenticity’ play an
important role as solutions to the new requirements
of business.
The authors provide an explanation of their new
models and explain how they can be used by both
profit and not-for-profit organizations to design an
integrated strategy for organizational development,
governance, IT and business processes. The result
is a rigorous but very accessible guide for anyone
interested in organizational development and new
business strategy.
September 2007

160 pages


ebook PDF

ebook ePUB

Integrated Intellectual

Asset Management
A Guide to Exploiting and Protecting your
Organization’s Intellectual Assets
Steve Manton
Integrated Intellectual Asset Management explains
how to take full advantage of your organization’s
intellectual assets by integrating your management

in six key areas:
• decision making systems
• strategy
• policy and accountabilities
• knowledge management
• people and behaviour
• targets
• metrics
December 2005

204 pages


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Knowledge, Information and Intellectual Property Management
Also of Interest from Ashgate
Managing Information Services
A Sustainable Approach
Third Edition
Jo Bryson
‘The book is highly recommended because of its
composition of topics, its original coverage and clarity
of prose. I do think it will serve people working in the
information business very well as both a handbook and
as a source for inspiration. It will also work very well
as a textbook - especially if students are able to use
the text as a source for formulating further questions
and problems. Anyway, it is a book one will return to
because of its definitions, coverage of present issues
and its sound approach.’
Journal of Librarianship and Information Science
This third edition of Jo Bryson’s highly regarded
Managing Information Services has been thoroughly
revised with an emphasis on managing for a
sustainable future. Libraries and information services
face uncertain times and this new edition tackles the
challenges of planning and managing change, future-
proofing for tomorrow, and leading the transformation
to a sustainable future. The text also addresses
the integration of information services including
librarianship, records management and ICT. Essential
reading for information students, this text also serves
as a comprehensive and detailed reference on the key
management topics for information service managers.
June 2011

440 pages




ebook PDF

ebook ePUB

University Libraries and

Digital Learning Environments
Edited by Penny Dale, Jill Beard and Matt Holland
‘I would recommend this book to be read by all
academic librarians and in general library specialists.’
Information Research
The digital environment offers opportunities and
challenges for librarians in all aspects of their work –
in information literacy, virtual reference, institutional
repositories, e-learning, managing digital resources
and social media. University Libraries and Digital
Learning Environments will be invaluable for all those
involved in managing libraries or learning services,
whether acquiring electronic resources or developing
and delivering services in digital environments. The
authors aim to stimulate and provoke debate about
academic libraries now and in the future.
February 2011

304 pages


ebook PDF

ebook ePUB

Classification Made Simple
An Introduction to Knowledge Organisation

and Information Retrieval
Third Edition
Eric J. Hunter
‘It is always a pleasure to catch up with an old friend, so
it is with Hunter’s book…this updated classic makes a
welcome appearance to carry on the excellent work of
the previous editions.’
New Library World
This established textbook introduces the essentials of
classification as used for information processing. The
third edition takes account of developments that have
taken place since the second edition was published
in 2002. Classification Made Simple provides a useful
gateway to more advanced works and the study of
specific schemes. As an introductory text, it will be
invaluable to students of information work and to
anyone inside or outside the information profession
who needs to understand the manner in which
classification can be utilized to facilitate and

enhance organisation and retrieval.
September 2009

176 pages


Organizing Knowledge
An Introduction to Managing Access to Information
Fourth Edition
Jennifer Rowley and Richard Hartley
‘Organizing Knowledge is in its fourth edition for a
good reason. The technology and systems surrounding
the topic continue to evolve.’
Library Management
The fourth edition of this standard student text,
Organizing Knowledge, incorporates extensive
revisions reflecting the increasing shift towards a
networked and digital information environment, and
its impact on documents, information, knowledge,
users and managers. This is a key introductory text
for undergraduate and postgraduate students of
information management.
February 2008

392 pages


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Collaborative Wisdom
From Pervasive Logic to Effective

Operational Leadership
Greg Park
Greg Park argues that corporate superstars

collapse not primarily due to poor products,
inadequate market penetration, financial
mismanagement or self-aggrandisement, but rather
by a leadership lacking the fundamental values,
principles, perspectives, attributes and capabilities
for long term organisational survival. The resultant
inadequate cognitive mental process of leadership
invites inevitable failure, through loss of confidence,
motivation, cohesion, advocacy and energy amongst
the community of stakeholders.
Collaborative wisdom is the existence within the
dominant coalition of an organisation of an inherited,
pervasive, collectively held logic, critically founded
upon universal values, translated into appropriate
leadership principles, perspectives and priorities. This
ensures cohesive and consistent behaviour across
every function of a complex organization, reflected in
each daily operational leadership decision.This book
examines the importance of collaborative wisdom
within an organization, how effective operational
leadership is fundamentally about appropriate
values, principles and perspectives which generate
appropriate leadership experience, intuition, insight,
judgment and ultimately, wisdom.
January 2013

298 pages


ebook PDF

ebook ePUB

The Evolution of Strategic
Navigating Public Policy Making
Tuomo Kuosa
In The Evolution of Strategic Foresight
the author

uses examples from 30 countries, involving

key experts in the field, to illustrate the theory
underpinning the employment of strategic foresight.
Its practice is explained in terms of structure, process,
and knowledge domains. Methodologies and systems
are examined, along with how strategic foresight can
be used to produce better knowledge and be more
effectively linked to policy making. Kuosa’s findings
are invaluable to scholars, students, long-range, public
policy and urban planners, analysts, risk assessment
experts, and consultants, managers and decision
July 2012

282 pages


ebook PDF

ebook ePUB

Ancient Wisdom for Modern
Machiavelli at 500
Ralf Lisch
Machiavelli lives. 500 years after Niccolò Machiavelli
has written ‘The Prince’, this classic of the mechanisms
behind success in management has not lost its
relevance. In an intriguing and inspiring interplay of
quotes, interpretations and examples, Dr Ralf Lisch
develops Machiavelli’s most famous work into a guide
providing Ancient Wisdom for Modern Management.

Many have heard about Machiavelli but few have
really understood him. Ralf Lisch’s analysis of ‘The
Prince’ proves that widespread associations with evil
management are a thorough misunderstanding. Dr
Lisch has done away with historic ballast and provides

a fresh approach that combines theoretical analysis
with a practical focus.

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Management
is an

amazing insight into the essentials of management and
a workable guidance to success in daily business. This
open-minded and compelling exploration of ‘The Prince’
combines reading pleasure with a great opportunity to
participate in Machiavelli’s truly timeless wisdom.
November 2012

164 pages


ebook PDF

ebook ePUB

Strategic Review
The Process of Strategy Formulation in Complex
Robert F. Grattan
With vivid insights this book highlights the problems
likely to be encountered during the process of
formulating strategy in business, in government,
in sport and any other human endeavour. Based
on analysis of the strategic defence review (SDR)
conducted by the UK Ministry of Defence, the
methodology for which has been employed in other
countries. The study focuses on how the review was
managed through the twin lenses of strategic business
management theory and the ‘Essence of Decision’
theory of governmental decision-making closely
associated with the John F. Kennedy School

of Government in the USA.
February 2011

244 pages


ebook PDF

ebook ePUB

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Dr Tetlow is the author of the 2007 book The Web's Awake, which was arguably the first ever book on what
is now known as web science
A former Director of Intellectual Property Rights at Nokia, Donal O'Connell, author of Harvesting External Innovation,
is Adjunct Professor at Imperial College Business School and the Owner and Managing Director of Chawton Innovation
Services Ltd, offering consultancy, coaching and training in the areas of innovation and intellectual property management
Niall Cook, author of Enterprise 2.0,
is advisor and co-founder of Sociagility (www
sociagility,com), a social business
He worked for 13 years at leading global PR agency Hill & Knowlton, first leading the UK digital practice
and then as worldwide head of marketing technology
He pioneered the firm's use of social media including its blogging
platform, Collective Conversation

Author of Shopping 3
Professor Cor Molenaar, is one of Holland's foremost business speakers and writers on the
intersection of marketing and technology
He has been Professor in the department of Business Administration at the
Rotterdam School of Management since 1999 and extended his fields to include e-Marketing and Distance Selling in 2007