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Nov 6, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


Credits 4:0:0

Course Objectives
• To understand the applications of Knowledge Management in Education.
• To familiarize the students about knowledge capturing and sharing.

Course Outcomes:
• They will be having knowledge in models of Knowledge Management.
• They will also learn about the application of Knowledge Management tools in learning

Unit I
Introduction and KM Cycle: Knowledge Management: Introduction – History – Knowledge
Hierarchy – KM Team – Future Challenges KM Cycle: Knowledge Creation - Knowledge Storage
and Retrieval - Knowledge Transfer - Knowledge Application

Unit II
Models: KM Models: Von Krogh and Roos Model – Nonaka and Takeuchi Spiral Model – Choo
Model – Wigg Model – Boisot I-Space Model

Unit III
Knowledge Capturing: Contents: Types – Structure – Quality – Media and Size - Knowledge
Capture and Codification: Tacit Knowledge – Explicit Knowledge- Methods to Capture Tacit
Knowledge: Interviewing – Learning by Told – Learning by Observation - Methods to Capture
Explicit Knowledge: Cognitive Maps – Decision Trees – Knowledge Taxonomies - Knowledge
Capture, Creation and Management Tools.

Unit IV
Knowledge Sharing: Knowledge Sharing: Social Nature of Knowledge – Knowledge Sharing
Communities – Obstacles of Knowledge Sharing -Systems: Centralized and Distributed Architecture
- Knowledge Sharing and Dissemination Tools.

Unit V
Knowledge Application: Knowledge Application at Individual Level: Characteristics of Individuals
– Bloom’s Taxonomy in Knowledge Application – Task Analysis and Modeling Knowledge
Application at Group Level: Knowledge Reuse – Knowledge Repositories – Knowledge Application

Text Books
1. Knowledge Management in Theory and Practice, Kimiz Dalkir, Elsevier Publication, 2005
2. Knowledge Management Systems: Information and Communication Technologies for
Knowledge Management, Ronald Maier, Springer Publication, 2004

Reference Books
1. Key Issues in the New Knowledge Management, Mark W McElroy, Joseph M Firestone,
Elsevier Publication, 2003
2. Knowledge Management in Education, Edward Sallis, Gary Jones, Routledge Publication,