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Nov 17, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Outdoor temperature compensation
(requires additional card)
Bright Tri-color status LEDs for each zone
Re-settable fuses on PCB; no more blown
fuses to change
Separate plug-in phone dialer card for
easy serviceablility
Recordable messages for system ID and
individual zone voice labeling
Acknowledge alarms by phone
Call in from site for zone temperature and
system status reports
Proper alarm systems are designed to detect
common site problems and failures, and to
quickly and reliably communicate them
Complete alarm systems for monitoring
temperature, power, feed and water
system, burglary, bio security and more
Easy to service PCB with plug-in connectors
Integrated rechargeable back-up battery
Programmable using PC software and SD card
Graphical LCD screen:
Ÿ View information quickly and more clearly
Ÿ Intuitive screen design
Ÿ Easy navigation through menus
Alarm Systems
Distributed by:
5200 Armand-Frappier, St-Hubert (Quebec) Canada J3Z 1G5
Toll free: 877-926-2777 Toll free Fax: 877-408-1046
4/13 | Copyright © 2013 AGCO CORPORATION | Due to continual improvements, GSI Electronics Inc. reserves the right to change pricing and specifications without notice. 899-00078 REV.01
GSI Electronics Inc. is a part of GSI, a worldwide Brand of AGCO
Agri Alert
Number of zones available 8 standard Password:Master 1
Programmable zone types
dry contact/ELR, pulse
count, burglary
Installer 1
Lighting protection (inputs/outputs) gastube, diode, movs User 10
Zone partitioning (grouping) up to 8 Siren output yes
Dial out (home, cell, beeper, pager) yes Individual zone LED indication yes
Number of phone numbers system can call 8 Rechargeable battery yes
Share phone line with answering machine,
fax machine or modem
yes Test mode key yes
Number of call sequences per alarm up to 7 Alarm memory log
Acknowledge alarm by phone yes LCD scrolling display yes
Alarm restored call-back feature yes Phone line seizure yes
Call in for temperature / status reports yes On-site listening microphone (local) yes
Programmable recognition time per zone yes Program saveable to computer file
Programmable start call delay yes System self diagnostics feature (system trouble)
AC supply,
siren fuses
and probes
Programmable alarm recall feature yes Enclosure (harsh environment approved) yes
User friendly design
Easy to configure
Easy to instal
Agri-Alert’s famous “
Spike Block” lightning protection
Environment proof PVC enclosure
Non-volatile event buffer and alarm memory
Built-in microphone for on-site listening
8 “supervised” zones
Individually programmable as temperature, dry
contact or intruder zones
Zones can be activated or bypassed individually

Standard Agri Alert Features
2 output relays that can be activated
by phone
Auxiliary 12 VDC power supply
(AA-WM3000 wireless compatible)