Jean CAVAILHESThe S-GHOSTS' city: self-generating housing, open space and transportation in a sprawling city

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Dec 1, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)



INRA, Dijon

The S
GHOSTS' city: self
generating housing, open space and
transportation in a sprawling city

We present an urban economic model with neighborhood interactions
among households and with farmers (social and green externalities)
. In a
dimensional region, we analytically establish the conditions for a first
leapfrog to break the growth of a compact city around an exogenous CBD.
These conditions show in particular
which is new
that the leapfrog (the
moment it occurs and the

distance jumped) depends on the distance of
social interaction and the size of greenery viewshed (called "vicinity
window"). Urban growth is then simulated by a cellular automata model
where built and green areas are endogenous, as is the road network for

access to the CBD, hence the S
GHOSTS City acronym. The
morphogenesis and long
term urban shape (sprawl, compactness or
discontinuity of built areas, mixing of residential and agricultural sites, etc.)
result from the state of the world (transport costs,
income) and from
household preferences (taste for "greenery", size of the "vicinity window").

(This is joint work with D. Peeters, G. Caruso, P. Frankhauser, I. Thomas and G.