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Oct 16, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


made this _______ day of _______________________ 200


(ABN 12 377 614 012) (“Monash”)



of …………………………………..(“the



The Student has enrolled at Monash for a Master/Doctorate degree in w
hich the
Student will be undertaking research in connection with the Research Project.


………………………… has been appointed as the Student’s Supervisor.


Monash has entered into a Funding Contract with the Commonwealth of
Australia represented by the Austr
alian Research Council (“ARC”) in which
ARC will provide funding to Monash with respect to the Research Project
subject to Monash entering into an agreement with an industry partner under
which that industry partner will make contributions towards the Rese


Monash proposes has entered into a Collaborative Research Agreement relating
to the Research Project with TELSTRA CORPORATION LIMITED (ABN 33
051 775 556) (hereafter it or its replacement shall be referred to as “the Industry

This DEED Witnesses:


The Student:


hereby assigns to Monash ownership in any Intellectual Property created
by the Student under or in connection with the Research Project other than
copyright in the Student’s thesis and publications approved for

in accordance with this Deed;


agrees to execute any document or do anything reasonably required by
Monash to secure Intellectual Property protection for any Intellectual
Property created in whole or in part by the Student;


agrees to

keep secure and confidential, and not disclose without the
written approval of the Supervisor, any information provided for or arising
out of the Research Project (except for information that is or becomes in
the public domain through no fault of the Stud


agrees to submit to the Supervisor not less than thirty (30) days prior to
the date of its proposed submission for publication, any material
containing information arising from the Research Project and will not
publish such material without the

written approval of the Supervisor;


agrees that if requested by the Supervisor, the Student’s thesis is to be
examined in confidence and restrictions will be placed on access to it; and


consents to Monash and the Industry Partner adapting, modi
fying and
doing any other acts in relation to Research Project Material which may
otherwise constitute an infringement of the Student’s moral rights in
Research Project Material.



“Intellectual Property” includes all copyright and neighb
ouring rights, all rights
in relation to inventions (including patent rights), plant varieties, registered and
unregistered trademarks (including service marks), registered designs, and
circuit layouts, confidential information, and all other rights result
ing from
intellectual activity in the industrial, scientific, literary or artistic fields.

“Supervisor” means the member of Monash’s academic staff appointed to
supervise the student in accordance with the relevant Monash legislation (or
other person nom
inated by Monash).

“Research Project” means the research project entitled “Developing Minimum
Message Length and Support Vector Machine methods to predict user
behaviour” (or as may be amended).

“Research Project Material” means any work created in con
nection with the
Research Project for which the Student is an author or co
author, except for the
Student’s thesis and any publications approved for publication in accordance
with this Deed.

In Witness Whereof

these presents have been executed as a DEED
the day and year
first herein written.

Signed Sealed and Delivered



the Student

) _______________________________

in the presence of:


Signed Sealed and Delivered

for and on behalf of


Monash University

) _______________________________

in the presence of:


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