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Dreamweaver CS5 – Advanced page design
Duration: One day
This course concentrates on designing and creating pages in Dreamweaver CS5 using the most up
to date methods. The course concentrates mainly on writing CSS via Dreamweaver’s User Interface,
but some hand-coding is included.
Requirements: A working knowledge of Dreamweaver and some HTML and CSS experience.
Concepts and general
• CSS and HTML5 – creating pages that adhere
to modern standards.
• Generating efficient CSS code with
Dreamweaver - setting preferences.
• Working with Related Files.
• Live View and Live Code View.
• Working with Dreamweaver templates.
Writing and editing CSS
• Working with the CSS panel.
• Using current view and Inspect mode.
• The Cascade, Inheritance and Specificity -
how rules apply and how they override.
• Margins, padding and borders.
• Vertical spacing issues.
• Converting lists to horizontal and vertical
Page Layouts
• Working with Div tags.
• Using HTML5 semantic elements.
• Using Dreamweaver’s Visual Aids.
• Using Rulers and Guides.
• Getting accurate measurements.
• Creating rounded corner elements.
• Setting up and previewing overflows.
Multi-column layouts
• Working with Floats.
• Fixed and Fluid design.
• Using Relative positioning.
Recommended Further training
• Introduction to Flash
• Introduction to PHP & MySQL Web Development