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GIS ToolKit is a set of components for creation
of GIS-applications in environment of visual
programming Delphi and C++ Builder. The set of GIS of
libraries can be used in languages C++, C#, Visual
Basic, Java, PL/SQL and others.
Using more than 25 components and a set of
classes of GIS ToolKit, the programmer gets convenient
access to the cartographical information in Delphi style.
GIS ToolKit provides the complete set of
functions of a control system of a cartographical
· receiving of the cartographical information from the
hierarchical structure of a database of electronic maps having levels: works region, map sheet, layer
of displaying of objects, objects of district;
· editing contents of a database at a level of objects of district: addition, updating, deleting, copying,
restoration, geocoding;
· support of various projections and systems of coordinates;
· visualization of contents of databases in the conventional symbols accepted for topographical,
geographical , cadastral and other kinds of maps, fast scrolling and scaling of the image, change of
structure of displayed objects;
· joint displaying and output to a print of vector, raster and matrix data, built in map of OLE
· support of standard systems of classification and coding of objects and their characteristics according
to requirements of Roscartography, Topographical service of Armed forces of the Russian
· displaying mobile objects;
· mapping results of measurements of the coordinates entering from GPS equipment;
· execution of queries onto search of objects with the specified characteristics;
· execution of overlay operations above map objects;
· processing matrixes of elevations, qualities and geological matrixes (construction, three-dimensional
displaying, profiling);
· work with the maps atlas and decision of a transport task.
Try - all simply!
Owing to full use of opportunities given by Delphi environment, development of the GIS-
applications with use of GIS ToolKit becomes accessible even for the beginner programmers. The help
system integrated into environment will relieve you of necessity to study lots of the special literature on
cartography, and a set of the examples delivered in structure of GIS ToolKit, will prompt an optimum
way of use of any component.
Tooling GIS ToolKit functionally is divided onto two categories - Basic
components without which use it is difficult
to construct even simple GIS-application,
and Additional components intended for decision of more specific tasks.
Components are located in the
panel of tools of Delphi and
C++ Builder environment on
two bookmarks accordingly - GTK Standard and GTK Additional.
Means of development of
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Standard and additional components of GIS ToolKit.
For access database of electronic map and displaying
cartographical information component TMapView is intended.
This component is the basis of any GIS-application, developed
using GIS ToolKit.
TMapWindow – component of display already open electronic
TMapScreen – component for display of mobile objects in which
due to use of algorithm of double buffering frequent redrawing of
a map is optimized.
TMapObj – component providing creation of objects on a map,
editing of their metrics and semantics.
TMapPoint – tool for reception, installations of coordinates of a
point of an electronic map, their recalculation in various systems.
TMapPrintDialog - print of a fragment of a map with an
interactive choice of parameters of printing.
TMapQRep – component for printing a map in the report with
use QuickReport.
TMapRsc – component for access to the classifier of objects of
an electronic map.
TMapFind – component of search of objects of an electronic
TMapSelectDialog – component of a choice of conditions of
TMapSelectObjectRsс – dialogue of a choice of a kind of object
from the classifier of an electronic map.
TMapMtr3D – component of visualization of a three-
dimensional matrix.
TOpenMapDialog – dialogue of opening of cartographical data
with an opportunity of a preview.
TMapSelectRect – component of a choice of area of an
electronic map.
TMapSections – component of a structure of a relief.
TMapConvertor – convertor of electronic maps.
TMapGeoCode – component of geocoding (drawing of objects
on a map from a data set, according to a key).
TMapCross – component of definition of crossings of objects
of a map.
TMapCheckInside – component of definition of a relative
positioning of two objects of a map.
TMapDataList – component of formation and display of the
list of data of an electronic map.
TGetMapPoint - component of a choice of a point on a contour
of object of a map.
TMapClassEdit - component of a choice of object, semantics
or layer from the qualifier.
TMapEditMetric - component of editing of the metrics of
object of a map.
TMapAtlas – component of work with the atlas (a set of maps
with different scales).
TMapNet – component of the decision of a network (transport)
Using libraries of a kernel of GIS ToolKit complex, you can create applications in various
environments, including on the basis of.NET technology, and also carry out own publications in the
Internet network with displaying the cartographical information. It is possible to find examples of
development of applications on the basis of GIS ToolKit in languages C#, Visual C ++, Visual Basic,
Java, etc. on our site
Work with GIS ToolKit is possible not only in Windows. Using special versions GIS ToolKit, you
can develop applications for such operational systems as Linux, Solaris, Windows CE, QNX, RT OS and
others. Functions of GIS kernel can be called from the procedures written in language PL/SQL in DBMS
Oracle environment (32 and 64 bits) on platforms Solaris/Sparc, Suse Linux/Sparc, Linux/Intel.
Communication of objects of a map with records of a database, display of maps in WEB-applications is
Project GIS ToolKit is opened and is delivered with source texts.
GIS ToolKit constantly develops. With each new version it expands the opportunities. Keep up with
the updatings!