Thermal Packaging Validation


Jul 1, 2015 (6 years and 4 months ago)


Cedarlane Shipping Supplies has the largest selection of packaging material and solutions for shipping Temperature Sensitive products.

Thermal Packaging

Cedarlane Shipping Supplies offers a complete line of engineered climate
control products for the storage and transportation of perishable and
sensitive goods.

service multiple industries including, but not limited to, food,
biopharmaceutical and life sciences.

our developing relationships we have with leading industry
manufacturers, we are able to offer a wide variety of top of the line cold
chain packaging and services.

Gel Packs & Refrigerant Bricks

Cedarlane offers a wide selection of Ice Packs that range in
quality, size and styles that are designed to keep your
perishables safe in the harshest of shipping requirements. Our
featured ice packs below are available in Economical, Leak
and Biodegradable. When used with our insulated foam coolers,
Cedarlane’s gel packs will keep your perishables at the
temperature you need all the way through the cold chain.

Ice Packs

Foam Refrigerant Bricks

These are a unique type of refrigerant created in a foam
textured design which allows them to stay in their shape
whether they are frozen or at room temperature. This makes
your pack outs much easier to handle and control versus our
standard gel packs. Most sizes and styles are in stock!

Pre Qualified Shippers

Do you have a temperature
sensitive product that you need to ship which must be
kept within a specific temperature range?

offer a wide range of pre
qualified shippers that have been extensively tested
against various temperature profiles and been proven to maintain the payload box
within the desired range for anywhere from 2 to 5 days

carry options for any items which need to be kept frozen (
20*C), refrigerated (2
8*C), or at room temperature (15
25*C). Please feel free to browse the below
section by the duration of the shipment you need, or contact us if you have additional
questions and we will be sure to find the perfect option for you.

you are looking at large volumes, we may also be able to look into creating a
custom solution specific to your needs!

48 Hour Shippers

If you have a shipment that will be in transit for up
to 2 days, you've come to the right place! Below
you will find a selection of pre
qualified shippers
designed to protect frozen, refrigerated and room
temp shipments for quick deliveries. We have
options for both universal coolers that can be used
round or seasonal coolers which are less
expensive but must be interchanged depending on
the weather.

The new GTS Excel line is lightweight and compact, allowing you to save even more
money on your shipments.

also have our GTS Instant line which will literally keep your product refrigerated
at the touch of a button!


Category Description: Tempshield CryoGloves provide the maximum level in thermal
protection, dexterity and flexibility. These are essential accessories when working in
ultra low hazardous temperatures

Cryo Glove

, light weight with excellent

Superior Thermal

Comes in both water
proof and water

Styles include, wrist, mid
arm, elbow and shoulder

For more information please