Temperature Indicators


Jun 11, 2015 (6 years and 5 months ago)


Cedarlane Shipping Supplies has the largest selection of packaging material and solutions for shipping Temperature Sensitive products.

Temperature Indicators

Temperature Indicators, Cold Gel Packs, Cyro Handling and more...

Whether you need to ship food, medical supplies or anything else perishable, we can help
you find affordable temperature sensitive solutions.

We can help you
monitor your packages’ temperature through warm mark and cold mark
indicators, as well as temperature data loggers. Our gel packs and ice packs, coupled with
our foam coolers are perfect for keeping your shipments cold; we carry a variety to suit
many appl
ications, including biodegradable gel packs and leak proof cold packs. We also
offer cryo handling products and even more.

If you have questions about which ice packs or temperature monitors are best for your
shipping situation, or if you have other questi
ons or concerns about our insulated shipping
boxes, pre
qualified shippers or any other product or service we offer, please don’t hesitate
to contact us today for fast, friendly and knowledge customer service.

Qualified Shipping Kits

These shipping kits ha
ve been tested and proven to keep product between 2
8°C or 15
25°C. These kits come with all the components required (gel packs, foam cooler, outer
white corrugate, product box and pack out instructions).

Tested and certified to the strictest of
regulations that surpass Canadian and US regulations
thereby ensuring compliance with your temperature and
hold time requirements.

Ideal for shipping vaccines, medications, blood, plasma
and other temperature sensitive products

Tested against l
ower ambient temperature profiles like those found in Canada and
Northern USA

Custom sizes and validation available for bulk ordering. Other services including shipping
temperature mapping are also available upon request.

Gel Packs & Refrigerant Bricks

ce Packs

Gel Packs & Refrigerant Bricks Ice

Cedarlane offers a wide selection of Ice Packs that
range in quality, size and styles that are designed to keep your perishables safe in the
harshest of shipping requirements. Our featured ice packs below a
re available in
Economical, Leak
Proof and Biodegradable. When used with our insulated foam coolers,
Cedarlane’s gel packs will keep your perishables at the temperature you need all the way
through the cold chain.

Foam Refrigerant Bricks

These are a uniqu
e type of refrigerant created in a foam textured design which allows them
to stay in their shape whether they are frozen or at room temperature. This makes your
pack outs much easier to handle and control versus our standard gel packs. Most sizes and
s are in stock!

Koolit Refrigerant Bricks

Ideal for tight fitting packaging configurations

Remains uniform and in shape while frozen or thawed

Variety of sizes to meet any packaging needs

For the most effective results, use the Koolit refrigerants inside
one of our many varieties of
Insulated Shipping Containers.

BRIX Leak Proof Cold Packs

Long lasting cold

Efficient transfer of energy

Leak proof


Variety of sizes


Custom imprinting

BRIX® poly bags are sealed in a heavy duty plas
tic pouch and keep perishable
products at a constant and desirable temperature.

Insulated Containers

Insulated Shipping Containers

No matter what industry you’re in, and whether you’re shipping items across a


or across the world, we have the insulated shipping containers you’ll need for
your temperature
sensitive items. From styrofoam shipping coolers to qualified shipping
kits, we’ve got your cold chain shipping needs covered.

Cold Chain Solutions

Cold Chain
Shipping & Packing Solutions

Cedarlane Shipping Supplies strives to provide you with a complete line of climate control
products for the transportation and storage of perishable goods. We’re committed to
providing you with high quality products at competit
ive prices. We specialize in and carry
products for:

Cold chain shipping (2

Controlled room temperature (i.e. 15

Frozen shipping (

Validated and Qualified shipping solutions

Temperature monitors

Insulated shipping containers

Gel and ice

We work with a variety of industries, including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical, life
sciences, food industries and many more. For temperature sensitive shipping, you can trust
Cedarlane Shipping Supplies to have the shipping and packaging pro
ducts you need to keep
your items safe, secure and at the right temperature.


Comfortable, light weight with excellent dexterity

Superior Thermal Protection

Comes in both water
proof and water
resistant varieties

Styles include, wrist, mid

elbow and shoulder

Category Description:

Tempshield CryoGloves provide the maximum level in thermal
protection, dexterity and flexibility. These are essential accessories when working in ultra
low hazardous temperatures.

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