Computer automation and academic education


Nov 5, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


Computer automation and academic education

Tadeusz Koźluk, Maciej Szafarczyk,
Marek Żelazny, p. 18

The article presents remarks on
guidelines for education and first degree studies program

for different specializations:
Mechanics and Machine Building, Pr
oduction Engineering and
Management, Automatics and Robotics, Informatics


Informatics and Econometrics

one, “autonomous” specialization,
Production Engineering

on the Faculty of Production
Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology. Requirements
were formulated for othe
“university” specializations, resulting from the need to pass on the properly formed
knowledge on the computer automation on the non
technical specializations. The
requirements result from popularity of the computer automation and its relevant impact on
economical and sociological issues.