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What is


John Edwards

Kevin Morales

Agricultural Biotechnology

Agriculture in biotech has the potential to
make new and healthier foods and aggrandize
for health benediction.

It helps magnifying crop yields baffled
scientists environmental risks.

Agricultural Biotechnology (continued)


*Animal drugs

*Food processing aids

*Engineering microorganisms

* Engineering insects

*Engineering fiber plants


DNA Fingerprinting

DNA fingerprinting is a test to identify a
genetic called DNA.

It would be very unlikely to have two people
with the same DNA, for this reason police use
this to identify pedestrians who have caused a

Things like hair, blood, and saliva contain DNA
in them.

DNA Fingerprinting (continued

Police use powder to a place where they
would most likely find finger prints and brush
it off to see it and put it on a clear piece of
paper. They also use UV lights used to make
clear on surfaces and on clothes.

Food Field

Biotechnology in the process of
food production has been for
over 10 thousand years.

It is used to make bread, wine
and beer.

With new and healthier biotech
and genetic engineering it
enables food produces to
obtain animal and crop
improvements in much more
precise, controlled and
predicted manner.

Medical Biotechnology

Medical biotechnology is the use of living cells
and cell materials to research and produce
pharmaceutical and diagnostic products that
help treat and prevent human diseases.

Examples of medical biotechnology are
growth hormones, and insulin

,and printing skin

Products of Biotech


*Bacterial Vaccines


Up Ready Corn

*Cloning Pets

*Cups made of corn




*Glow in the Dark Pets

*Printable Skin


How does agricultural biotechnology help
make foods healthier?

What are 2 ways police get DNA from

How does making food healthier effect

Why would somebody need to print skin?

Why is biotech important?