Quiz – 10 Points


Dec 9, 2012 (4 years and 13 days ago)


5 Health
areer Pathways

Divided into
5 areas


Provide service to the client over time

Careers include medical assisting, nursing,
home health care, respiratory care,
rehabilitation and pharmacy.

Amount of required education varies. It
depends on what YOU choose.

Skills required include: data collection,
treatment planning, implementing procedures,
and client status evaluation.


These people create a “picture” of the health
status of a client at one point in time.

As an example, if a client has blood drawn, the
results reflect the status of their health only at
that time.

Careers include: areas of cardiology, imaging,
and radiology.

Skills needed would include planning.
Preparation, procedure, planning, evaluation
and reporting.

Health Informatics

This career path you will be responsible for
recording the clients valuable health care

Careers include medical records and unit

Skills include: analysis, abstracting and coding,
informatics systems, documentation, and

Support Services Careers

This work asks staff to create a safe and
healthful environment for the client and other
health care workers.

Careers include biomedical engineer, and
central supply employee

Skills include: knowledge of aseptic procedure,
understanding of an aesthetically pleasing

Biotechnology Research and

Highly scientific!

Careers include: Geneticist, Microbiologist,
Toxicologist, Bioinformatics scientist

Skills include a strong aptitude and love for

The merging of computer technology and biology
has created many of these types of work.

These people may work in food, agriculture,
pollution control, and pharmaceuticals.

They may work in government agencies, labs,
water treatment plants, hospitals and education.


10 Points

Get out a sheet of paper from your spiral.

Put your name, date and block on the top right
hand corner.

Write down the health care pathways. Number
them and give yourself room to add at least
one occupation from each one for each of the
pathways that you recall.

Hand in your quiz upon completion.

The 11 Health Care Skill Standards

They exist to insure that the workforce has the
knowledge and skills to perform their job to the
highest level effectively.

Academic foundation

Know the subject matter proficiently.

Use the knowledge in their role.

This includes reading, writing, mathematics,
knowledge of life sciences, using health care
terminology, and being aware of the history of
health care.


Know various methods of giving and receiving
information. Both orally and in written form.


How their role fits into the department.
Organization, and overall health care

Able to identify how key systems affect
services that they perform and the quality of
care that they provide.

Legal responsibilities

Will understand the legal responsibilities,
limitations and implications of their actions
.within the health care delivery system.

Perform duties according to regulations,
policies, laws, and legislated rights of clients.


Will understand acceptable ethical practices
with respect to cultural, social, and ethnic
differences within the health care

Will perform duties according to established
ethical guidelines, supporting sensitive and
quality health care delivery.

Safety practices

Will understand the existing and potential
hazards to clients, coworkers and themselves

Will prevent injury or illness through safe work
practices and will follow health and safety
policies and procedures.

Hidden Places Where Germs Hide in School


Employability skills

Will understand how their employability skills
enhance their employment opportunities and
job satisfaction.

Will demonstrate skills that support and
maintain job functions AND will upgrade these
skills as needed.


Will understand the roles and responsibilities of
individual members as a part of a health care
team, including their ability to promote the
delivery of quality health care.

Will interact effectively and sensitively with all
members of the health care team.

Health maintenance practices

Will understand the fundamentals of wellness
and the process of preventing disease.

Will practice preventative health behaviors
among clients.

Technical skills

Will apply technical skills required for all
career specialties.

Will demonstrate skills and knowledge as

Information technology skills

Will use information technology applications
requires within all career specialties.

Will demonstrate the use of information
technology as appropriate to health care


With your partner,
identify the
skill areas of the
National Health Care Standards.

State 2 reasons for maintaining the standards for
the health care industry.

You will find the information in the textbook on
pages 5

Each pair will be asked to share why they think that
the standards are critical in the support of the health
care industry.

Put your names on the paper and turn it in to me at
the end of the block.