Ukrainian Distance Learning

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Oct 30, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


Ukrainian Distance Learning
Center (UDLC)

National Technical University of

“Kiev Polytechnic Institute”



is established June 7, 2000 by the Special Memo of
the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine

is supported by Ukrainian Government

Is supported by the special grant “Distance Learning
Center” of the U.S.Embassy in Ukraine

Technical channels for Internet/Intranet connectivity
are provided by URAN (Ukrainian Research and
Academic Network)

UDLC Objectives

distance learning system)

DLS projects coordination,development and
testing. DLS normative
legal development.
DLS methodic and didactic support.

Distance courses development, testing and

Training and certification of coordinators,
tutors, distance courses designers and other
specialists in distance learning

UDLC is equipped with:

A strong
connected distributed client
system under IBM software platforms of
distance learning support

Powerful workstations for distance courses

100 mb Intranet and 2 mb Internet channels

mobile servers for distance learning support

UDLC Software for Distance

(IBM Design)

Asynchronous Distance Learning


Lotus LearningSpace Forum (ver. 3x)

(IBM Design) Synchronous Distance Learning


Lotus SameTime


Lotus LearningSpace Collaboration 5.01

(IBM Design)

Platform of Distance Learning Support

Lotus LeaningSpace 5.01 Core

(IBM Desing)
Base Environment

IBM DB2, IBM Lotus
Notes 5.9a


60 distance courses are designed

720 specialists are certified in distance learning

1200 specialists and students are computer base tested

3 laboratories are designed and work with UDLC using
URAN possibilities

40 agreements are signed with Ukrainian Education

UDLC (Projects)

Block of distance courses in Information Technologies

(Following faculties of NTUU
”KPI” are participated:

Informatics and Computer Science

Applied Mathematics

Air cosmic Investigation

Pilot project. Start at 09.2003.

Center of Computer Testing for NTUU
”KPI” students

in a stage of project design

Complete distance learning support via 100mb channels

between UDLC and UDLC laboratories using URAN possibilities

in a stage of technical design

UDLC Distance Courses

Computer Testing via Internet/Intranet with automatic
mark grading for large students streams

Audio, video, graphic support

Software emulators development

Localization (Cyrillic Support) of Distance Courses

Automation of Distance Learning Environment,
including electronic faculties, departments, etc