Electronic Engineering Final

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Nov 16, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Electronic Engineering Final
Year Project

Initial Presentation


Electromagnetic shielding techniques for inductive powering

Supervisor :
Maeve Duffy

Project Overview

Investigating inductive power transfer in
two applications.

IPT allows the transfer of electrical power
without physical contact as a magnetic field
links energy directly to where it is required.

2 applications

Inductive charging platform

Used for charging different mobile electronic
devices, in which transmitter and receiver coils are
close together.

Implanted biomedical devices

(transmitter and receiver coils far apart and therefore
coupling levels are low)

Aim Of Project

The main aim of the project is to apply
modelling techniques to compare the
performance of different shielding layers
for both applications

and to develop effective shielding
solutions for the two applications.

Project Milestones:

Review of inductive powering technology and

Transmitter and receiver circuits

Coil circuit models

EMI field limits for consumer and implanted biomedical devices

Program analytic formulas for electromagnetic fields
around planar windings in air

Matlab programming

FEA modelling (Ansoft) to compare with analytic solutions


This project will require a deep understanding of
different shielding techniques for inductive
powering applications using
analytic and FEA
modelling methods.

It will greatly improve my Knowledge of MATLAB
and SPICE.

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