How to make your BS2 say something

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Nov 2, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


How to make your BS2 say

Made By Bridger

geting to know the stamp family

The Basic Stamp 2 is the most common microcontroller that
you should buy for your basic programming needs. It is not to
big and not to small.

The Basic Stamp uses a pick microcontroller.

The Basic Stamps can only execute one thing at a time that
means that you can send info to a lcd, but it will not record data
at the same time. To do that you will knead a microcontroller
like the Propeller witch can do up to 8 at the same time. We will
go in to that latter.

For this tutorial we will be using the Basic Stamps 2

How to say something in the debug

How to show things on your debug screen.

The first thing you have to do is click on what stamp you are
using weather it is the Basic Stamp 1 or the Basic Stamp xp.

Then you will have to click on the code type, whether it is 1.0,
1.5, 2.5. please see the picture below for help

Now it is just as simple as putting the code below this.

First you have to tell the Basic Stamp what we want to say.

To day we are going to say

simply put the word debug on the screen then cls. This
should have a space between the two.

Your screen should look like figure 1. Debug in blue and cls
in light purple.

Then put a coma after cls then space.

Now that you have successfully configured your BS2 to display
info on the debug terminal, we can now put what we want it to

Now put a " after the coma this will tell the BS2 that this will be
the text that it will have to display.

Now it is just as simple as putting your text in. In this case we
are going to say

Now just put your text in, making sure that this symbol " is in
front of it. Then after your written what you want to say you
then knead to put the same symbol that we used be for after
the text.

Your screen should now look like this.

Now it is time to upload your code to the BS2.

Uploading the code

Uploading code is easier than it sounds. It is just as easy as
downloading a song off iTunes.

The first thing you knead to do is specify if your board requires
a usb or serial port. Figure 1.5 is what usb looks like and the
cable you will knead.

Figure 2 shows the board plug and the

figure 1.5

figure 2

If you do not have a serial connection and your board is not usb
compatible then you will have to buy on of these.

please look at figure 2.5

After you have connected your cable to your computer, now
plug a 9 volt battery in to the 9 volt battery clip. shown in figure

Now all you have to do is click the run button witch looks like a
play button in the programing terminal. You can click ctrl + R or
the button as shown in figure 3.5.

figure 3.5

figure 3

figure 2.5

Almost done!!!

Now when you click the run button, you should get two screens
that pull up.

The first one is the upload bar, this stays then closes when your
program is uploading. please look at figure 4 for this.

Then the next page you will get is the debug screen. This is a
blue screen that will come up after the upload screen. please
look right below this text.

figure 4


Congratulations you just learned how to make a BS2 talk on the
debug screen. Your screen should now look like this.


Thanks for watching.

Any questions?