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Nov 2, 2013 (4 years and 6 months ago)


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ADUC7036 Evaluation

The ADuC7036 is a complete system solution for battery monitoring in 12 V automotive applications. These devices integrate al
l o
the required features to precisely and intelligently monitor, process, and diagnose 12 V battery parameters including battery

voltage, and temperature over a wide range of operating conditions.

Minimizing external system components, the device is powered directly from the 12 V battery. An on
chip, low dropout regulator
generates the supply voltage for three integrated, 16
bit, Σ
Δ ADCs. The ADCs precisely measure battery current, voltage, and
temperature to characterize the state of health and charge of the car battery.

TA Flash/EE memory
based ARM7™ microcontroller (MCU) is also integrated on
chip. It is used to both preprocess the acquired
battery variables and to manage communications from the ADuC7036 to the main electronic control unit (ECU) via a local
interconnect network (LIN) interface that is integrated onchip.

Both the MCU and the ADC subsystem can be individually configured to operate in normal or flexible power saving modes of

Applications: Battery sensing/management for automotive systems

Evaluation Software: Download the latest software from our FTP Site: