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Brand is king. Customers go in search of products and services based on
their trust in the brand that’s been created. Maintain a strong brand and
you’ll reinforce desire for your product or service while increasing cus-
tomer confidence in your brand’s value.
Battery Interactive has made a name for itself building and revitalizing
brand-marketing campaigns for clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune
500 superstars. Our clients seek us out from an array of industries includ-
ing automotive, commerce, marketing, fashion, advertising, sports, tech-
nology, entertainment and others.
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• Located in the Battery of lower Manhattan, we’re in the business of
building brands, businesses, and consumer expectations.
• We are a young, full-service agency consisting of designers,
developers, user experience specialists, and project managers who
complete all work in-house.
• Our clients seek us out from an array of industries including
automotive, marketing, fashion, education, advertising, sports,
entertainment and others.
Our Process
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Our Process. We launch campaigns from the inside out. This means
taking time in the early stages of project development to understand
our clients’ business goals and customer needs. Just because we can
build really cool stuff doesn’t always mean we should. Instead, we
examine goals and objectives. What is the desired outcome? What
market segment is sought? What can we offer that will intrigue
customers and encourage them to respond?
By placing ourselves in the mindset of your customers, we’re able to
identify the right questions to ask before applying the right solutions.
Our Services
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Our services are broken down into six main categories:
• Website Design and Development
• Mobile app development (IOS, Android, MS, HTML 5)
• Event Technology
• Social Marketing
• Custom Business Applications
• User Research & Usability
Website Design and Development
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Web design & development. Battery Interactive offers innovative,
eye-catching, and market-tested website designs that demand
attention. We place your company or product center stage and
hold it there. Sites are tested and retested by our brand information
architects to ensure your message, brand, and values are clearly
• Corporate Sites
• Promotional Sites
• E-commerce Sites
• Community Sites
• Content Management Systems
Mobile App Development
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Mobile app development. Battery Interactive offers intuitive,
eye-catching, functional, and cost effective mobile applications
on various platforms with the level of quality you will come to
expect from our agency. We have, and continue to implement
mobile solutions across a wide array of industries developing apps
that facilitate the needs for e-commerce, news outlets, medical,
lifestyle, as well as education and more. Once our clients goals are
determined, Battery will provide a mobile solution that can function
anywhere from fully offline, online/offline hybrid configuration, as
well as online real-time functionality. An accompanying CMS can
also be developed to manage your app and it’s media which will
be tailored specifically to your needs. Our mobile solutions are
tested and retested by our team to ensure your message, brand,
functionality, and values are clearly communicated.
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• IOS Development (iPad, iTouch, iPhone)
• Android OS development
• Microsoft Mobile Development
• JQuery Mobile Development
• Responsive Web Design (Using various methods)
• Utilizing hardware specific capabilies to achieve the goals
of your application (CMS, GPS, Camera, Tilt Sensors, Push
updates, Gestures and more)
Event Technology
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Event Technology. The right technology can build one-to-one
relationships with customers. From capturing on-site data to sending
out post-event surveys, Battery Interactive designs marketing
technology that increases customer confidence and achieves project
goals. We offer guidance on how best to connect with clients before,
during, and after an event. Reporting metrics allow you to quickly
gauge the success of a campaign or event.
• Photo & Video Marketing
• Mobile or Stationary Kiosks
• Bar Code Scanners
• Touch Screen “tables” and “walls”
• Mobile Apps
• In-store Kiosks
Social Marketing
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Social Marketing. Social marketing both bolsters and protects brand
identity. Successful social marketing requires an integrated approach—
message and media must work together. This ensures instant brand
recognition—not just of a logo or tagline, but evocative of a particular
emotion, idea, or action. Battery Interactive specializes in online brand
positioning. From Facebook and Twitter to Google+ and LinkedIn,
Battery creates electrifying social campaigns that reintroduce customers
to your product or service in ways they’ll never forget.
• Facebook Applications
• Facebook Website Integrations
• Twitter Integrations And Management
• LinkedIn Integrations
• Date and Time Based Social Posts And Much More!
Custom Business Applications
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Custom Business Applications. Our business applications increase
productivity, streamline workflow, and cut costs. In fact, 85% of
our applications pay for themselves due to employee time saved or
reduced by automated processes. Custom applications include an
array of products successfully applied in industries ranging from
fashion and entertainment to education and financial institutions.The
process begins when we visit your company and identify repetitive
tasks performed by employees on a daily, monthly, quarterly (etc.)
basis. Our applications automate these processes, freeing employees
for other vital work.
• Lead Management and Sales Tools
• Event Request/Reporting System
• Survey System
User Research & Usability
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USER RESEARCH & USABILITY. Through an array of multidisciplinary
research methods, we seek to understand who users are, how they
think, what they need, and why they are motivated.
• User Interviews
• Online Surveys
• Focus Groups
• Usability Testing
• Eye Tracking
• Heuristic (Expert) Review
Our Approach
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Brand Architecture
Branding is more than a buzzword. A strong brand identity will
sell product faster than any fancy packaging or discount pricing.
For startups seeking a brand, we’ll help you build it. If you have
an existing brand, we’ll solidify and reinforce it. Through creative
services, promotional and e-commerce sites, content development and
management, banners, graphics, rich-media advertising and more,
we define the technology and partners needed to catapult your brand
to the forefront of audience attention.
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Creative & Structured Problem Solving
No two industries or products are alike. (Which is good, because
we’d get bored.) Our powerful team of designers, developers, and
information architects explore new opportunities for marketing while
taking technologies to new heights.
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Adaptive Response Time
We keep our agency small and lean by design. Larger agencies often
suffer from bloat, keeping clients waiting three weeks for something
as simple as a text change. By staying small, we keep our staff
flexible and responsive to client needs.
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Interlocking Value
Our work isn’t done in a bubble. We coordinate with your technical
teams, brand managers, franchise owners, in-house web designers,
account managers, and anyone else who cares to bend our ear to
ensure we maintain brand integrity while achieving project goals.
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Pride of Accomplishment
At the risk of sounding cheesy, the work we do isn’t just work to us.
We take the projects we work on personally and it means something
to us to deliver a finished product that has a client singing our prais-
es. Our staff lives, eats, and breaths technology…not because we
make them (well, sometimes on a late Friday afternoon we do a little),
but because they think it’s fun. Don’t be afraid to challenge us. We
like it.
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Something For Everyone
Some clients require our services front to back, others need only a
specific component, such as a store locator. We’re happy to work
with you to determine need and streamline costs. No matter how big
or small the project, we bring the same dedication and creative focus
to the table.
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Case Studies
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Canon - South Street Seaport
At Canon’s South Street Seaport event that supported
their relationship with Maria Sharapova, Battery
Interactive was given the task of providing event
attendees with an experience they would never forget.
Leveraging the latest in infrared touch screen
technology, Battery Interactive developed applications
to be used on both touch screen tables and walls
allowing consumers to acquire product information
and to send virtual postcards to their friends and
family directly from the event. In addition, Battery
supplied their photo marketing capabilities, as well
as a sweepstakes microsite, to enhance and complete
the overall experience.
Event attendees found themselves immersed in the
experience averaging 42 minutes at the exhibit.
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APPS - Mobile Application Development
Various apps built on IOS and Android devices
througout a wide array of industries. Each
application we develop is created for it’s own
unique purpose and functionality.
A portfolio of apps we have developed is available upon request
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Banana Boat - Photo marketing
Banana Boat, a sponsor of the AVP beach volleyball
tournament, was looking for a great way to generate
traffic to their sponsor booth as well as collect
attendee information at the various tournament
locations. Battery Interactive created an application
that allowed brand ambassadors to take event
attendee photos with Olympic Gold Medalists Misty
May-Treanor/Kerri Walsh and collect email addresses
to be used for subsequent marketing purposes.
Once the photos were taken, event attendees received
an email driving them to a dedicated microsite that
allowed attendees to retrieve their photos, send them
to a friend and receive other brand information.
Over 12,000 photos were retrieved from the photo
retrieval website.
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Suzuki came to Battery looking for a website
that could support their sponsorship of the Game
Live U College Tour. Featuring tour schedules,
photo galleries, and an overview of the Suzuki
SXBox Concept Car, the website brought to life
the excitement of the tour. The site also offered
incentives for visitors—free music downloads.
Battery also produced a content management
system to allow the client to continually update the
site from stops on college campuses across the
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Free-Market News Network
Free Market News is an independent media solution—an Internet-
grown, free-market alternative to mainstream media complexes. With
news ever changing, FMN needed a robust and scaleable Content
Management System to enable multiple back-end users to update
various sections of the site. Those sections, which include World
News, Business News, Press Releases, Editorials, Company Events,
Video, and Radio, amongst others, need to be updated in real time by
several employees throughout the day.
Battery Interactive developed a Content Management System with
easy-to-use interfaces offering each employee the ability to control the
specific website content that they were responsible for. Additionally,
a system was put in place that allowed the site editor to monitor each
employees’ updates and to manage security controlling who had
access to each section.
Through our developments and by implementing the latest technology,
Battery Interactive drastically reduced FMN’s support requests to
nearly zero in regards to audio, video and general website problems.
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Event Request/Reporting System
One of Battery Interactive’s clients who conducts approximately 1,000
nightlife events each year was faced with a dilemma - Turn down
event requests because they were inundated with administrative work
or come up with a solution to handle all of the requests.
Battery Interactive was presented with the challenge of developing a
system that would solve their problem. Battery developed an online
database application, that addressed the needs of the agency, their
client, the salespeople and brand ambassadors.
With multiple levels of user access and security, the system allowed
events to be requested, reviewed and approved with a few easy steps.
Communication was handled all through the system and recap reports
were able to be generated by brand ambassadors at the conclusion of
the event. From creating users to setting up specific messaging for all
parties to see, the agency had complete control of the system and real
time statistics at their fingertips.
The implemented system was able to increase revenue since the
agency was able to lighten the administrative load and book more
events than they had been able to in previous years.
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Spinngewebe Lead Management System
With hundreds of sales people scattered throughout
the world who manage more than a dozen publicly
traded companies, Battery Interactive was called upon
to build a management system that would provide the
niche solutions that our client was looking for, which
an off the shelf solution could not provide.
After months of thorough business analysis, Battery
developed Spinngewebe, an Investment Relations (IR)
lead, marketing and fulfillment management system.
Spinngewebe not only provided a common centralized
platform that linked the large number of IR websites,
branch offices and fulfillment centers throughout the
companies network, but also provided various user
security and reporting within many different levels of
Demo available upon request.
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Battery Interactive South
254 Madison Ave., 12th Floor
New York, NY 10017
Battery Interactive North
10 South Broadway Suite 3
Nyack, NY 10960
Main: 646-350-4457