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Oct 24, 2013 (4 years and 6 months ago)


nar Series 2013

Customer Service Level II

Hosted by Jamey Hopper

President of Dexcomm and 2013 President of STA

Interactive, and
entertaining, this webinar series focuses on building and implementing a best
practice module
for Customer Service. Mr. Hopper is recognized throughout the industry as a customer service

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$99; Non
Member $299
2012 Series I is a prerequisite for this 2013 Series II, If you did not participate in the 2012
series, the DVD of the series is available from the STA

Member pricing is $99, Non
Member $199 for the 8 part series

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March 23, 2013

2013 Customer Service Level II

Step 1: Service Recovery

March 26th 2pm Central

Step 2: Identifying what your customer wants

May 21st 2pm Central

Step 3Communication (Internal and External)

July 23rd 2pm Central

Step 4: Focus on the Employee

September 24th 2pm Central

The topics covered in Customer Service Level II will be:


Service Recovery

We covered this on a limited basis previously, but it is a crucial part of
customer service, to be covered in depth in this series. Every company makes service errors.
How they react to their error determines the quality of the custom
er experience. Good recovery
from an error can actually lead to a more loyal customer than one who has not had an error. No
recovery effort from an error, or a poor one, leads to disaster. March 26, 2:00 Central time


Identifying what your customer wan

A crucial ingredient to providing World Class
Customer Service is to know exactly what your customer desires from you

and then providing
it. This session will focus on how to identify who your true customer is and what they really
want from you. We
covered the Golden and Platinum Rules for service before. This session will
take that discussion to a new level and form the basis for reorganizing your entire customer
focus. May 21, 2:00 Central time


Communication (Internal and External)

ion was covered in the previous
webinar series. No company communicates so well that it has no room for improvement. Even
after learning the basics we all have a great deal more to learn. How do the best companies
communicate with their employees and cu
stomers and what can we learn from them? July 23
2:00 Central time


Focus on the employee


In prior sessions we have discussed Core Values, company culture,
systems and processes, superior training, hiring, evaluation and motivation. All of these are
ssential to providing outstanding service. Yet until each employee is committed to consistent
customer delight, there will be gaps in service offerings. This session will explore deeper how to
insure employee buy in and ownership of the customer delight
process. September 24 2:00
Central time

Webinars will begin at 2p.m. CST and last approximately an hour.

Registration (per connection: you can share inside your office by viewing the same screen and
utilizing a speaker phone or set up your internal