Matters of Life Revision


Dec 14, 2012 (8 years and 10 months ago)



‘The SancTiTy of life’

Sanctity of Life
): ‘Life is precious because God gave it, therefore only
God has the right to take it.’


God created

Humans in His


Genesis 1:27


also says, ‘

God formed man

and breathed


into him

Genesis 2:7

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‘The SancTiTy of life’

Psalm 139:13

(also Jeremiah 1:5)

Exodus 20:13

Genesis 9:6

You created every part of me, you
knit me together in my mother’s

Do not commit murder

Humans are made like God, so
whoever sheds the blood of a man,
by man will his blood be shed

1 Corinthians 6:19

Don’t you know that your body is
the temple of the Holy Spirit, who
lives in you. You do not belong to
yourselves but to God.

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: Quotes from the

are often seen as

the best kind of

to show Christian belief.

The Sanctity of Life has implications in many areas.

Life: When Does It Begin?

. When the baby is able to survive
outside of the womb. Around week 24 of
the pregnancy.

: When the sperm
meets the egg resulting in

: When the baby is born.
Usually 40 weeks into

Heart Beat
: When the heart
starts to beat around week 9 of
the pregnancy.

Most genetic research is based on two methods:

Gene Therapy
: This enables
changes to be made to cells that
pass on defective information
from one generation to the next,
allowing permanent changes to
be made.

Stem Cell Research

is the most recent
form of genetic research. Stem cells
are the ‘
building blocks of life’

and can
be used to create

new organs
or cells to replace diseased ones. They
are ‘harvested’ from either embryos
created by in
vitro fertilisation (IVF) ,
bone marrow or blood.

: Pre
implantation Genetic
Diagnosis. This removes
defective genes from embryos so
women at risk of passing on
diseases can produce healthy

Genetic Engineering:
The deliberate alteration of a person by
manipulating its genetic framework in order to cure or prevent
diseases and disabilities in human beings.

Some people believe this
will eventually lead to us
picking and choosing any
characteristic of a child
including gender, eye

and hair colour, even

their sexual orientation.

Stem cell research is illegal in the United States of America.

However, it has been legal in the UK since February 2001 under certain conditions,
regulated by the

Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority

In May 2008 the UK
government made it possible
for scientist to use ‘
’ for
research. That is; a

nucleus (the inside of a human
embryo) implanted in to an

egg, to create a new
embryo for DNA research into
causes and cures for diseases.

From this research, scientist have found out
how to reproduce human organs. They
believe that they will eventually be able to

recreate all human tissue

and organs to help replace

diseased kidneys, livers,

lungs and even hearts.

It may one day be possible

to recreate a complete human being.

Human Genome Project
plans to map
out the complete human genetic outline.
It is believed if we can identify every
human gene, then we can remove the
defective ones, replace them with
healthy ones, and eradicate illnesses

Stem cell research, genetic
engineering and cloning, offer the
prospect of cures for currently
incurable diseases.

It is available in some countries and
so is only available to the rich who can
afford to travel and pay medical bills.

Cloning has been used to grow
healthy cells to replace malfunctioning

Genetic research is a vital tool in
medical science, it would

be wrong to ignore the

advantages genetic

engineering can bring.

The laws on what can

be done are strictly

monitored to protect

from abuse.

Genetic engineering treats the
human body as a commodity to be
manipulated no different to plants.

Once started there is no going back,
scientist will be able to reproduce
scientifically created human beings.

There is no information about the
long term consequences.

The process is irreversible so if
anything went wrong it would be


It opens the way
for genetic
screening where
people could be
checked for likely
illnesses before
getting jobs or life

Different Christian attitudes to genetic engineering

Some (mainly liberal Protestants) believe genetic
engineering is fine if it is to cure disease, but not to create
the perfect human. They support it because…

Jesus was a healer
who encouraged his
followers to cure
the sick.

An embryo is not
considered regarded as a
potential life until it is 14
days old.

Being responsible stewards
includes improving the lives of
others with the scientific
knowledge God has allowed
us to gain (or given to us).

Liberal Christians will

accept most of the secular

arguments for genetic


Different Christian attitudes to genetic engineering

Some Christians, mainly Catholics, allow GE if it is to cure
diseases and does not use human embryos because…

Life begins at
conception, be it in
the womb or a glass

Killing an embryo is
taking a human life which
is banned by in the Bible
and by the Church.

Different Christian attitudes to genetic engineering

Some Christians are opposed to any forms of genetic
research at all. They believe this because…

God has created
the genetic make
up of a child for
people to overrule
that would be to
interfere with God’s

Cloning or creating a life
is taking the role of
Creator which is God’s

They accept the non
religious arguments
against genetic