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Dec 14, 2012 (5 years and 6 months ago)


Syed Abdul Samad 7BB

GM (genetically modified) foods are foods that have
been injected with different genes or in other words,
some of the genes in the GM food have been changed.
For example: Bacillus

thuringiensis gene is injected into
corn for the prevention of insect infestation.

Syed Abdul Samad 7BB

foods are resistant to disease, pests and herbicides. Genetic modification has also
invented many new growing techniques.

Genetic modification enhances the taste and quality of food. Modified foods contain
more nutrients than normal food.

Frost can destroy sensitive seedlings. An antifreeze gene from cold water fish has
been added into plants like tobacco and potato. With the antifreeze gene, plants will
be able to survive in cold temperatures.

As the world population grows, more land is used for settlement instead of farming.
It is essential to produce crops faster. Genetically modifying crops to produce faster
may solve this problem

GM animals produce better eggs and milk. Their meat is of a superior quality. They
have increased resistance, productivity and feed efficiency. They also experience
better health during their lifetime.

Syed Abdul Samad 7BB

Genetically modified foods can be harmful to health, by creating allergic reaction and by the
transfer of antibiotic resistance markers. Many of the harmful effects are yet to be uncovered.

Genetically modified foods can be detrimental to health by causing allergic reactions. But if an
antibiotic already has that gene, it wont be able to cure us.

Genetic modification can be offensive for different races and beliefs of people. Many people feel
that it plays with God's ways by tampering with nature and mixing genes among species. Genetic
modification can go against the basic values of a religion.

They can also negatively impact the environment through the unintentional transfer of trans
genes through cross
pollination. This may result in loss of flora and fauna.

In some countries, products do not carry labels to inform consumers if the product is genetically
modified or not, preventing them from making their own choice.

In the future, there may be a situation where few companies control the production of food for
the world.

Syed Abdul Samad 7BB

Public opinion

Genetically modified foods have the possibility to
solve many of the worlds hunger and malnutrition
problems. It reduces reliance on pesticides and
herbicides. But there are many problems with GM
foods especially safety. Many people feel that we
should carry out genetic engineering and that it is
essential to use this technology to meet our future
needs and that this technology cannot be ignored.

Syed Abdul Samad 7BB

My opinion

I think that we should carry on with
genetically engineering foods so that we can
meet our future needs. However, we should
carry out the procedures while ensuring safety
and that sometimes we should produce
natural food so that we don't offend other
cultures. We should give them an option
between GM foods and natural foods.

Syed Abdul Samad 7BB