Claritics boosts Social Calendar's Reach, Retention & Revenue ...

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Dec 13, 2013 (4 years and 4 months ago)


The Business Problem

Social Calendar’s user base had exploded, and their home grown existing analytics solution could not
scale to meet the rapidly expanding data volumes. The marketing and exec teams wanted the ability to
show trends over time, and get deeper understanding of user behavior combined with rich user
demographics (available through use of Facebook Social Graph APIs).

The Claritics Solution
Social Calendar subscribed to Claritics’ social commerce analytics and started tracking key campaign
metrics in less than 24 hrs.
With the social intelligence in place, Social Calendar can now:
• Understand trending metrics like ARPPU (Average Revenue Per Paying User) over the last 30 or
60 days, or drill-down by payment type (Amazon, PayPal, Facebook Credits, etc.)
• Get more detailed insights into their most-used app features and what drives monetization
• Create user profiles to target and customize app content to the most-engaged (and most
valuable) users, such as frequent visitors or frequent purchasers

Get deeper insights into the demographics of users with information provided through Facebook’s
Social Graph API.

The Results
With dashboard information being refreshed hourly, Social Calendar managers and application
developers are now tracking the impact of new features and campaigns immediately after they are
introduced into their Facebook application. Social Calendar can also now perform A/B testing by tracking
clicks and user activity around new social media widgets, understanding how minor tweaks can increase
usability and performance.
Social Calendar has also built a rich user profile for the top 3-5% of users who are most engaged and
most likely to promote the application to their Facebook friends, whom Social Calendar can then target
with customized offers and application content to increase engagement and stickiness.
Social Calendar is also mining deep insights into the demographics of their user base (gender
preferences, age, event-driven app usage, etc.) to develop future application features and roadmap
features based on actual user profiles and usage patterns. This advanced analysis also enables Social
Calendar to automate targeting of content, offers and campaigns on an ongoing basis.