Instructions for installing Printer for MSSTC

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Oct 27, 2013 (4 years and 6 months ago)


Instructions for installing Printer for MSSTC

(For Win 95/98 only)

Check to see if you have IPX/SPX installed:


On the Desktop Right click on Network Neighborhood and go to Properties


On the Configuration Tab check to see if you have IPX/SPX installed if
you do skip to Installing Print server


If you Do Not have it Click on the Add button Then click Protocol A Select Network Protocol box comes up in the left box clic
Microsoft and in the right box click IPX/SPX
compatible Protocol Then click OK


Restart your computer

To Install the Print Server:

1. Download the printserver.exe file from ml

2. Double click on the file it will open then click unzip it will create a n
ew folder on your desktop called print server

3. Open the folder called printserver and double click on the setup.exe file

4. Click next (do not change any settings) until you get a configure print server box to come up click in the box in the top

Browse it will come up with SCA84420 click on it and then click OK

5. It will ask you if you want it to be default printer click yes if you do or no if you do not want it to be the default pri

To install the printer:

Before you install this
printer you need to see what ports any other printers are printing to:


Go to Start


Go to your default printer and right click on it go to properties then to the details tab and see what port it
prints to i.e.: LPT1 or LPT2


do the same
thing for any other printers you have. the lj322en.exe file from ml

2.Doouble click on the file and then click unzip it will unzip t
hen click ok when it says 63 files unzipped the file should start to install after it
finishes extracting If it doesn’t then go to the folder C:
disk1 and click to run the

setup.exe file.

3. follow the instructions on the screen Choose 2100
m then click next choose typical installation and it will start to install

Click finish.

4: when it asks what port to print to choose one that is not it use click next

5.choose typical install it will start installing finish

7.Go to Start
printers and right click on the 2100m and go to properties. Go to the general tab where it says print to the following
port Drop down that box and choose SCA84420_P1 (PrintServer) then click ok

8. open word and type your name and try to print (
if you did not make this your default printer you will have to choose it in the printer
name box it is 2100 series

Go to the printer and make sure yours printed out.