AWI Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers


Nov 10, 2013 (4 years and 6 months ago)


AWI Financial Management for Non
Financial Managers

Do you know the net income your business earns? This course will help you
understand and
manage your business finances

and make educated decisions about your company’s bottom line.

Using the Cost of Doin
g Business Survey, proven Financial Exercises and knowledgeable faculty,
this seminar will provide insight on
making use of all financial statements, analyzing trends over
time and getting the most out of the experts around you.

Don’t let your business
run you. Obtain

the tools to develop an accurate picture of your
company’s financial future.

AWI Financial Management for Non
Financial Managers

Make Income Statements, Balance Sheets and Trend Analysis work for you! This course teaches
you to underst
and, develop and respect financial reports and the financial experts that surround

You will calculate your way through proven Financial Exercises with the help of knowledgeable
faculty and interesting business strategies. Financial trends in the wo
odworking industry will be
revealed through the Cost of Doing Business Survey.

Grow your bottom line by making informed decisions
on your company’s current and future
financial needs.