Is your Testing System a digital one already?

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Nov 15, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Is your Testing System a digital one already?
We offer NEW DIGITAL control electronics
for YOUR testing application !
installed by TeMeCo Services Ltd.
Combine the quality of your testing instrument
with the comfort of a digital control by DOLI ,
Hydraulic Testing Instruments
DOLI RetroFits
all testing systems with
single- and double-acting actuators.
The EDC offers new possibilities in
data acquisition as simple acquisition
only (control remains manual) or as a
complete digital control system. Servo
valves can be incorporated or
retrofitted, as necessary.
Special configurations (e.g. connec
of st
rain gauges at the front, as shown)
can be custom built as required. During
all the electric, electronic and
hydraulic systems are checked and
modified to conform to the latest
Screw Driven Instruments
Based on our experience with
RetroFits we are able to provide a
solution to update almost all kinds of
screw driven testing instruments. The
DOLI EDC offers improved
resolutions of load, position and
strain. The new digital control permits
advanced control of all systems and
significantly enhances the machine
capability. Power outputs and drives
are changed or adapted as needed.
Test&Motion software
offers a wide range of
standard test modules.
Special modules as the
Free Programming
or the
Flexible Flow Control
offer complete freedom
in compiling custom
test methods to the
user – without the need
of any programming

Independent of
the producer
 All transducers
 Automations can
be modernised, also
 RetroFits for special
testing systems
 Individual adaptations
 RetroFits for
self-made systems
 RetroFits for special
hydraulic instruments
 ASCII Interface to LabView,
Visual Basic etc. via DoPE
 Evaluation software
for almost all tasks
Test&Motion – The Data Evaluation on the PC
The Graphic
During the test, the test results will be shown online as curve. It is possible to
individually process the results after the test is done.
 Display of several curves, even with displacement
 Zoom function
 Marking of points
 Text insertion into the graphic
 Two values at one axis
 aso.
TeMeCo Services AG, Dübendorf
 Tel: 044 882 43 21 or  Mail:
„A test software should
evaluate everything I need
display everything I want to
give everything out the way I like it!“
DOLI combined these tasks in the Test&Motion – Basic Software,showing
different information in different windows at the same time. Our new testing
program Test&Motion has been developed in a modular design. It consists of
the basic software containing a simple but adaptable tension/compression test
and different modules for almost all kinds of testing applications. The special
module “Free Programming” offers the possibility to design tests in an individual
All sorts of signal sources can be displayed. Load, position and strain are
standard, but other transducers or calculated results can be displayed. Sample
diameter, temperature, scales etc. are possible as well as occurences via I/Os.
T&M Basis - The basic software with a simple tension/compression test!
Application Modules - The perfect Module for each Application!
Free Programming Module - Absolutely individual design of test methods!
 Simple and intuitive
 “Free Programming” for
individual tests
 Almost all kinds of standard
evaluations directly available
 Special applications made-to-
measure to your needs
 Fits for special testing
systems, concrete testers
 Digital display of all channels
 Channels editable
 Display of the test curve
even after the test
 Results can be chosen and
displayed one by one
 Result export as ASCII-
or Excel file
 Connection to LIMS
 Data transfer from additional
appliances, such as
thickness gauges, scales etc.
 Connection even of IEEE