Want To Reduce Your Backup Generator Noise? Here’s What To Do

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Oct 11, 2021 (6 days and 15 hours ago)


Want To Reduce Your Backup Generator Noise? Here’s What To

Generators are an essential part of our everyday lives, both in a
personal and professional capacity. If it weren’t for them, we would still
be running around the household holding a candlestick trying to find our
car keys. Backup power is needed to meet t
he industrial demands, such
has been the bar set by the modern companies, many of which pride
themselves on their ability to function 24*7.

Diesel generators

are arguably the most imp
ortant and popular genset
type because they are available in all different sizes and forms. This
makes them suitable for small, mundane tasks of everyday life such as
phone charging, cooking, etc. as well as handling ultra
commercial applications

such as powering hydraulic lifts, drilling &
mining equipment, etc.

The downside of owning a large generator for commercial purposes, of
course, is that their operations can sometimes be too noisy for the
neighbors’ liking, and that can trigger some unwa
nted altercations. Also,
if you wish to take your portable generator on a camping trip, then
chances are you won’t be able to enjoy the pleasant evening if the
machine is roaring at full throttle.

Hence, as a new owner, if you have ever wondered if there’
s a way you
can make your backup genset just a bit quieter, then you’re at the right
place. First of all, going with a diesel
fueled generator is a more “sound”
choice than gasoline if the loud operation isn’t your thing. In addition to
that, below we are
going to mention 5 pro
tips that can easily be adopted
and will go a long way in making your genset operating experience a
much more pleasant one.

# Reducing Generator Noise

5 Tips:

1. Placing The Genset On a Proper Surface:

One other thing you can do

to reduce the noise levels of your generator
is by placing the machine on a soft and flat surface. Keeping your
generator on a metallic or concrete surface as mentioned earlier is a bad
idea as such surfaces are poor absorbent of sound and will let become

source of much louder noises than the machine exerts.

Placing the generator on surfaces such as grass or a damp surface will
reduce the loudness. A grassy surface will absorb the vibration so will a
damp surface because the particles in such surfaces a
re not tightly
packed unlike the concrete ones and have sufficient spaces for
absorbing the vibrations.

On the other hand, if you place the generator on an uneven surface, it
will also lead to a bad result as it will only make way for the parts to

even louder. Hence, always place your generator on the right
surface which is soft and flat and not hard and flat or uneven.

2. Invest In “Genset Enclosures”:

An acoustic enclosure is a soundproof enclosure. Installing your
generators inside an acoustic

enclosure will reduce the loudness of the
machine as the enclosure will trap the noise inside and won’t let it
escape outside into the environment. Such enclosures are already used
in commercial industries and are sometimes provided as an add
on or
ory by the manufacturer.

Genset enclosures are the best solutions for containing the noise
pollution emanating from diesel generator sets. These acoustic
enclosures are not only specifically made for backup generators but also
for any similar or larger ma
chines that have a noise problem. Invest in a
professionally manufactured enclosure and keep the sound away in your

One can also DIY such an enclosure, there are plenty of YouTube
videos available on how to make such enclosures. Make sure you ha
more than enough space for your Genset inside your enclosure and also
leave holes or other ways for proper ventilation as diesel generators
release heat in excess and if the heat doesn’t find a way out then it will
cloud the space and make the generator

less efficient.

3. Install Mufflers To Curb Generator Vibrations:

The exhaust of such generators lets out a lot of noise and to reduce the
noise coming out of the exhaust one can install a muffler.

already come installed in such machines but over time they lose
their effectiveness. So, you can buy and install a quiet muffler in your
exhaust and reduce

the painful and irritating loudness of your backup

One other thing that you can do to muffle the sound of the exhaust is by
connecting a pipe to the exhaust and letting the heat pass through the
pipe into a bucket of water. The water will muffle

the sound of the
exhaust and can be used as a temporary and immediate solution to
getting rid of the noise of your backup generator.

Also, as a considerate owner, always make sure that the water doesn’t
reach inside the exhaust as it will damage the mach
ine. Keep the bucket
of water below the level of exhaust and puncture holes in the pipe to leak
out water if by chance it reaches.

4. Use Sound Deflectors For a Quieter Experience:

When taking your portable genset on an outdoor expedition, it’s worth

trouble to build your own sound deflector so that the machine’s noise
is significantly silenced. Don’t worry, making a sound deflector is an
elementary process that only requires the use of four 4x3 feet equal
sized plywood sheets and a non
volatile mater
ial. For the latter, we
suggest you use drywall owing to its incredible fire
resistant properties
and relatively cheap price.

Now, place each sheet of plywood up against the genset surface at
precise angles, and to prevent the make
shift defector from cat
ching fire,
make sure to apply ample dry wood on the side of the generator with the
exhaust chamber. This will also promote ample ventilation as well as
direct the soundwaves produced by the generator operation into the
ground. This is a highly efficient a
nd cost
friendly method of reducing
generator noise on the go.

5. Purchase Your Generator From The Best Suppliers:

Last but certainly not least, make sure you buy your generator from
credible sources, who retain the best
rated generator models that are
nown for their low emissions and even lower noise levels. That’s where
we at

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